Where Are New Era Hats Made?

Where Are New Era Hats Made?

New Era is a headwear (hats & caps) manufacturing company that was introduced to the world in 1920. It makes items in a specific niche, so they are popular in this area. At the time when they started making hats, there was no such competition. And yes, they became popular and increased the demand for their product over time.

Because of the higher demand, they started making products in different countries and supplying them worldwide. Now, they have manufacturing facilities in China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Haiti, and the USA. Along with this, they also collaborate with different local manufacturers in other countries to help in higher assembling.

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New Era Hats Production Facilities Worldwide

Where Are New Era Hats Made?

As we mentioned, there was no such competition in 1920 – when New Era started making headwear in the United States. So, you can say that they are one of the most known companies making hats and caps for 100 years. 

Initially, they had no such demands for their products even though they were providing higher qualities. But gradually, they started making products considering the customers’ interests and modern trends. And yes, they also focused on marketing their products in different states of the US.

It was the 1950s when they felt the need for higher manufacturing and decided to expand their business and try other international markets. Gradually, they started supplying products in the USA and introduced official headquarters in Buffalo, New York. That has made them famous and helped increase their product demand among people. 

By collaborating with advisors, they started working on exporting products to related countries where they felt demand for headwear products, especially hats. They first exported to China and observed a higher positive response that urged them to take serious decisions. And yes, considering this, they introduced production plants here. 

Similarly, they chose Vietnam, Bangladesh, Haiti, and much more. Check the complete details below. 


New Era has manufacturing facilities in different cities of China where efficient labor is working hard and introducing modern features, styles, and product designs. In fact, manufacturing in China has been observed to be highly profitable for the company because of the modern technologies and facilities provided here. 

The government here highly facilitates the industries and provides them with efficient and hardworking labor at reasonable costs. That’s because every industry of any niche always tries to make products plants here to avail such benefits. 

Interestingly, the country is often called the bouquet of industries. 

It has been observed the company will soon introduce more production factories here because they are majorly exporting to other Asian countries from here. All of these facilities make China an essential country for producing items for the New Era. 

Where Are New Era Hats Made?


Upon marketing and launching the products here, the people of Vietnam have provided the company with a great response. It has been said that the USA, it’s the country from where the New Era is making a higher portion of revenue. The company has potential awareness for its products here and facilitates customers here.

After China, the company has higher production facilities in Vietnam. Similarly, the company is provided with greater technologies, efficient labor, and the services of experienced engineers here. And yes, it’s the country that is majorly helping introduce new designs that are first sent to the headquarters and then implemented after positive responses. 

Soon, the company will introduce more production plants here and make crucial decisions regarding production here. Until now, it is essential to make plants here and introduce products in this market by New Era. 

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The country is also included in the list where the New Era makes hats of new designs with dozens of features and attractive styles. Though the country has not so many facilities as available in China and Vietnam, running production is still profitable. The reason behind this is that the company can produce more products at reasonable costs simultaneously.

Additionally, its national market greatly responds to the company’s products. New Era hats have a strong market here with no such competition – the reason behind the highest sales in Bangladesh. The company also deals with local manufacturers in the country, ensuring proper assembling and efficient production at average costs.

According to the official statements by the company, it has been declared that they are making enough profit from here. Due to this, they are going to launch more production facilities in the country soon. 


It’s the country from where New Era started producing items, especially caps. And yes, still, the production plants here make more caps than hats. As the production ratio of hats is lesser than caps, the company promotes delivering raw materials for the production of hats from here to the related countries. 

The headquarters are also situated here, claim center and board. All the designs, new features, and designs to be introduced in the products are also approved here by experienced experts. So, you can say that the country and production plants are a hub for the New Era.

Not finished here, the company has dealings with several more countries along with the mentioned ones in terms of producing headwear products, especially cats and hats. While it is delivering products worldwide, considering the importance of different international or national markets for its products.

Upon analysis, it has been observed the company will be on top within a few years and achieve a spot position in the list of headwear product companies. That’s all because of the fantastic features of the products they introduced. 

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The Bottom Line

New Era hats company is famous worldwide with higher product demand. And that’s the reason behind it having made several different manufacturing factories in different countries. You can explore where New Era hats are made above and the features that make them top-rated consistently in the above article. 

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