Where Are OnePlus Phones Made

Where Are OnePlus Phones Made?

In this era, there are a lot of phone brands competing with each other. The top brands are investing in providing greater quality, modern technology, and efficient features in their phones. Today we are going to discuss one such phone brand – OnePlus. Yes, it offers excellent phones and is found to be on top.

As they are becoming top ones, they have higher customer values and demands. Because of the increasing daily demand, they have expanded their production. OnePlus makes phones in China, India, South Korea, Japan, and other countries. Especially, Asian countries are especially helping in the efficient assembling & delivery of crucial components. 

We collected much more about where are OnePlus phones are made and explained everything below. All you have to do is, stay with this page and be good to go. 

OnePlus Phones Manufacturing Factories 

Where Are OnePlus Phones Made

OnePlus is a Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong. It is completely owned by Oppo, a subsidiary of BBK electronics, introduced to the world in 2013. It has started making high-end flagship phones with modern features and operating systems. 

OnePlus started making phones using CyanogenMod operating system based on the Android mobile platform. This operating system has made their phones more functional and famous worldwide. By using the system and other features, they introduced various series.

Like Oppo, the OnePlus phones are highly appreciated because of their camera. They come up with high processors, CPU, GPU, RAM, storage, battery, fast charging, and much more. All of these things make them a great choice, and because of these things, the demand has increased for them.

Yes, they are found to be the most selling in China & have gained appreciation worldwide. Here are the countries where it is making phones to fulfill its demands. 

Where Are OnePlus Phones Made


China is the homeland of OnePlus phones, where it first started manufacturing. In fact, it is headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, as mentioned above. It is operating all the concerns related to manufacturing, exporting, claiming, and designing from here. 

As the phones are mainly made in China, they have a stronger market in the country. They are selling lots of phones annually and covering a great portion of revenue from here. In fact, the country is also providing OnePlus with several great features. 

As per the official statements of OnePlus representatives, they are paying reasonable taxes to the government and getting lots of essential services in return. Meanwhile, they are provided with efficient labor and engineering services, helping them introduce new designs and operate their phones. They are especially using such technologies that have made their phones more effective. 

Officially, the company has introduced a number of its production plants in the country. But still, it is collaborating with local manufacturers and importing crucial components from other countries to enhance its assembling and produce more at the exact moment. 

Soon, the company will launch more production centers in the country to start working on new manufacturing models and to polish its current technologies. They also declared a vast training center in these plants which will provide detailed training to their new employees regarding their production, exporting and everything else. 

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It’s the second largest company that OnePlus has selected for manufacturing its new phones. Resources explained that the brand had chosen this country because Oppo phones were already manufactured here. The production facilities of these countries collaborate and help in greater assembling. 

The official production plant of OnePlus deals with manufacturing a number of brand phones in the country, especially the 10 T, 8T, 9, 9 Pro, and 10 Pro. Apart from this, it also makes genuine parts like chips and processors that are mostly transferred to the headquarters. Then further transferred to the countries where they are needed for assembling. 

Similar to China, the country also provides many facilities to the company. Especially the use of modern technologies and higher assembling without investing much. Apart from this, OnePlus phones are also observed to have a higher product market in India. 

Recent selling graphs have declared that OnePlus sells the most in India, especially the Pro Series. The brand has excellent awareness of natives, and that’s the reason behind higher revenue from here. 

And you know what’s the most interesting about this country that has provided OnePlus with great benefits? India has excellent geographical importance allowing industries to manufacture their products here and transfer to other related countries. 

OnePlus makes many phones annually in India and then transfers them to related Asian countries. Soon the company will reveal more production factories here because the demand is continuously increasing in the country. 

South Korea

It wouldn’t be wrong to say the company is earning higher revenue from South Korea because of its strong product market. Yes, you’ve heard the right. OnePlus phones are the most selling & highly popular in South Korea. 

We have analyzed the reviews and ratings of South Korean people regarding the brand phones on various forum websites like Quora and Reddit. According to them, OnePlus phones offer premium functionality features and are handy to use without any complexity. 

Plus, people also appreciate the design and coloring of OnePlus phones here. And yes, the brand also invested much in advertising its phones in the country at the beginning. Soon, the company will indeed launch more production plants here because their analytics observe higher demands in upcoming years.

Not finished here, the company also has relations with local manufacturers in Japan and other countries, helping to assemble, adjust components, and much more. There are also some countries where the brand is only selling and marketing products but doesn’t have its plants. 

And yes, the reasons behind increased demand and manufacturing plants worldwide are all the features OnePlus is offering. 

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The Bottom Line

OnePlus is a Chinese phone brand focused on making phones with efficient features & functionality. The brand has production plants in China, India, and Japan. 

Explore the above content to get more information regarding where are made of OnePlus phones are made. 

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