Where are Harleys made Fastest Harley

Where are Harleys made? Fastest Harley?

Established in 1903, Harley Davidson is known for manufacturing the world’s oldest, heavyweight yet fastest motorcycles with the recognizable sound of the engine. The iconic motorcycles are assembled with foreign-sourced parts.

Harley Davidson is an American brand and it has three factories in the states, in which different parts and accessories of the world’s fastest motorcycles are manufactured. Besides these three factories in the US, the brand has recently opened factories in Brazil, Thailand, and India. In these factories, the Harley motorcycles are assembled.

Who makes Harley Davidson motorcycles?

Where are Harleys made? Fastest Harley?

Some of the Harley parts like seats, windshield, and a few components of the engine are also manufactured in Germany, Taiwan, Mexico, and Italy. The manufactured parts in these factories are then sent to the relevant factories in the US where the motorcycles are assembled. Next, these motorcycles are delivered to the dealers of the brand in America.

However a final percentage of how much of the brand’s motorbike is manufactured in the states is not known. This percentage varies from year to year and model to model.

Are Harley Davidson motorcycles Produced in the US.?

The Harleys motorbikes manufactured for the USA are assembled in the US and their parts are also manufactured in the US factories.

Each of the Harleys’ factories is responsible for manufacturing different parts of the motorcycle. For instance, the Tomahawk factory in Wisconsin is responsible for Tomahawk Operations and produces plastic and fiberglass components. And York in Pennsylvania deals with vehicle operations. The third factory Menomonee Falls in Wisconsin looks over the powertrain operations.

The brand says that it uses US suppliers whenever possible, but it doesn’t have US sources for a few components that the company needs in a certain quantity and outsources them. The decision of outsourcing depends on the availability of the components, quality, cost, and reliability of the supplier.

The universe of the Harleys-Davidson is wider and riders are often confused when it comes to the selection of the best and fastest motorcycle. Every model of the brand’s motorcycle is known for its excellence.

Harleys-Davidson Fastest Motorcycle

Where are Harleys made? Fastest Harley?

Harleys Davidson is known for its high speeds and racing. Every model of the brand makes sure that the rider could reach the top speed of the bike while staying safe. The fastest model of the motorcycle brand is the FXDR114 and its unique design and functionalities make it the brand’s fastest motorcycle manufactured in the past two decades.

It has a sleek design that is equipped with the most outstanding acceleration abilities. It is featured with Milwaukee-Eight™ 114 V-Twin engine and lightweight parts. The FXDR114 can attain a speed of 160 mph in just 2.5 seconds.

Harley FXDR 114 specifications


Length2,425 mm
Weight289 kg
The capacity of the fuel tank16.7 l
The capacity of an oil tank4.7 l
Trail120 mm
Ground clearance140 mm
Height of the seat720 mm

Tire specifications:

Wheelbase1,735 mm
Front tires specifications120/70ZR-19 60W
Rare tires specifications240/40R-18 79V

Engine specifications:

Engine installedMilwaukee-Eight™ 114
Bore102 mm
Stroke114 mm
Displacement1,868 cc
Ratio of compression10.5:1
System of fuelElectronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI)
Type of exhaust2-into-1; catalyst in the header

Performance details:

Engine Torque testing systemEC 134/2014
Torque of the engine160 Nm
Right lean angle32.6
Left lean angle32.8

Electric Description:

Gauges2.14-inch viewable area, a speedometer- LCD, gear, odometer, level of fuel is displayed, clock, range and tachometer indication and assist-and-slipper clutch for the six-speed.
LightsHigh beam, turn signals, neutral, low oil pressure, engine diagnostics, standard ABS, security, low battery voltage, low fuel

Available colors:

The favorite fastest motorcycle is available in many colors: Black Denim, Vivid Black, River Rock Gray Denim, and Barracuda Silver Denim. The premium Performance Orange color is also available at an extra cost. ( almost $ 400).

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some questions about Harley-Davidson that are mostly asked.

How much Horsepower does the FXDR114 have?

The FXD2114 has a total horsepower of 90 which makes it a gigantic terrifying beast on the roads.

How much the Tops speed does the FXDR114 can attain?

The maximum top speed the Harleys FXDR114 can attain is almost 160 mph. This feature thrills the riders and is one of the major reasons behind its sale. The beauty of this motorcycle is that even an average rider would wish to ride at a speed of 160 mph.

What model is the FXD114?

The Harleys FXDR 114 is the 10th model built on the Softail platform, 2018 of the company.

Why buy Harleys FXDR114?

Harleys FXDR114 is for you if you want style along with top speed (160 mph within 2.5 seconds).

Is it legal to take the FXDR114 on the civilian streets?

Yes, it is safe to explore the city with the fxdr114, as long as the rider is maintaining the speed limits of the state.

What is the most wanted Harley Davidson motorcycle other than FXDR114 currently in production?

The 2021 Harley-Davidson Iron 883 is among the most wanted motorcycles from the world’s famous brand. You might not find it faster, but it is much closer to what the Harley-Davidson riders would want in their bike. It is not wrong to say that the Harleys FXDR114 is a jet plane on the roads.

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High speed and thrill cannot be associated with sports cars only. When we talk about top speeds, Harleys-Davidson motorcycles pop up in our minds. Harley-Davidson is known for manufacturing the world’s fastest motorcycles. The 2020 Harley-Davidson FXDR114 is a stylish modern Harley’s motorcycle that appeals to thrill-loving riders who wants to explore the roads.

The brand has three factories in the US that manufacture different parts of the motorcycles and assemble them to deliver the fastest motorbikes to the riders. Though the Harleys FXDR114 is the fastest motorcycle, it is not confined to race or thrill only. This model of motorcycle is also the best option for cruising across the city.