Where Are Hoka Shoes Made: All You Are Looking For

Hoka Shoes, due to their innovative design, have taken the footwear world by storm. The excellent cushioning and support make Hoka amazing for athletes and outdoor fun. Advanced technologies and professional facilities make Hoka even more unique. Do you know where Hokas are made?

Most of the Hoka Shoes are manufactured in China and Vietnam. In addition, some of Hoka’s manufacturing factories are also located in California, Cambodia, the Dominican Republic, and the Philippines. It is essential to notice that only China and Vietnam are responsible for Hoka’s major production.

The history, features, and facilities together make the Hoka Shoes incredible. You can explore this article to learn all about Hoka Shoes.

Hoka Shoes Manufacturing Facilities

Where Are Hoka Shoes Made

Hoka has manufacturing facilities in many countries of the world. All the countries, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and others, are chosen by Hoka due to several reasons such as low tariffs, cheap labor, and easy availability of Hoka shoe resources.

Let’s check out the details!


Vietnam is a hub for Hoka footwear factories as it plays a pivotal role in Hoka’s manufacturing landscape. Hoka’s 19 factories are located in Vietnam; among 19 factories, 11 manufacturers of Hoka Shoes. However, the rest of the factories work on the other Hoka’s products.


Vietnam gathers Hoka Shoes manufacturing spotlight, but China also primarily prepares Hoka Shoes. The 28 Hoka factories are across China. Among these 28 factories, 4 craft footwear, while 10 work on Hoka’s lifestyle products. The remaining 14 supplies a diverse spectrum of Hoka products.


In addition to Vietnam and China, Cambodia is also a manufacturer of Hoka’s footwear within Southeast Asia. Multiple Hoka factories are located in Cambodia, which shows Hoka’s global manufacturing ecosystem.

Additional Facilities

Along with China, Vietnam, and Cambodia, Hoka Shoes are also manufactured in the Philippines and the Dominican Republic.

Vietnam, China, and Cambodia are the most common countries that manufacture Hoka Shoes. These countries have different numbers of factories in their different regions.

Let’s learn more about Hoka’s manufacturing countries.

Hoka Shoes Manufacturing Facilities



Up to 2022, Vietnam contained 11 Hoka footwear factories.


Hoka owns 28 factories in China.

Footwear: 4

Lifestyle: 10

Other Hoka Products: 14


Contains 2 important Hoka factories.

Other Regions

Besides China, Vietnam, and Cambodia, Hoka also manufactured its shoes in the Philippines and the Dominican Republic.

Province And Country Name Of Facilities Owned By Hoka

As I already discussed, Hoka’s manufacturing counties have different numbers of Hoka factories. China has 28 factories, and 4 of them are footwear factories. In this table, I have mentioned Hoka’s popular factories’ names and their relevant provinces and countries. So, things may become more precise for you.

Name Of Shoe Facility



Shoe Premier II (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.

Phnom Penh


Lin Wen Chih Sunbow Enterprises Co., Ltd.



Qingyuan Sun Shin China, Ltd.



Amara Vietnam Footwear Company, Ltd.

Nam Dinh


Golden Star Co., Ltd – Simona Footwear Co., Ltd.

Quang Ninh


Venus Vietnam Footwear, Ltd.

Thanh Hoa


Ty Thac Co., Ltd.

Dong Thap


Zhi Xing Viet Nam Co., Ltd.

Hai Duong


Branch of International B2B Solution Company

Dong Nai


Exported Footwear Manufacturer

Hung Yen


Vietnam Victory Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.

Ha, Nam


A Brief History Of Hoka Shoes Company: Some Facts About Hoka

Hoka One One is a French brand established in 2009; this company has been in the market for almost 14 years.

Hoka was the idea of two gentlemen named Nicolas Mermoud and Jean-Luc Diard. Their goal was to establish a company that would design shoes for runners so they can run at the maximum speed. They finally decided to make shoes with oversized outsoles that provide extra cushioning; basically, the word Hoka means “fly over the earth.”

A major change came in the company in 2013 when Deckers Brands purchased it. It is the parent company of many other shoe brands, such as Teva and UGG. The brand has sponsorship deals with many professional training groups.

Why Does Hoka Choose These Manufacturing Locations (China, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc.)?

Hoka manufactures most of its shoes in China and Vietnam, but in recent years, the company planned to run more production in Vietnam because China mostly relies on coal. The policy of Hoka is to protect the environment by opting for eco-friendly ways of production.

The Hoka Brand has 28 factories in China due to easy access to materials and cheap labor.

Hoka chose Vietnam for the production of its shoes because of its safe ways of manufacturing, such as the use of hydroelectricity.

The reason behind using hydroelectricity is to lessen the environmental footprint, and this is the Hoka Shoes due to its lower labor cost and the country’s specialization in the garments and footwear industry.

Who Is The Owner Of Hoka Shoes?

Deckers Outdoor Corporation owns the world-popular shoe-making company Hoka. Deckers is an American company specializing in manufacturing shoes, apparel, and other accessories. This company is also the owner of Sanuk, Teva, and UGG. The main focus of Deckers is outdoor and lifestyle markets.

After a huge success, Hoka Company expanded its product line and added various other items. Now, in addition to shoes, Hoka is also manufacturing: hats, leggings & tights, sports bras, bottoms, outwear, socks, tops, and much more.

Technologies Used In Manufacturing Hoka Shoes

Where Are Hoka Shoes Made

Every Hoka shoe is a combination of three technologies to give every athlete a life-changing experience. The brand promises to give racers more speed, hikers next-level comfort, and trail runners confidence.

Let’s shed some light on Hoka’s shoes’ special technologies.


Meta-Rocker is engineered into the shoe sole. The curves help people to propel forward.

