Where Are Moog Parts Made

Where Are Moog Parts Made?

Moog parts is the company that is often called the “problem solving solutions” among people. It has earned an excellent reputation for introducing essential mechanics parts by using modern technologies in the automotive industry. We observed higher production demand for Moog parts around the world, and that’s because the company has introduced various manufacturing facilities and collaborations across the globe. 

As per analysis, Moog parts are manufactured in Spain, Germany, China, Japan, Turkey, Taiwan, Thailand, Mexico, South Korea, Indonesia, France, India, Italy, Canada & the United States. Not finished here, the company also has dealings with several more countries worldwide where local manufacturers make Moog products as per the instructions. Also, it has been observed that the company has officially introduced Moog’s production plant in Spain. 

We’ve shared in-depth everything about where Moog parts are made. Read on to see much more about the topic.

Moog Parts Manufacturing Facilities

Where Are Moog Parts Made?

It was 1919 when the company introduced technology-wise best products or parts helping mechanics promote higher efficiency. They had started this by purchasing the St. Louis branch of Jenkins Vulcan, which specialized in making leaf springs for cars, especially Ford Model T & Trucks. 

After it, the company started expanding its innovations, production of different mechanical parts, and much more, highly promoting its brand & product awareness. Now, the company is producing heat-treated springs, shifting to front parts, gusher bearing to reduce ball joints friction, NASCAR parts, and much more. 

As the company is dealing with manufacturing parts, training centers, and other facilities, it felt the need to introduce more production plants with the time passage. And yes, it has even introduced production factories in 16 countries worldwide. Apart from this, the company is also collaborating with other manufacturers in different countries. 

See what countries are involved in the production of Moog parts. 


Firstly, we’ll talk about Spain, where Moog has officially launched its own production plant. It’s where everything is under their control, and they are dealing with major-to-minor concerns. From production to assembling, storing to delivering worldwide. It doesn’t mean that manufacturing plants in other countries are not under Moog’s consideration. 

The thing is, other manufacturers in the different countries where Moog is operating might be involved in producing mechanical parts. But production facilities in Spain are purely under the Moog. Resources have also explained that the company will introduce more production facilities later in the country.

Pay attention – production recommendations, designs, and other instructions are delivered from here to the different manufacturing plants worldwide. 


Germany is a country that always highly promotes innovations, especially in the automotive industry. The company found Germany the most suitable place for producing and marketing its products. And yes, it wasn’t a wrong decision & the company has gained higher product awareness from here. 

According to the statistical analysis, it has also been declared that the company is consistently earning much more revenue from here. The company also collaborates with local manufacturing companies, helping efficiently assemble and deliver products on time. 

Where Are Moog Parts Made?


It’s the country which is observed to be the bouquet of industries & almost all industries of every niche promote introducing its production plant here. The reason is that the government here is facilitating industries in several ways. Hardworking labor at reasonable costs is available, and companies can access different modern technologies. 

All of this helps to make products simultaneously without investing more and consuming time. In fact, the statements among Moog parts also declared that they found China’s most essential space for production. 

United States

If we talk about the core reason why Moog got into this country, it would be the geographical importance of the country. Moog is making products here and quickly delivering to the whole states of the USA and related countries. Moog has also introduced production facilities in the United States because of the higher facilities like China. 

In this way, the company has found this country essential enough to maximize its overall revenue quickly. It might introduce new production facilities later in the country because of the increasing demands here day by day. 

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Japanese manufacturing facilities are always considered legit and are authorized worldwide. Engineers here always promote using technologies that produce more products at the same time without investing more and consuming time. 

Like China, the country also offers industries with efficient labor and modern technologies. In fact, local manufacturers here also show responsibility in case of any claim or always help in greater assembling. 

Also, the country has provided Moog with excellent product response and marketing. Now, the company is getting much more revenue from here.  


India is a country in Asia with great geographical importance, connecting various Asian countries with it. Companies worldwide promote introducing manufacturing plants here because of lower production costs. Meanwhile, industries can collaborate with reasonably priced labor, access higher production facilities, and gain product responses. 

It’s the best place for marketing and selling B2B products. Because of the growing automotive industry, Moog products have gained much appreciation here. The company is also quickly delivering products from here to other Asian countries

As per Moog’s official statements, we observed that the company would introduce more production facilities here soon. It also has dealings with local manufacturers here, helping in adjusting components & assembling. Interestingly, the plant would also train new employees in manufacturing and assembling. 

Besides the countries mentioned above, Moog has production facilities in Canada, Italy, South Korea, Indonesia, Mexico, Turkey, Taiwan, Thailand & France. All of these plants are helping Moog to reach its annual product demands. 

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Final Thoughts

Moog parts is the company with a greater reputation worldwide in producing essential mechanics parts and revealing solutions for industrial problems. That’s what has made them a prioritized choice among industries, and has maximize their product demands. Due to this, the company has introduced number of manufacturing plants.

The above article tells you where Moog parts are made, and everything related. Explore the whole article to get all the information related to the topic. 

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