Where are Android Phones Made

Where are Android Phones Made?

Android phones are those which use Google’s developed operating system – Android OS. It’s a technical but not complex system providing a lightweight database, excellent user interface, connectivity, and ultimate security. Many larger phone-making companies or brands are now using the Android system to provide a better operating system to their customers.

Android phones are made in China, Vietnam, India, Brazil, South Korea, Indonesia, and other countries. As mentioned above, Android is an operating system that different phones, including Samsung, OnePlus, Nokia, Motorola, Vivo, and Oppo, are using. So, the manufacturing destinations of all these phones are Android phones manufacturing destinations.

Here’s more about where are Android phones made.

Android Phones Manufacturing Factories

Where are Android Phones Made

Android phones are now made worldwide, and various authorized phone brands use the operating system to ensure a better operating system for users. Android has gained much popularity, so we can see how larger enough brands are accepting the system now.

Here are the brands collaborating with Android and their manufacturing destinations.


As you know, Samsung is one of the top smartphone brands worldwide for its essential and luxurious features. It has collaborated with Android OS and is now used in dozens of its latest phone manufacturing. Resources have revealed that Samsung Android phones are made in Vietnam in a higher ratio, while 8% of the total are in South Korea.

Because of higher demand, Samsung has also promoted the manufacturing of their latest Android phones by collaborating with local manufacturing companies in different countries, including India, Brazil, China, and Indonesia.


Oppo phones are made by a Chinese company named BBK Electronics. These phones were launched in 2004 and are often called official Android phones. And yes, Oppo is the brand that uses OS systems in all of its manufacturing. Though they are launching phones with average specs or introducing luxury ones, they use the Android system.

Oppo Android phones are officially made in Guangdong, China. The famous phones introduced by Oppo till now include Oppo Reno6 5G, Oppo X3 Pro, Oppo A94, and Oppo Reno 4 Z These phones use OS operating systems and are well-reviewed among users on greater features.


Undoubtedly, Nokia is one of the oldest smartphone companies introduced to the world in the 20th century. It was a Finland-based firm, but in 2016, HMD Global owned it and now uses the Nokia brand on mobile phones by collaborating with Android OS.

According to the resources, it has been observed that Nokia phones are mainly manufactured in Korea, Masan, Dongguan, and Beijing. All manufacturing plants use OS systems to build smartphones with proper installation and care.

In this era, Nokia introduced famous phones using the OS system X100, X20, XR20, G50, and G300. As per Nokia’s statement, the OS system has helped them to introduce better and more compatible features to the customers. And that’s because they have gained re-popularity in the telecommunications market worldwide.


Vivo also comes on top of the best mobile phone brands using the Android OS system. These days, several famous smartphones introduced by the company are collaborating with Android and talking about a few famous ones, Vivo Y75, Vivo V23, and Vivo T1.

These phones are Android phones manufactured in China, India, and Vietnam on a higher ratio. The company has headquarters based in Dongguan and is owned by BBK Electronics.


OnePlus is purely a Chinese telecommunications manufacturing company built in 2013. Interestingly, the company was launched by one of the vice presidents of Oppo mobile phones, also based in China. Before introducing the first phone, OnePlus made deals with Android and now uses the OS system.

The famous phones of OnePlus using the Android OS system include the OnePlus 6 and the OnePlus 6T. These smartphones are the most selling of the company, and they thanked the Android system for providing such an efficient and featured system for superb manufacturing.

The OnePlus Android phones are manufactured mainly in Shenzhen, China. Apart from this, local manufacturing companies of different countries, including India, Vietnam, and South Korea, are also contributing to the manufacturing and providing raw materials for proper assembly.


Motorola phones are also one of the oldest in the telecommunications market and were first introduced to the world in the 20th century. They collaborated with the Android OS system when Motorola’s ownership changed and transferred to Lenovo. If we talk about the famous Motorola phones using the Android OS system these days, they include Moto G, Moto G4, Moto G4 Plus, Moto G4 Play, and Moto G5.

Motorola Android phones are made in different countries, including China, the United States, Brazil, Vietnam, and India. The headquarters of Motorola phones are observed in Chicago, U.S.

Google Phones

Undoubtedly, Google has made Android and uses the system in assembling its phones. All the phones now introduced by Google in the market have OS systems with greater specs and features. Upon analysis, Google’s best phones were recorded in the Pixels.

Yes, Google has launched the Pixels series in which Google Pixel 4A and Google Pixel 5A, Google Pixel 5, Google Pixel 6, and 6 Pro are included. These phones are highly reviewed and recommended by users all over the world.

Upon Google’s Android phone manufacturing, it has been observed that these phones are made in different countries worldwide, especially Southeast Asian countries. The rest of the countries include China, Vietnam, and the United States.

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History of Android OS

Where are Android Phones Made

In 2003, Android started developing an operating system for cameras as a crucial project by an American technology company, Android Inc. But later, one year, the perspective was changed, and they started building operating systems for smartphones.

Because of its unique operating ideas and essential features, it became popular within a year. Google observed it and started offering ownership to Android. And the day came when Google purchased Android in 2005 for just $50 million.

You will be stunt after hearing that today’s Android worth is $31 billion with $22 billion in profit. And that’s because of more than 2.8 million active users worldwide. Google has introduced various updates and new features to the system, making it a prioritized and reliable option for every telecommunications company to manufacture the latest phones.

Best Android Phones

For your better navigation, we have compiled a few of the best Android phones of different brands from all aspects. The phones have greater RAMs, storage, processors, and other features. This is because you can avoid in-depth research while looking for the best Android phones with higher specs.

  • Google Pixel 6 Pro: This phone offers 12GB RAM, 256GB storage, a Triple camera, and collaboration with the Android system for a better experience.
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: A great Android smartphone providing 256GB internal storage and 12GB RAM, and dozens more features.
  • Vivo x60 Pro: The phone is available in different variants, but the famous one is 256GB storage and 12GB RAM.
  • Oppo Reno 6 Pro: It is often called the masterpiece of Oppo, which offers a higher resolution camera, Internal storage in different variants, and efficient RAM capacity.

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Final Thoughts

This is all about where are Android phones made and what smartphone brands are collaborating with the OS system. We have also shared why Android is a reliable option to go with and choose phones with this operating system.

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