Where Are Bridgestone Tires Made

Where Are Bridgestone Tires Made?

Bridgestone is a Japanese tire manufacturing company that has gained higher success and ensured the best positions in the industry worldwide. Though the company has dozens of competitors all the time, it is still on spot because of modern technology use and quality manufacturing. As the Bridgestone tires have higher demand in national markets of different countries, they have created more plants. Nowadays, it’s a trendy debate: where are Bridgestone tires made? Here’s the answer.

Bridgestone tires are made at Bridgestone Technical Center in Japan. Some sources may tell you the USA is a manufacturing destination for these tires; yes, it is also true. By the time of establishment, the company felt the need for more manufacturing plants and factories, so it has built factories in America and China.

Here’s everything described in detail.

Bridgestone Tires Plants Worldwide

Where Are Bridgestone Tires Made

Bridgestone’s growth graph shows how they have never restricted themselves to growing, developing, and establishing more. In this decade, they have increased their worth in billions because of investing more in manufacturing. Hype in their supply ratio can be seen, which is quite appreciating. That is all possible because of the increased manufacturing and supply ratio.

The company has developed factories and plants in various countries for higher manufacturing and quick supply. Though it was first operating from Japan headquarters, now countries like China and America have entered the list. Bridgestone’s factories and plants are found in both of these countries to promote higher manufacturing.

Interestingly – Bridgestone has observed more than 140 manufacturing plants and deals with 150+ countries.

Bridgestone Tires History and Expansion

Where Are Bridgestone Tires Made

Shojiro Ishibashi founded the Bridgestone in Kurume, Fukuoka, Japan, in 1931. As of May 2022, the company is operating in more than 150 countries, promoting more than 181 production facilities in 24+ countries, and has become the largest tire manufacturing company in the world.

In 1951, Bridgestone was the first company to start selling rayon cord tires in Japan. Later in 1959, the company also started selling nylon tires, which was the core reason behind its popularity in the industry.

Now, Bridgestone has major manufacturing plants in various countries worldwide. Here’s the list:

  • Europe: France: Hungary, Spain, Poland, Italy, Turkey, Portugal, and Belgium.
  • Asia/Oceania: Pakistan, Japan, Taiwan, India, China, Australia, Vietnam, and Thailand.
  • Americas: United States, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, and Costa Rica.
  • Middle East/Africa: Cameroon and South Africa.

Resources have cleared that the company will also make major plants in other countries in a few upcoming years. These countries include Estonia, Bolivia, and Belarus. Moreover, the company is getting higher revenue from Australia, North America, and Europe.

Are Bridgestone Tires Made in China?

Yes, it has been observed that Bridgestone tires are manufactured in China, especially truck tires. Before 1999, no manufacturing plant of this company was found in China. But then, Bridgestone felt the need to invest in the Chinese market because of higher demand. So, 1999 was when a company officially constructed its first manufacturing plant in China.

This plant was ISO14001, and ISO9002 certified, ensuring the international standards and qualities. Interestingly, the opening comes after a year. Bridgestone said that it would triple its investment in the site from $99 million to nearly $300 million. China has become the most profitable and key plant for manufacturing and supplying near Bridgestone.

Bridgestone has also started making bus radial tires in the China plant because of higher demand in the market. So, you can say that China is one of Bridgestone’s biggest and highly profitable markets.

Are Bridgestone Tires Made in America?

Yes, Bridgestone tires are also made in America, including Mexico, Brazil, the United States, etc. In the 1960s, the company ventured into the country and started investing in making plants there. The company has 23 manufacturing plants in the Americas, including raw material plants and diversified plants.

The company promotes manufacturing tires for a wide range of vehicles, including trucks, buses, motorbikes, and cars. And yes, the market has become one of the top-selling for Bridgestone.

Talking about the company’s expansion in America, it first bought a factory from Firestone tire and rubber company in Tennessee and began producing radial and bus tires. Later the company also completed an acquisition offer for America’s second-biggest tire maker – Firestone of Akron, in May 1998.

These steps helped the company achieve higher access to several facilities for manufacturing Firestone globally. The company has destinations in America, including Central America, North America, New Zealand, Europe, and South America.

Pay attention – Bridgestone company also has BPRC – Biorubber Process Research Center in Arizona, the USA, where they cultivate guayule’s natural rubber for quality manufacturing.

Have Bridgestone Manufacturing Plants in Russia?

Yes, Bridgestone has its tire manufacturing plant in Russia, built back in 2016, at Zavolzhye Industrial Zone in Ulyanovsk. The company has invested millions of dollars for the highest production here and gained profit.

But recent news of march 2022 has cleared that Bridgestone corporation is going to suspend all of the manufacturing activities in Russia. However, the decision is still under observation. Besides, the company didn’t even reveal the reasons behind this decision.

That was all about where Bridgestone tires are made. Below, we will share some of the company’s best and top-rated tires, observing the most selling ones upon analytics.

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Best Tires of Bridgestone Company

Bridgestone has become the most popular among industries, markets, and consumers. All of this is because of providing the best quality and caring for customers’ concerns. Although, all of the products related to Bridgestone have observed greater quality. But these are the most rated and selling ones.

Turanza Quiettrack

If you are looking for a tire that can provide you with excellent traction, a comfortable ride, and long life, you should go with this tire. Bridgestone has designed the tire for compact to luxury cars in different sizes with five years of warranty.

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Dueler A/T Revo 3

The tire is especially providing you with off-road traction and compatibility to enjoy a smooth ride. It is suitable enough for light trucks and jeeps type vehicles. The blocks and grooves of the tire are specially designed to resist hydroplaning. And yes, this one also comes with a five years of warranty by Brid

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Bridgestone Driveguard

This tire always comes up with stiffer sidewalls and weather compatibility more than other all-season tires. It will improve cornering and help you enjoy a smooth ride without any hassle. Plus, you are getting a longer-lasting warranty for this tire also.

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Blizzak WS90

It is a winter tire that does not need any metal studs to provide better traction. It has been specially designed by Bridgestone to provide you with a comfortable ride in the winter season. Same as all of the other tires by Bridgestone, this one also comes up with a longer warranty.

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Final Thoughts

Bridgestone is the leading multinational tire manufacturing company connected with more than 150 countries and selling worldwide. It has gained higher customer trust and made great worth. As the company has elaborated links and higher sales graphs, it has made manufacturing plants in various countries, including European countries, Asian countries, and the Middle East.

This is because Bridgestone tires are made worldwide and sold across the world. In the above article, we have also mentioned a few of the best-rated tires introduced by Bridgestone that you can check.

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