Where Are American Greeting Cards Made?

Where Are American Greeting Cards Made?

Talking about the world’s second-largest and privately owned greeting cards company in America. It offers a vast collection of cards for every occasion with eye-catchy designs and styles. Meanwhile, customers can quickly get what they are looking for without getting into complexity. And that’s what has made them famous and increased their demand.

American greeting cards are mainly manufactured in different states of the U.S, and China. Plus, the company has relations with other countries worldwide to get raw materials for proper manufacturing and designing of cards. Because of the increase in demand daily, the company is expected to enhance production facilities in upcoming years. 

Here, we have compiled much more about where American Greeting cards are manufactured. All you need to do is, stay with this article to know everything about it below. 

American Greeting Cards Factories Worldwide

Where Are American Greeting Cards Made?

It was 1906 when Jacob Saperstein – a Polish immigrant, founded the company. At that time, the company was selling cards of other manufacturers to different stores with their name. They were not conscious of even using their trademark and had no dealings with local manufacturing factories then. 

But later, Jacob’s sons started working with him in 1928, expanding the business and promoting advertising their cards and services. Due to this, they got the first largest order of 24,000$ at that time. It has been said that it was the first order, due to which the company is the second largest card manufacturing company today. 

In 1932, the company started making its own cards and developed its first manufacturing plant in the United States. After two years, they began hiring sales representatives, which expanded business all over the U.S. Within a few years, they opened a branch and started exporting outside the country. 

Pay attention – it was the time when they needed a proper name that had the potential to efficiently represent their services. So, they renamed the company Sapirstein Greeting Cards to American Greetings Publishers in 1938. 

As they received much appreciation and popularity among people outside the United States, they decided to introduce manufacturing facilities. Now, they have manufacturing facilities mainly in the U.S. and are operating in other countries too. We have shared an in-depth detail about the manufacturing destinations of American Greetings below. 

United States 

Firstly, the company has manufacturing facilities in the United States. 

The country is often called the homeland production center of American Greeting cards. This is because the company first started producing from here and is still dealing with all crucial concerns from here. The company has its manufacturing plants in Kentucky, Arkansas, and Tennessee. 

Apart from the states, the company has been dealing with other manufacturing factories in the country which are working for them as a third party. Yes, they even signed deals with appreciated manufacturers in the country which are working for them on providing quality wise best cards or helping them in great assembling. 

The company has headquarters in Ohio, where new designs have been made, approved, and transferred to other worldwide manufacturing destinations. The company deals with exporting concerns, claims, and everything else. 


The second largest manufacturing destination for American Greetings is observed in China. The company gained much appreciation and great response among Asian markets in recent years. That’s what urged the company to make proper decisions and introduce manufacturing facilities in the country. 

China is often called a bouquet of Industries because of the higher product manufacturing facilities and modern technologies. The company is also here to benefit from all these things and to fulfill its production demand with the help of modern Chinese technologies. 

According to the analysis, modern technologies in the country allow industries to enhance their production ratio and make more products simultaneously. Plus, it’s the heart of Asia where they can easily manufacture and transfer the products to other related countries. 

Some authorized reports have also shown that manufacturing costs in China are very low. Meanwhile, the company can quickly get quality-wise products ready at reasonable prices. Because the country is providing hard working labor at such costs, the company can easily afford it. 

Well, that was about where American Greeting cards were made. We have shared some of the great features of the company, making it a prioritized choice. Plus, these are the features that have made it the second largest greeting card manufacturing company in the world.  

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Best Features of American Greeting Cards

Where Are American Greeting Cards Made?

Though, the company has much more features making it a good choice. But we’ll share only the core ones below, which you find highly rated among people on search engines. 

Cards For Every Occasion

The first feature would always be the vast collection they offer.

Yes, they have a vast collection of greeting cards for every occasion. In fact, unique and versatile designs for every card. It means that customers can easily find the ideal one and the favorite card they are looking for without any hassle. 

Heartful Designs

Secondly, they always promote introducing such designs which have the potential to get attention at first sight. Their collection includes paper cards, electronic cards, and much more else you can explore. There might be dozens of authorities providing their cards around you, which you check out. 

Premium Paper Quality

Another appreciating feature their customers always discuss on various social media channels is their cards’ paper quality. They have never compromised on providing excellent paper quality to the customers. According to them, quality and design are all the customers are paying for. 

This feature has stuck customers with them, and they are constantly focusing on it. 

Reasonable Costs

American Greetings has a reasonable pricing structure, so the customers can easily afford their cards. Meanwhile, they don’t need to disturb their comfortable budget to get cards from here. 

Because of the features, they are always a prioritized choice among customers. 

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Final Thoughts 

We have shared the manufacturing destinations of American Greetings in the above article. Plus, the ownership, a quick history review, and everything in detail. Connect with the above article and know!

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