Where Are iPhones Made?

Where Are iPhones Made? iPhone Facts

No one can really disagree with the fact that Apple has completely taken over the world of mobile phones, and their iPhone has literally changed the world of technology. So today, we are going to talk and discuss about these countries where iPhones are made.

iPhones are made in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines, and many other Asian countries assemble iPhones, but most of the iPhones are assembled in China. But, it all started in California in the United States.

Manufacturing Facilities Of iPhones Around The Globe

Where Are iPhones Made

There are different countries where the parts of iPhones are made, or the iPhones are assembled. We are discussing the top countries with iPhone manufacturing facilities, including the United States.


The headquarters of Apple is located in California, and most famous laptops are also made in the US. Still, Apple does not manufacture its world-famous iPhones in the United States, to everyone’s surprise.

These iPhones are manufactured in other countries despite Apple’s 800 facilities in the United States. Apple also has around 37 official centers throughout the US to improve the efficiency of these facilities and maintain a check and balance system.


China is famous for its materials, and Apple sources most of its materials from China. China has a handful of factories that cater to the manufacturing and assembly of these precious iPhones when it comes to assembly.

The biggest iPhone facility in China is located in Zhengzhou, and all of the latest Apple iPhones are made in this facility. The facility where iPhones are made has around 230,000 employees, so you can imagine how big it is.


Taiwan is the second-biggest supplier of Apple iPhones, and it also has multiple facilities for manufacturing the latest models of iPhones. Apple also sources its material from Taiwan and the iPhone is pretty famous in Taiwan’s local market as well.

Apple is seeing the potential of Taiwan, and that is why it is continuing to invest in the manufacturing facilities of this country. Also, these facilities play a key role in stabilizing the economy of this country.


Vietnam is the new goldmine for iPhone manufacturers, and Apple plans to move its major facilities to Vietnam. The production of the latest iPhones is in progress in Vietnamese facilities for a while now, and Vietnam is the best among the rest.

The Apple manufacturers have also invested $270 million into building a new and advanced facility in Vietnam. This factory will increase and expand the production of the latest iPhones and make Vietnam one of the leading iPhone facilities globally.


Currently, the Philippines does not do any major assembling work yet because most of the assembling and manufacturing is done in China. But, Apple has finally chosen the Philippines to expand their manufacturing and assembling facilities.

So, Apple will soon be investing a whole lot of money in building multiple facilities in the country, so they do not put all their eggs in one basket, and the basket, in this case, is China. Apple’s CEO has announced that the Philippines would be their choice for making multiple facilities where they would produce crucial components of their phones.

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Interesting iPhone Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

There are some pretty interesting facts and figures that will certainly blow your mind and will give you an estimation of how gigantic the Apple company is and how loved the iPhones are around the globe.

700 Million Sales

Yes, you read it right. Apple has sold around 2.3 billion pieces of different iPhones to date, which is twice the population of China. This number is more than enough to blow the minds of people.

Also, the greatest number of smartphones sold in one second is iPhones, and when they were newly launched, 50 phones were being sold every second, which is a big deal if we multiply those seconds to 24 hours.

The Time Of iPhone

You must have seen iPhones in advertisements or online, and if you are a keen observer, you would have noticed that the time on all of these phones is always 9:41. It sounded intriguing to many iPhone users, and as it turns out, this has a very interesting story behind it.

When Steve Jobs announced that they were launching their own version of a smartphone back in 2007 in California, the local time at that moment was 9:41. Hence, as a tribute and reminiscence of that moment, every iPhone in commercials and advertisements has this time always.

Loyal Customers

Apple has the type of customer that every company wants because they are extremely loyal to Apple. When it comes to iPhones, most of the users never really go back to android because they have gotten the hang of Apple.

According to research, more than 56% of the people who use iPhones do not switch to any other phone and even buy the latest iPhone models launched in the market. So, Apple has basically got everything any other brand would want, including extremely loyal and recurring consumers.

Smartphone Market

Apple currently is the biggest and greatest stakeholder in the smartphone market, and no other company has surpassed the sales and profits of the iPhone other than Huawei a couple of years back, but Apple has managed to restore its position as the representative of the smartphone market.

Also, 60-80% of the whole smartphone market profits are directed towards the iPhones. It is a big deal, considering the smartphone giant like Samsung is also a part of this race. So, Apple is not competing with anyone anymore because it has got no competitor in the smartphone market.

Are iPhones Worth The Price?

Where Are iPhones Made

Yes, iPhones are totally worth the price because of the high-quality features they have and the premium material used in making these phones. The iPhone is particularly famous for its camera quality which is a lot better than its competitors, and if you are a person who is into great and aesthetic photos, you certainly will love the iPhone.

Though the battery of this phone can be a little iffy, and many people do not like that it does not last as long as the other android smartphones, the other features that the iPhone offers to cover up the battery mess the Apple company.

Also, the longevity of an iPhone is great. If you keep it safe and sound and keep it free from excessive storage and apps, it will last you for a good 6-7 years without any hassle, so; this certainly is worth every penny in that case.

The durability and reliability of the iPhone also make it better than other smartphones, and Apple has been working on the sensitive glass skin of its phones, so the screen is also a lot more sturdy in the newer models.

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Apple has been a leading smartphone brand since the launch of its iPhones in 2007, and it has never looked back ever since. The manufacturing facilities of Apple iPhones are spread across the globe, and we have also listed the biggest and most important facilities above.

We hope that this interesting guide was helpful for you and that the little sneak peek at the interesting facts of Apple actually took you by surprise.

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