Where Are Crocs Made

Where Are Crocs Made? Original vs Fake

Crocs are all the hype on Instagram these days because of how comfortable and stylish they look when designed properly with outfits. People are also wondering where are crocs made.

Crocs are made in Vietnam and many other countries like Italy, China, Indonesia, and Mexico. But, when buying crocs, you can come across many fake ones. So, always go for the crocs made in Italy, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Mexico. All of these countries are famous for making authentic and high-quality crocs.

Today I will give you an in-depth insight into where these crocs are made and how you can differentiate fake from the original ones, so let’s get right into it.

Countries Where Authentic Crocs Are Made

Where Are Crocs Made

Differentiating authentic and original crocs from fake ones becomes a lot easier when you know what to look for in the tag. All of the countries that we are going to list have authentic and high-quality crocs, and quality and standards are all that matter when it comes to our absolute favorite crocs.


Most of the crocs that you will see will have a made-in-China tag, but that is completely alright because the company that makes these crocs in China keeps a check and balance on the material and quality of these crocs.

China has plenty of factories making crocs in different provinces and regions, and most of them are sold in local markets. At the same time, China is also famous for exporting these crocs to countries like the United States of America.

Superdry is a company that manufactures goods in China, and they observe high-quality standards. If any of these goods are found faulty or of subpar quality, they are not sold, which tells us quite a lot about the quality of these crocs.


Vietnam is yet another very prominent manufacturing facility for crocs, and some of the most reliable and great quality crocs are made in this country. Most of the brands of crocs are now establishing their factories in Vietnam.

Vietnam is proving to be just the right type of country for industrialists. As the recent bitterness between China and America is not going to end soon, many multi-million companies are shifting their offices and facilities from China to Vietnam just like the manufacturers of crocs.

Also, the cost of making crocs in Vietnam is a lot lower than in other countries because of the cheap rates of raw material, so companies get more profit; hence, Vietnam is becoming a favorite of every brand.


Italy is yet another very prominent country that manufactures crocs, and most people like to buy crocs that are made in Italy because there is an evident difference in quality. Though the crocs made in China and Vietnam are not of subpar standards, the crocs made in Italy have a very high-end feel to them.

The crocs made in Italy are famous in the local market, and people love to buy them because of their comfort and reliability. Italy also exports these crocs to the first world countries and the manufacturing facilities in Italy are also pretty advanced.


Indonesia is behind no one in the race to make the finest crocs. Even though people often assume that made in Indonesia crocs are fake or of low quality, Indonesia also has a pretty good check and balance system for the crocs, just like China.

If you still are unsure whether your crocs are real or fake, keep reading because you certainly are in for a treat.

How To Differentiate Between Original Vs Fake Crocs

Where Are Crocs Made

There are many more fake versions of crocs than you can imagine, and that is why it is very important to learn how to distinguish authentic crocs from fake ones. There are multiple hints and clues here and there that scream fakeness and cheap quality.


The material of crocs would be Croslite which is used in all of the crocs to keep them lightweight and airy. So, if you think your crocs are a little heavy, they might be made of rubber, and they will not last long.


Also, fake crocs are often very slippery and put you at the risk of falling as well on surfaces that are muddy or wet. While the original ones do not slip and give you a safe and secure grip.

Another very important way to judge is that sometimes, fake crocs have more or fewer holes than 13, and you can judge them right away because an authentic pair of crocs would always have 13 holes in each piece.


The authentic crocs also come with a hanger, and if you look at that hanger, you will see a small crocodile, and yes, that is the logo of crocs, while fake ones obviously cannot use this logo, so this is also a very important point.

Along with the hanger, the original crocs also come with multiple tags that contain literally every piece of information about the pair.


If you look at the sole of your crocs, you will notice quite many things going on there. There will be the size, name of the country it is made in, and a crocs logo in the center in which “crocs” is written in a square.

You will also find the URL of crocs on the sole of these boots; yes, you heard it right. This brand has got its URL engraved on the sole of its shoes, so all of these things tell you that your crocs are original, and if any of them is missing, it surely is a fake bargain.

Label Of Colorado

In most of the fake crocs, there is no label of “boulder, Colorado” on the sole, and when we talk about the authentic ones, there is a label on the corner of the sole, and it is a very prominent difference, you will notice it by yourself.


Quality speaks a lot, and first of all, when you see a fake pair of crocs closely, you will know that it is fake mainly because of its low and subpar quality. Also, these fake ones chaff really quickly, unlike the authentic ones.

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Why Should You Wear Crocs?

Crocs are everyone’s favorite, but if you still need a reason to start wearing them, then we have got plenty of those reasons. First of all, they are very comfy and make you feel cozy and relaxed. You can wear crocs in the house, go grocery shopping, and even brunch with friends.

Wearing crocs also keeps foot aches at bay, and they provide enough support to your feet, so you don’t have to worry about any kind of hassle. People suffering from problems with their feet are often suggested to wear crocs because they are safe and comfortable.

Also, they come in so many different colors, so you can match them with different outfits and slay a completely casual look on the weekend.

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Figuring out whether a pair of crocs is authentic or fake is not a piece of cake, especially when you are not sure what to look for. All of the countries that we have stated above make authentic and great crocs.

Also, the above-given instructions about original and fake crocs will help you separate cheap ones from real crocs.

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