Early Stage Meta-Rocker

It is designed to move faster by creating fast transitions and smooth motion from toe to forefront.

Last Stage Meta-Rocker

It has a rocker point near the toe area to add stability.

Cushioned Midsoles

The purpose of Hoka cushioned midsoles is to enhance shoe performance and act as a shock absorber. The brand offers three levels of cushioning, including responsive, balanced, and plush.


The higher level of cushioning makes the shoe comfortable for wearers. More protection eliminates the chance of injuries and helps in the quick recovery of people suffering from injuries.


Offers a protective cushion to add extra protection.


This cushioning level keeps the foot close to the ground and provides great push-off; moreover, it gives extra bounce and more speed.

Active Foot Frame

The active foot frame is all about bringing stability; it also keeps the heel secure. People feel that the shoe hugs the feet, ultimately increasing confidence and support. Rare foot active foot frame supports the heel region, and midfoot active foot frame is for fast paces.


It is a special technology Hoka uses in some of its hiking boots and trail shoes that are used mostly in wet areas. The amazing breathable membrane is designed to keep feet comfortable and dry in different conditions.


It is an extra durable and lightweight material having hydrophobic properties. Hoka used this in some of its shoes that needed extra protection from certain elements.

Besides these technologies, there are many other remarkable features of Hoka that make the shoes extraordinary for runners and casual users. J-Frame, Profly, Hubble heel, carbon fiber plate, and Vibram mega grip are a few names.

What Is The Manufacturing Process Of Hoka Shoes?

The Hoka Shoe you wear passes through many processes and then reaches you as a final product. Let’s check out Hoka’s manufacturing process thoroughly!


Hoka used wool, leather, and other materials to produce its shoes for trail runners, hikers, and even casual runners. The cultivation of cotton begins on farms.

When the cotton is ready and cleaned, it passes various stages to produce threads for creating fabric. Another material, wool, is obtained from sheep with the help of labor and machines. Similarly, leather is obtained from animals.


Once the material reaches the factory, the manufacturing process starts. Hoka owns state-of-the-art facilities having the latest technologies in different parts of the world.

The main headquarters is in Goleta, California; the products produced here are always of the best quality compared to those manufactured outside the USA. Besides America, Hoka has great manufacturing facilities in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Philippines.


After manufacturing, the brand distributes its product to different regions of the world for its valuable customers. Hoka’s biggest distribution center is in Southern California, America. The shoes made in Hoka’s Asian facilities, such as Vietnam, China, Cambodia, and the Philippines, are shipped to the USA for further selling.

This center is busy shipping various products. Hoka’s parent company, Deckers, owns this facility. It is committed to making the Moreno Valley distribution center a zero-waste facility.


The final step of the Hoka shoe lifecycle is recycling, reusing, and disposal of items. To keep the environment clean, Hoka collaborates with the Australian Sporting Goods Association, an organization working to repurpose athletic footwear. This company used old products and turned them into useful items such as gym and floor mats.

Why Are Hoka Shoes Popular?

Since its beginning, the Hoka Shoes have become the first choice of trail runners. Its amazing features and use of technologies make Hoka so popular.

Let’s discuss some of them!

Best Shoes For Running on Steep Mountains

In the start, the main aim of the company was to produce modern shoes for trail running that can give smooth walks on steep mountains. Their thick cushioning provides extra comfort to users on roads and bumpy areas.

Ideal Shoes For Wide Feet

The Hoka Shoes are wider than other ordinary running shoes, providing easy gait. Thai quality makes them the first choice for people having flat feet as the shoes reduce pressure on the bones. Moreover, you can choose the best shoe as per your foot size because of the availability of different sizes.


Despite having thick cushioning, most of the Hoka Shoes are lightweight, making running easy for runners with full concentration. These shoes are great for people seeking more steps while receiving fewer injuries. A lightweight shoe also enhances foot stability, flexibility, and balance.

Packed with Numerous Unique Features

Hoka Shoes have curved soles that help to propel the foot.

Furthermore, the shoe offers great cushioning but remains lightweight. The stability of shoes further lessens the chance of injuries. The cushioned midsoles are light in weight, more responsive, and long-lasting.

Another amazing feature of Hoka Shoes is their curved sole profile. The uniquely shaped midsoles and specialized cushioning perfectly match the gait cycle, ultimately helping you move comfortably. Profly is a dual-density midsole having soft cushioning in the heel region and firm foam in the metas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hoka An American Company?

Hoka One One is the world’s renowned sportswear brand that produces and markets running shoes. It came into being in 2009 in Annecy, France. It had been in Richmond, California, but in 2013, Deckers Brands acquired it.

What’s So Great About Hoka Shoes?

The owners established this brand to craft shoes that run faster without issues. To fulfill this dream, they founded Hoka, a brand that manufactured lightweight shoes with cushioned midsoles. Moreover, the foot-hugging design makes the shoes extra comfortable, and long-lasting outsoles provide superior traction. Hoka Shoes offer great responsiveness and stand best for runners facing injuries or pains.

Is Hoka A Global Brand?

Hoka has manufacturing facilities in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines, and the Dominican republic. Recently, the company introduced its biggest global marketing campaign after crossing sales of $1 billion. This amazing footwear brand has customers across the globe due to comfort and style.

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Our Summary

Hoka Shoes are perfect for athletes and outdoor adventures. Their durability, lightweight, and design make them stand out from other shoe brands. Very often, no matter how good a brand is, people love to buy shoes after figuring out the manufacturing locations. As far as Hoka’s manufacturing location is concerned, the Hoka Shoes are manufactured in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines.

These countries have different numbers of Hoka manufacturing facilities – but every outlet works dedicatedly to keep the brand name high.