Where Are Louis Vuitton Purses Made

Where Are Louis Vuitton Purses Made?

Throughout the years, the brand – Louis Vuitton has been making impeccable quality purses and introducing new designs & features to the world in them. Because of such features in products, the company has gained a higher response. That’s the reason behind its vast demand among people worldwide. 

Yes, you’ve heard the right because the company has dealt with other countries also providing raw materials and assembling services to the company. Nowadays, Louis Vuitton purses are made in Spain, France, China, the United States, and Italy. These are the countries where the company has introduced its official workshops, but not finished here. 

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Louis Vuitton Purses Manufacturing Worldwide

Where Are Louis Vuitton Purses Made?

It was 1854 when the company was introduced to the world and became a luxury fashion house in France within a few years. It was all because of the production of quality leather products with fantastic designs and appearance. The company even started making several more products, including purses and still making them in different countries.

Pay attention – Louis Vuitton is a name of a French designer and businessman who introduced the brand to the world, which LVMH owns nowadays – a luxury goods company. 

However, we observed higher and positive fluctuations in demand for Louis Vuitton purses in the 20th century and are still observing. Yes, the company was counted as the world’s most valuable luxury goods brand for six consecutive years between 2006 – 2012. And that’s the era when a company has expanded its products worldwide and made its stores.

Even though it had workshops and stores before, it introduced more to fulfill the customer demands. Recent analytics has declared the company has more than 460 stores in 50 countries. Plus, it has manufacturing stores or workshops in the countries below, helping it fulfill the customers’ demands. 

We mentioned in-depth details below you can check out. 

United States

We observed the company has three workshops in the USA where thousands of people are working and assembling purses using modern technologies. Here are the destinations for three workshops of the company:

  • San Dimas California
  • Keene Texas
  • Irwindale California

Expert engineers look after all these three workshops introducing new designs and features in purses. Resources explained that the company is using excellent materials for manufacturing products here, keeping in mind the customers’ demand. 

And yes, we also observed that people are reviewing more USA-made products of the company than products made in any other country. Also, the workshops here are primarily dedicated to making canvas-type products, including Damier prints or monograms, etc. 

Here, two workshops, San Dimas and Irwindale are older, but the Keene Texas workshop was manufactured in 2019. The CEO of LVMH – Bernard Arnault, met with the former president, named Donald Trump, and decided to introduce this workshop in Texas to provide jobs to engineers and laborers. 

According to the company statements, it will soon introduce more production facilities in the different states of the USA here. Moreover, the workshops here are manufacturing products and delivering the essential components used in producing purses to plants in other countries.  

Where Are Louis Vuitton Purses Made?


Italy is one of the top-most countries where LV products have gained a higher reputation and are found to be most demanded among customers. In fact, recent analytics on its sales and purchase graph has also declared that LV products are the most selling here. 

The company has made workshops here to fulfill the higher customer demand. Nowadays, these production shops are making purses of different types considering modern features. As Italy is always considered a fashionable state, so considering the customer taste, the company is also making such products that have the potential to gain attention at first sight & delivering here. 

Sometimes, workshops here also collaborate with local manufacturers of the country because of the increased demand. And yes, they help the company make and assemble several products immediately without investing much time. But chances are the company will soon introduce its production plants in Italy. 

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Every industry wishes to make its workshops in China, and it would be a great benefit if the company already has a strong product market in the country. For Louis Vuitton the company had a great product awareness in China and decided to make production plants here. 

The country provides several facilities to the industries here, including modern technology use, hardworking labor at lower costs, and services of engineers with potential and capabilities. The faculty here in the LV workshops maintain high-quality products using materials that have longer-lasting properties. 

As we mentioned, the government is offering several facilities to the company making the environment comfortable. Because of such production facilities here, the company makes a higher ratio of products here, fulfilling the demands of the whole country. 

China is often called the heart of Asian countries because of its geographical importance. Undoubtedly, it was wise to make production plants here because LV is quickly making products here, assembling and delivering the related Asian countries like Pakistan, India, and more.


It’s the country from where LV was introduced to the world first. In fact, it has headquarters in France and does the bulk of manufacturing here. According to our in-depth research, we found there are nearly 16 workshops for LV products in France, making quality wise best purses of modern styles and designs. 

In fact, the company has recently built another workshop in Pays de la Loire, located on the west – a 65,000 square feet plant with experienced faculty. LV products have higher demands in the country and are popular among natives. 

Upon reviewing and analyzing people’s personal experiences on forum websites, we know France-made LV products always provide longer durability. In fact, the products here are available at reasonable costs in the country.

Along with the 16 workshops, the company will also make more production facilities here later. 

Not finished here, LV is also making products in Spain, Thailand, and more than 20 other countries worldwide. Increasing demand for its products shows it will be a top-rated luxury goods brand around the world soon. 

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Final Thoughts

We explained where LV products are made in-depth above. You can explore the whole article to understand everything about your query. 

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