Where Are Honda Motorcycles Made

Where Are Honda Motorcycles Made?

Honda is one of the top motorcycle manufacturers worldwide that produces various bikes and other vehicles with powerful engines and features. They were introduced to the world as a motorcycle manufacturer in 1959 and became famous within a few years. Because of the excellent manufacturing of vehicles, their demand has been increased, and they introduced various production plants.

The company has official manufacturing plants in India, China, the United States, Pakistan, Thailand, the United Kingdom, Taiwan, Turkey, Brazil, Argentina, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Japan. Apart from this, the company collaborates with local manufacturers worldwide in various countries, helping assemble and deliver essential accessories. 

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Honda Motorcycles Manufacturing Facilities Worldwide

Where Are Honda Motorcycles Made?

Honda faced tough competition when they launched its first motorcycle under its tag. Because several more brands or companies in the niche were also working on manufacturing and introducing motorcycles at the exact moment. 

But they survive greatly and improve growth by making motorcycles with modern features, especially focusing on engine working. In fact, they are found to be the only motorcycle manufacturers who pay great attention to appearance and design along with internal working. 

They were not restricted to Japan only when they started making motorcycles because they were already well known and famous in the niche of automobiles. A short research on total assembled motorcycles by Honda declared they made 400 million motorcycles from 1959 to 2019. 

Because of higher production facilities, they became Japan’s second-largest automobile manufacturer in 2001. After a few years, it became the largest automobile manufacturer in the world in 2015. As it is a big whale in motorcycle production, you can get an idea from this how vast their vehicles’ demand would be. 

To fulfill the complete demand in various countries worldwide, they have made production factories in several countries. Complete detail on this is shared below. 

United States

Firstly, we’ll talk about the United States – one of the top countries from where Honda makes a higher portion of revenue annually by making motorcycles. Due to increased demand, the country has provided the Honda motorcycles with a warm response. 

Resources explained that when there were no manufacturing plants here, the company exported motorcycles from Japan. But later, the company decided to make individual plants here to decrease exports from Japanese plants and get the made-in-USA tag.

Honda motorcycle manufacturing plants in the United States are observed in Greensburg, Indiana, SwepsonVille, North Carolina, Lincoln, Alabama, Marysville, Ohio, Timmonsville, South Carolina, East Liberty, Ohio, and Greensboro, North Carolina. 

All of these plants are involved in assembling Honda motorcycles, but the specialized factories also make genuine accessories. And yes, these factories are delivering crucial parts to the complete motorcycle manufacturing plants for great assembling.

The plants making genuine Honda accessories are located at the following locations:

  • Burlington, North Carolina
  • Tallapoosa, Georgia
  • Russells Point, Ohio
  • Anna, Ohio

Not only the manufacturing and facilitating the US audience, but the company is also exporting USA-made motorcycles to related countries from here. 

Where Are Honda Motorcycles Made?


Honda motorcycles have a stronger Indian market and various manufacturing facilities. Upon research, we observed that Honda has production factories in Manesar, Haryana & Tapukara, and Rajasthan. Apart from this, local manufacturers in the country are also helping the official plants in efficient assembling. 

The company’s official statements have revealed they will make more production plants soon in India. This is because people are genuinely responding to the Honda motorcycles, their features, and new models always. Similar to the USA, the company also makes much revenue from here.

And the most appreciated is that the government here is warmly facilitating the Honda production factories with several services. Meanwhile, they are provided with hard working labor, experienced engineering services, and modern technologies. 

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China is one of the top-rated countries with higher facilitations for automobile industries especially. It’s the country that has offered Honda modern technologies and services of efficient engineers. Plus, a lot more facilities along with this, like low taxation, hard working labor at average costs, and technologies for manufacturing more products simultaneously. 

The country is often called the bouquet of industries and the heart of Asia because of its ideal geographic area. After getting a great response from here, Honda officially declared that it would increase production by 16% in China. In fact, the new manufacturing facility in Guangzhou is expected to increase by 1.61 million vehicles in the annual production of Honda motorcycles. 

Also, the company is exporting many products here to related Asian countries without storing them in warehouses or at their own plants. Interestingly, the designs for new models are the introduction of various features and responsibility is also handled from here by the efficient engineers.

These designs are sent to the headquarters, approved, and then implemented with instructions in the production centers worldwide. 


Japan is the homeland for producing Honda motorcycles, where they first began manufacturing in Hamamatsu. But due to some internal issues, the company transferred production to the Kumamoto factory in 2009. 

Nowadays, the company is making new models of Honda motorcycles here, exhibiting modern features and greater engine capabilities. Additionally, all the important decisions regarding the design, styling, and features are made here. A vast claiming and training center has also been introduced by the company with experienced staff.

Although the company has higher competition here, it is still found to be the top manufacturer of motorcycles here. They continuously introduce facilities for their production, marketing, export, and other concerns in Japan. That’s all making them one of the top-rated among Japanese natives.

The company is not finished here, making motorcycles in Brazil, Indonesia, Turkey, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, Argentina, the Philippines, and Thailand. But these countries are adding values in the overall production in average ratio. While the above-mentioned countries have higher production ratios for Honda motorcycles. 

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Final Thoughts

We shared completely where Honda motorcycles are made worldwide in the above article. In fact, everything about what has made the company famous and else. You can explore the content and even share your worthy opinions in the comment box below. 

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