Where are Motorola Phones Made

Where are Motorola Phones Made?

Wireless handheld Motorola Phones were first introduced to the world in 1977. It’s a telecommunications company in America and a Lenovo subsidiary – a Chinese multinational electronics technology company. Later, the company introduced many more phones exhibiting greater features and up-to-mark manufacturing technologies. Nowadays, Motorola phones are using the Android operating system developed by Google.

Motorola phones are made in China, India, and the USA. Nowadays, the company is owned by a Chinese manufacturer – Lenovo, so that’s why most of the assembling procedure is done in China. But before, the manufacturing factories were present in different states of the U.S. and other countries.

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Motorola Phones Manufacturing Destination

Where are Motorola Phones Made

Motorola phones have three destinations for manufacturing for now. Lenovo mainly promotes manufacturing in Asian countries to have better facilities and avoid extra investments. Here are the countries involved in the manufacturing of Motorola phones.

United States

Motorola phones have manufacturing factories in Texas, the United States, adding value to the overall production ratio annually. Upon analysis, it has been observed that the U.S. is producing several such Motorola phones that exhibit modern features and designs to ensure the great working and eye-catching physic.

Resources have revealed that the Moto X series is designed, built, and assembled in Fort Worth’s manufacturing factories owned by Motorola.


More than 90% of Motorola’s manufacturing is now done in China. Though, a significant production was done in American states a time ago when Motorola was under an American telecommunications company. But now, the new owners after Google – Lenovo, have decided to promote almost all the latest products in Chinese factories.

Although, it has been clear that Chinese manufacturers are importing crucial components from other countries, especially India, to assemble new phones. An official statement of Motorola’s manufacturing department in 2021 revealed how they had produced G60 and G40 Fusion with the help of Indian manufacturing collaborations.

Motorola’s most productive manufacturing factory present in China is Motorola Inc. Northern China. According to the resources, it was built using more than $120 million.


Though Motorola has dozens of manufacturing plants in India, the major one is located in Sriperambudar, Chennai. It’s a 40,000-square feet factory owned by Lenovo and produces the latest smartphones of Motorola. The factory’s first phone manufactured in India was Moto E, which has gained much popularity among telecommunications companies market to its excellent user experience features.

Also, Lenovo has signed a collaboration with a local smartphone manufacturing company in Noida, Uttar Pradesh – Dixon Technologies. The company is responsible for making and designing new Motorola phones and supplying components to main factories in China.

As per resources, Lenovo might introduce new opportunities for the Indian telecommunications market in the upcoming years.


Brazil is one of the countries where Motorola has ensured its greater success and popularity among people. Do you know that Motorola has more than 20% market share in Brazil? Yes, you’ve heard right. Mobile is ranked #2 in the country, and that’s because it has also developed manufacturing facilities in the country.

These days, the Motorola One Action phone is on-trend and made in Brazil. Though it is also made in China and India, Brazilian manufacturers have a significant role also.


Resources explained that Motorola has manufacturing plants in San Vicente – the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is adding value to the overall manufacturing and enhancing the greater supply. Specifically, manufacturing companies in Argentina have contributed to Moto G22.

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Features of Motorola Phones

Where are Motorola Phones Made

Motorola phones come up with modern features and care for the latest technology use. This is all because phones are famous among people and are still top-rated. Below, we have compiled the qualities that have helped Motorola gain the highest market position.

Here are these.

High Storage

Motorola phones always come up with higher storage capabilities to provide users with proper satisfaction. Recently, a new model of Motorola has been launched, named Motorola Edge Plus, which has competed with premium phones including Samsung or iPhone in terms of highest storage.

The phone provides 256GB of storage power with 12 G.B. supporting RAM for better compatibility. Getting this phone is undoubtedly a greater choice or value for money. Apart from all this, Motorola phones come up with storage between 32 G.B. – 256GB. It means that you can find the best for you accordingly.

Snapdragon Processors

Processors have a severe impact on proper phone functioning. If a smartphone doesn’t have a good processor or even higher RAM or storage power, it will not be efficient in running apps, promoting speed, etc.

The processor should be good enough to experience the excellent performance of running phone applications and systems. And yes, that’s what Motorola mobiles are caring for. They have understood the customers’ concerns and introduced excellent power Snapdragon Processors in their smartphone gadgets.

Snapdragon processors have capabilities to promote applications on your mobile more effectively without decreasing the graphics quality. It also affects the phone speed positively.

These days, Motorola phones generally come up with the Snapdragon processors of Qualcomm 625 and 765G (7 nm).

Excellent Battery Timing

It’s clear; the bigger the battery, the longer the usage.

Motorola phones care highly for this and provide longer-lasting batteries with different mAh powers. You can get a phone with a 3000mAh power battery or 5000mAh battery. According to the specifications reviews – various telecommunications organizations highly appreciate Motorola phones.

High-Resolution Cameras

Motorola provides high-resolution cameras so that you can print larger images without decreased image pixels. It also avoids any misprint or blur. Interestingly, with the high-resolution megapixel cameras of Motorola phones, you can enjoy detailed recordings.

If you prefer a different resolution and refresh rate, you can also change it in the settings.

Reasonable Prices

Actually, Motorola’s prices always depend upon the specs and features of phones. But on average, their phones are found to be affordable. In terms of affordability, Motorola’s G22 is the top option. It’s a phone with decent specs, but not so high. You can use it and have a better experience.

Check Price Online

It is the most famous phone series of Motorola, which has added value to its overall recognition and market value worldwide. We’ve compiled its complete order from the beginning, so let’s check.

Motorola Moto G Order

Not finished here, the company continues to start manufacturing. Until now, new phones are launched yearly with higher specs, modern technologies, and greater designs that get attention at first sight.

Moto Phones Complete Series

Moto series of Motorola phones have boosted its awareness and recognition worldwide. Here we have compiled the complete Moto phones series and appreciated the features of each phone for your better navigation and complete knowledge. 

Pay thorough attention.

These phones come up with unique features and qualities that users always enjoy. You can explore all of these and the best ones if you want a Moto phone and look for the best options.

Final Verdict

Motorola won’t charge you high even if the specs are advanced and modern.

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The Bottom Line

It is all about where are Motorola phones made and how the manufacturing companies add value to the overall production every year. Plus, the genuine features regarding components and pricing are described, so you get the best idea of what you are getting.

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