Where Are Saatva Mattres Made

Where Are Saatva Mattresses Made?

Saatva is a top-rated and luxurious mattress company based in the United States. Because they have targeted affordable pricing in the market for quality mattresses, it has made them popular among customers. The company was founded in 2010 by Tony Egar & Rick Anderson.

The company is mainly manufacturing all the mattresses types in the United States and has almost 19 U.S. factory partners helping is great assembling & making materials. Also, the company has a production factory in Canada. But still, it imports components like foam from New Zealand. In fact, it has also dealings with co-manufacturers in the country in terms of getting small materials like springs, etc. 

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Saatva Mattresses Manufacturing Locations 

Where Are Saatva Mattresses Made

There was great competition between different manufacturers when Saatva launched its first mattress – an innerspring mattress with less foam. They introduced something new than existing mattresses providing you with a traditional feel and comfort. The pricing of this mattress was also quite reliable. That was all that made them famous quickly. 

Keeping in view, the company has made various manufacturing destinations for mattresses in the United States and Canada. They began their journey and started making different types of mattresses with time. Because of the increasing demand for their products, they felt the need to introduce more production plants. 

Pay attention – Saatva has a higher customer ratio in the United States than in Canada and any other country. The board mainly focuses on the U.S. market, manufacturing plants, and other concerns. 

Under resources explained, the company has a decent demand ratio for its mattresses, especially latex & memory foam in Canada. In fact, manufacturing experts are adding greater value by increasing functionalities and introducing catchy eye designs. But mainly, they are implementing Euro-top design, which is popular among natives here. 

Back to the matter at hand, the company has production facilities for famous mattresses in the United States at these places. 


It’s the southernmost state of the USA, where Saatva has a larger production plant. Upon deep analysis, it has been revealed that the plant here mostly makes latex mattresses. The company is also headquartered here in Stamford. 

The latex mattresses made by the company here are famous for creating a comfortable and supportive sleep surface. And that’s because the company focuses on using springs or reflex foam of premium quality and offers to cushion your pressure points. All the sizes for mattresses, including twin, full, queen, king, or California king sizes, are made at this plant. Soon, the plant will start making other types of mattresses along with latex. 

If we talk about why the company selected this state for promoting its production when other states are also there, it would be the availability of the latest technologies. Meanwhile, the company is efficiently making materials for proper production without any trouble here. 

All of the designs and new features to be introduced in mattresses are first experienced at this plant because it’s the major center of all others. In fact, if any other plant suggests some changes in mattresses for better functionality, these are first experienced here and then implemented if right. Additionally, export is also easier from here to the related states. 

As the company is also headquartered here, so all the important decisions, claims, and other concerns are dealt with here. It has been said the company will soon introduce more production plants here because of increasing demand day by day. 


Saatva is also promoting the production of various mattress types in another state of the USA – Pennsylvania. The plant here is famous for expert manufacturing tactics and technology implementation. Also, suggesting new designs and features for introducing better functionalities in mattresses to the headquarters. 

The company is mostly dealing with exporting from here to other states. If we talk about the core product type made by the company here, it would be the innerspring mattress. Although the company makes most of the material here, this plant still imports wool from New Zealand. 

The company has a vast product market here for almost innerspring mattresses of all sizes. Recent research on a company’s revenue from different states has revealed how it ensures a bug ratio of revenue from this particular state. And yes, that’s all because the company has widely invested in advertising here. 

Soon the company will also introduce more production facilities here, said the official representatives. Here, all the mattresses are handcrafted with proper care under consideration.  


That’s another state where the company has a larger production plant and deals with manufacturing latex and innerspring mattresses. Same to Pennsylvania the company has an excellent market for its products in this state. 

There’s a training center for new employees and workers inside the production plant here. So, you can say it’s the plant that is involved in improving the overall growth and strength of the company along with fulfilling annual production demand in the market. 

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Saatva Mattresses Core Features 

Where Are Saatva Mattresses Made?

Saatva mattresses are famous for their finest quality manufacturing and comfortable sleeping surfaces they are providing. In fact, there are dozens of features, making them a prioritized choice by others. For your better satisfaction regarding the company products, we described a few core features of them below.

Pay thorough attention to know why you should choose Saatva mattresses if you need any in the future. 

  • Saatva mattresses use thin layers of foam with extra layers of springs promoting motion isolation and providing greater comfort when sleeping.
  • Their mattresses have pressure-relief properties, and the credit goes to pocketed coils and Euro-top cushions.
  • All of the Saatva mattresses’ Euro-top uses fiber and polyfoam, which is highly breathable than memory foam. It allows air circulation into the mattress so that you can enjoy a cooler night’s sleep.
  • Saatva mattresses are available to you at reasonable costs you can reliably afford without breaking the bank.

Aren’t all the features enough to make Saatva your prioritized choice?

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The Bottom Line

We shared in-depth about where are Saatva mattresses made in the above article. We also described company mattresses’ core features, making them a prioritized choice. 

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