Where Are BMW Made Best Selling

Where Are BMW Made? Best Selling

Having a BMW is nothing less than a dream for anyone, and in the era of Instagram aesthetics and luxury BMW is a status symbol for many people. So, you want to find out where BMW cars are made? Well, keep reading.

Most of the finest BMWs are made in Germany, and the biggest BMW manufacturing factory is also in a town of Germany named “Dingolfing”. There are certainly other countries that are famous for producing their luxurious BMW, including China, Britain, and Austria.

Let’s find out more about these locations, and some really interesting facts also await you. Moreover, we will introduce you to some best-selling BMW models of all time. So, let’s get right into it.

Where Are BMW Cars Made? A Little Sneak Peek

Where Are BMW Made? Best Selling

Though most of the luxurious quality of BMW is made in Germany, as we all know, some other locations and countries have several facilities for making or assembling these luxury cars.

Most of the factories are also located in Germany, but few of them are also in the US in the area of North Carolina. All of these plants made the vehicles and the authentic parts of BMW that are later assembled.

Let’s Find out where these plants are located in each country:


As we already know, most of the plants of BMW are located in Germany, and that is because it is a Germany-based company and started in this region, so it still holds onto its roots. The places where you can find these plants in Germany are:

  • Landshut
  • Berlin
  • Leipzig
  • Regensburg
  • Dingolfing
  • Wackersdorf
  • Munich

These are the finest factories that produce the best quality of these luxury cars, and if you ever consider buying one, a BMW made in Germany is the right way to go.


Austria is also a pretty prominent country when it comes to making BMWs. Two of the most popular factories of BMW in Austria are at:

  • Graz
  • Steyr

The Graz factories are well-known for making some of the most reliable BMWs. It is an Austrian firm that is surprising for many people when they compare the reliability of Austrian and German BMW.


As we already know, China is famous for its industries, and the BMW industry is also one of them. Though there aren’t a lot of BMW facilities in China, the one they have is nothing less than the others.

The complete BMW manufacturing facility is located in Shenyang, which is the largest city in Liaoning and pretty advanced when it comes to technology. Shenyang is also the capital of China’s Liaoning province, and you can always expect quality from it.

United Kingdom

The UK has a lot of small factories for making the engine and other parts of BMW, but there are not many factories for making a complete BMW other than the one located in Oxford, which is a big city in England.

Goodwood and Swindon are also two of the factories of BMW that make different parts of this lavish vehicle, but the most important one is in Oxford as it is an all-rounder in making BMW.

Best Selling BMW

BMW certainly is another name for luxury because of its built and materials used to make it, making this car a very reliable symbol of status. But, some BMW models are a lot better than others in terms of their value.

So, the finest model of all time, which is also the best-selling model of BMW, is BMW X3, and fans love it because it is a very compact SUV that can give you everything you would want from a car.

The engine of the BMW X3 also gives the strong performance and comfort that you want in all of your cars because of the foamy cushioning of this car. This car is really easy to drive, and it goes smoothly on the road without excessive bumps.

The best thing about BMW X3 is that it has plenty of space so you can go on long drives with your whole family and friends and you won’t all feel jumbled up. This particular best-selling car is made in a factory in California, USA.

Is BMW Worth It?

Where Are BMW Made? Best Selling

BMW is one of the best cars you can have if you want to show off or you just like luxurious items, but it is not the type of car you would want to spend all your savings on. If you have got plenty of money lying around, then sure, go for it.

Though it is great in performance and everything, so are the other cars available in the market and that are a lot less expensive than all of the models of BMW. So, it is not the type of car we would buy from our savings, but it certainly is the type of car that Bill Gates or Elon Musk would buy.

The comfort BMW provides you is all worth it at the end of the day because of its famous and luxurious seat cushioning, and you can even get it custom-made, but, for a lot of people, this car would be a little more high-maintenance.

Even if you buy BMW from your savings, you won’t be able to get it touched up every once-in-a-while, and maintaining this car asks for plenty of bucks, so yes, this car is worth the money, but it is for those who are fond of luxurious cars and brands.

Interesting Facts About The Most Luxurious Car In The World

There are a few very interesting details about the BMW car that are related to its location, and you will also be surprised to find out the truth about those details just like we were shocked and pleasantly surprised.

  • The logo of BMW was believed to be a propeller for so long because of its shape and design. Still, it is finally revealed that the logo of this car basically is a representation of Bavaria. Even the colors in the logo are specifically chosen to represent this place.

The reason behind paying tribute to Bavaria in their logo is that the major headquarters of BMW is located in Bavaria. Also, some of the founding fathers of this automobile company were from Bavaria, so it is fair enough to give them one such tribute.

  • Also, if you have a look at the headquarters of BMW in Bavaria, you will find its structure pretty weird, and it is specifically made this way so that it can mimic the shape of the engine of BMW with its 4 cylinders.

Though the modern BMW cars have a 6-cylinder engine, this building is still a work of art for those who are into luxury cars and fans of BMW.


BMW is one of the finest cars you can find, and having it will certainly elevate your social standing, but make sure you get the best and most reliable BMW from our above-given locations because they certainly are the best.

Moreover, we have shown you the best selling model of BMW and though we cannot really compare the models of this luxurious brand as all of them are the best among the best, the X3 series surpasses all.

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