Where are LG phones made

Where are LG phones made?

According to the resources, it has been observed that LG phones are the third best-selling phones in the world because of several features, especially the best cameras. These phones have ensured customers’ trust and made their best market in various countries. They are manufactured by LG Electronics, which is a subsidiary of the Korean mega-conglomerate LG group.

LG phones are made in Vietnam, South Korea, China, Brazil, and India. As per resources, all LG phones are majorly made in Vietnam, while the rest of the countries have direct or indirect collaboration with LG’s smartphone manufacturing.

Here’s more about where are LG phones made.

LG Phones Factories Worldwide

Where are LG phones made

LG was not making smartphones at the time, but then they got into this after analyzing the whole market situation. They first launched their Android operating smartphone back in 2009, gaining much popularity among people and increasing overall brand awareness.

According to the official statements of LG’s smartphone manufacturing group, it has been observed that they started getting more demands for their phones after their first Android phone. And yes, that was when they decided to enhance their products and introduce new phones with higher features.

The company started by introducing new manufacturing plants in different countries per the decision. After deep analysis, we have compiled the authorized information about where are LG phones made.

Here’s the destination of LG’s smartphone manufacturing.


LG introduced its top potential manufacturing plant in Haiphong, Vietnam, in 2015. The plant has the potential to produce more than 10 million smartphone units annually. As per official press release statements of LG’s manufacturers, they are getting crucial components used in assembling the phones from South Korean companies.

The procedure is simple; the company exports components such as processors and units then assembles under its name. It doesn’t mean LG is not making processors and components on its own, but sometimes it exports from other countries, including India.

South Korea

South Korea is the homeland of LG manufacturing, from where it has started involving telecommunications. Even the headquarters of LG is located in Seoul, South Korea. In the country, product plants owned by LG are present in Changwon. This is from where the company is operating all the manufacturing concerns and dealing with other local companies or factories from where it is getting crucial components for manufacturing.

Not finished here, the LG’s official manufacturers have also concerns with other processors making companies in South Korea and even East-West Korean companies. This is because LG is always searching for high-quality processors to introduce better-quality phones.


If we talk about the country with higher contributions to helping LG achieve the next levels, it would be China. However, LG was originally a South Korean company; it has made dozens of mobile phones in China with the help of its expertise and modern facilities.

LG has a manufacturing plant for electronics in Guangzhou, China, where thousands of employees and experts collaborate and try to make the company more successful worldwide. Interestingly, LG never stopped investing in the Chinese market because they are getting higher output.

The Chinese market doesn’t ever refuse LG to achieve the highest levels and give more output. This is why the company is thinking of expanding its production in China and introducing various new opportunities.


In the list of where LG phones are made, India also comes.

Upon resources, LG has introduced its official manufacturing factory in New Delhi, from where it is operating overall in India. The company aims to make its worth in the Indian telecommunications market. Although LG is already famous in India, they decided to introduce a manufacturing plant here to avoid Asia exporting complexities.

Along with this, LG is also collaborating with Indian companies to get components used to assemble smartphones. And yes, the company is getting the highest revenue from the Indian market, because of which it has decided to introduce new opportunities in India soon.


LG is mainly operating manufacturing plants in Manaus and Taubate in Brazil. These factories are highly contributing to the major production ratio of the company on an annual basis. LG has announced that it is dealing with the Brazilian government these days and asking that it will expand the production of smartphones in the Manaus plant soon.

Both of these plants collaborate, promoting the exchange of components and dealing with dozens of concerns. Reports have shown that the Manaus plant imports processors and displays from the Taubate plant for assembling new models.

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Features of LG Phones

Where are LG phones made

LG phones first used the Android operating system in 2009 and then introduced their first Android tablet in 2011. By then, they don’t stop introducing new features to the world and getting more appreciation from users.

Although LG phones have dozens of highly reviewed features, we’ll describe the core ones that you find amazing. All you need to do is pay them thorough attention for better understanding.

Here these are.

Android Technology

LG phones use Android technology in their smartphones to promote better functionality and operating system. They had collaborated with Android by Google since 2009 when they used it to manufacture their first smartphone.

Among resources, it has been said that LG is using its additional technologies along with Android, so they introduce better functions.

Excellent Cameras

And how we can miss it. LG phones are top-rated because their quality-wise best cameras offer excellent resolution and pixel power, providing a fantastic user experience. These phones are often called camera phones among customers. Even some of LG’s phones come up with triple cameras that allow you to take wide, expansion views and detailed image capture focusing on the object.

Here’s the most appreciated LG phone because of its high-quality cameras, named the LG V40 ThinQ. This phone has five cameras; three on the back and two on the front. Plus, all the cameras offer excellent solution power and upgrading.

High Specs

LG phones always come up with excellent specifications offering high GB RAMs, storage powers, displays, and technologies to use. The most appreciating components include higher refresh rates, flagship snapdragon processors, compact designs, coloring, cameras, and more.

Upon specifications, some of the LG phones, including G7 ThinQ, G8 ThinQ, V50, Velvet 5G, V40 ThinQ, and W41 Pro, are on top. You can also explore these phones and check out their specifications.

Reasonable Prices

Besides all other features, LG phones also come up with a flexible pricing structure. They are available at such prices that you can afford them easily. But the thing is, if you go higher, prices will be charged accordingly. But on average, these phones are found easy to afford.

You can also compare the prices and specs of LG with other higher brands phones to understand how reliable and money-value phones are.

Pay attention – For your better navigation, we have mentioned some top-rated LG mobiles above that you can explore, check their pricing, and find out the best for you accordingly.

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The Bottom Line

This is all about where LG phones are made and their manufacturing destinations in different countries across the world. Along with this, we have also shared core features and specs of LG phones, making them the third most-selling phone in the world. Plus, some of the top-rated phones introduced by the company also described that you could check out.

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