Where Are Citizen Watches Made

Where Are Citizen Watches Made?

Citizen Watch is one of the most authorized companies of a global corporate group based in Tokyo, Japan. However, the company is involved in manufacturing several electronic products but is mainly known for its watches which are famous worldwide. And yes, Citizen watches are manufactured in different regions because of the higher demand. 

Citizen watches are made in Japan, China, Switzerland, Mexico, Germany, India, and South Korea. While the manufacturing plants in the above-mentioned countries cover almost the total annual demand for citizen watches. Not finished here, the company also has relations with several more countries on the map providing assembling components to them.

Below is the article; we shared in-depth information about where citizen watches are made and everything else that you are looking for to know. Stay with this page!

Citizen Watches Manufacturing Plants Worldwide

Where Are Citizen Watches Made?

Citizen watches were first introduced to the world in Japan at the beginning of the 20th century. There were two investors; one was Japanese, and the other one was Swiss. They started selling these watches in Japan first. As per resources, they registered the company in 1918 in Switzerland. 

Different brands were observed supporting their manufacturing after the proper registration by the government in history. At that time, the company was only selling watches in Japan. And that was the reason behind its growth, higher reputation, and popularity worldwide. 

But later, it started exporting the watches outside the country. The first country after Japan was China, and then the list started. Nowadays, the company is making products in several countries. We shared the countries below that exhibit larger production plants for citizen watches. 

Check them out. 


Citizen Watches have the largest manufacturing plants in Tokyo, Japan. Interestingly, the company also has headquarters in Nishitokyo, Japan, where they operate and deal with all the concerns. The manufacturing factories here promote final assembling, checking for proper working and quality, and everything else. 

It has been observed that production factories in Japan make products by adapting modern technologies. That’s because making several products at the same time has become easier for the company with Japanese labor. According to the resources, factories are adding value to the overall production ratio and helping meet annual demands. 

Where Are Citizen Watches Made?


As you know, the country is the hub for industrial corporations where they are making more products within a short period at reasonable costs. The reason is that the country offers efficient labor, which actually makes manufacturing work effortless by adapting technologies there. 

We also observed that China is the core region in Asian countries for delivering products from one Asian country to the other. Because of such importance and essential benefits regarding production here, the company is deciding to introduce new manufacturing destinations soon here. 


It’s the country where Citizen Watches have a subsidiary and deals with the manufacturing of crucial components needed for proper watch assembly of watches. The production plants here make and deliver the components directly to the Japanese plants where they use them. 

It has also been observed that Japanese plants further deliver the components in manufacturing destinations for Citizen watches in different countries where needed. The national or local markets of the country have also responded to the company’s products amazingly. 

In recent years, it was the country where the company has sold its number of products. In fact, nowadays, the brand is ensuring higher positive response in this country for its upcoming products with modern features and technologies.  


India is one of the most populated countries in Asia, where technology use is on top. That’s because several industrial corporations are introducing companies and production plants here. Considering the geographical and technological benefits, we observed that Citizen watches had introduced manufacturing destinations in India. 

And the decision wasn’t wrong because the company scored higher positive responses from here and sold several products along with the manufacturing at the same time. Because of the positive market response and reasonable manufacturing cost here, the company will introduce production plants in India. 

It has been said that new manufacturing plants in India would train new employees in proper making and assembling. Plus, it would also deal with the delivery of products in different regions of Asia. 


It’s the country where Citizen watches are mostly assembling the products by getting components from Switzerland. There’s no such larger manufacturing plant here that is dealing with the production from scratch. But still, it’s the hub for citizen watches to easily meet the demands of Mexicans. 

Most of the time, the assembling plants here also deal with the delivery of products to nearby countries. 


Germany is the bouquet of industries and is found to be the country with larger manufacturing plants for Citizen watches. The company always appreciates the engineers here because of introducing new product modifications and designs. The company owns production plants and deals with marketing, selling, and delivering products. 

They first make designs and introduce new features, which are sent and approved by the Japanese manufacturing plants and then implemented. 

South Korea

Citizen Watches also choose South Korea to launch its manufacturing destinations because of the number of benefits. A few core benefits to the Citizen watches by making plants here include modern technologies use, efficient labor at low costs, experienced engineers’ collaboration, easy delivery in related countries, and greater market response. 

As per official statements, the company will soon launch more production facilities here because of the positive response. It has also been said that Citizen watches will be the highest-selling in South Korea in upcoming years. The reason behind, production plants here are consistently introducing new features and designs to the world. 

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Final Thoughts

We shared in-depth about where Citizen watches are made in the above article. We described each country where the company is dealing with manufacturing and assembling products, along with all the crucial information you need to know. 

Leave your kind opinion regarding the manufacturing destination of Citizen watches quickly inside the comment box below. 

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