Where Are General Tires Made

Where Are General Tires Made?

General Tires is one of the top-rated tire manufacturing companies worldwide. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say their tires are used mostly compared to other companies’ tires. And that’s all because of the great features and durability they always care for.

The reason is that Continental, a German tire company, owns General Tires. Because of higher demand, the company has increased its production and now making tires in more than 5 states of the USA. But not finished here; the company has dealings and import relationships with all the factories and subsidies of Continental tires to get raw materials and components. 

We’ve compiled more about where are General Tires made and shared them below for your better navigation. All you have to do is, pay thorough attention to the article below and be good to go. 

General Tires Manufacturing in the United States 

Where Are General Tires Made?

General Tires was introduced to the world in 1915 in Akron, Ohio, by Francis O’Neil and other partners. In 1984, the company was reorganized and hold itself into the holding company GenCorp. Furthermore, it was sold to the German tire maker company, named Continental, in 1987. 

Nowadays, it’s the company that is in command and taking care of General Tires manufacturing and exporting worldwide. As the company was introduced in the USA for the first time and has a higher customer ratio there, so the current parent company decided not to move manufacturing procedures from here to any other place. 

Continental in the following states of the USA manufactures General Tires:

  • Michigan
  • Ohio
  • North Carolina
  • Texas
  • South Carolina
  • Illinois
  • Georgia
  • Kentucky

All states have larger production plants connected – importing and exporting materials to promote better production. In fact, the Ohio plant is the oldest of all and exhibits classic machinery along with the modern. And yes, it supports the implementation of modern technologies & changes first to get the right experience. 

Plus, all the manufacturing plants in these states have their facility codes. You can identify the production destination of your tire by reading the code. For better navigation, we shared the facility codes of all these plants below. 

  • If you see the code “VY,” it means the tire is manufactured in South Carolina
  • The code “AC” indicates tire manufacturing in North Carolina
  • The “AD” is the code for tires manufactured in Kentucky
  • Tires manufactured in Ohio contain the code “A9.”
  • The facility code for tires manufactured in Illinois is “6B, A3.”

Research on the tire industry in the United States has described the annual revenue as more than $13 billion annually. The company is scoring a huge percentage and thinking of introducing more production plants to cover the other states. 

According to the resources, the parent company will soon introduce production plants in other states where future technologies are implemented. The company will also train new employees here. 

Not finished here, the company also has dealings with local manufacturers in the country, helping improve features and enhance durability by implementing different technologies. The company also imports materials from other countries – especially where Continental has production plants. 

General Tires Import Relationships 

Where Are General Tires Made?

As mentioned above, the company is owned by Continental Tires, which is promoting its manufacturing these days. So, it is also helping the company to import raw materials from all the places where it has its subsidies for tire manufacturing. 

Continental Tires has manufacturing destinations in a number of countries and is famous for its modern technologies and features that it always introduces in tires. Mostly, the company operates manufacturing in Asian countries and helps General Tires import from these countries.

Here are the countries where Continental AG makes tires and exports materials to General Tires. 


Continental company has the largest manufacturing plant in Germany and also the headquarters. Because of the higher facilities for greater manufacturing and introducing new designs and features, the plant is fulfilling almost 60 – 70% of the total production demand. 

You can get an idea from the above line how potentially it is exporting to General Tires. Meanwhile, quality-wise best rubbers with durable features are delivered in higher quantities when required. Even the manufacturing engineers also help in better designing. 

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General Tires also import rubber for tire production from China. The country is often called a hub for industries because of modern technologies and facilities. Upon research, we observed Continental has the larger plant for manufacturing and exporting materials for tire production to General Tires in Hefei, China. 

Resources have explained Continental might introduce new production facilities in China later, which will produce General Tires and enhance its export worldwide in different markets. 


Yes, the company is also dealing with the import of quality-wise best and most flexible rubber for manufacturing its tires from Singapore. It wouldn’t be wrong to say the tire manufacturers in the country have a great role in helping General Tires to be on top of the list. 

General Tires imports materials mainly from Continental AG from the country and other manufacturers when required. Not finished here; the company is also doing the same with Spain and other countries. 

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Why Are General Tires Most Selling?

General Tires are found to be the most selling worldwide and scoring highest revenue annually only because of the great features it is introducing all the time. And yes, the company’s features are highly appreciated and reviewed by industry fellows.

Although General Tires have a number of features, we shared only the core ones below, making them a prioritized choice compared to the others.

  • The tires by the company offer higher durability and last for years – that’s what is experienced by dozens of customers worldwide.
  • The tires have ideal structures, groves, and spaces, providing comfortable ride and traction.
  • General Tires always use premium technology and implement after getting proper results and experiences making the tires more adaptable.
  • The tires by the company are available to customers at flexible retail prices.

That’s the features making General Tires the most adaptable choice. So, aren’t the features enough to make them your prioritized choice?

Now, we’d like to hear from you – leave your kind opinions about where are General Tires made quickly inside the comment box below. 

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