Where Are Samsung Phones Made

Where Are Samsung Phones Made? Interesting Facts

The ultimate war between Apple and Android is still on, and Samsung phones are giving a pretty hard time to its opponents. So, if you are also a Samsung phone enthusiast, this article would be particularly intriguing for you.

Mainly Samsung Phones are made in South Korea, but there are multiple other countries like Brazil, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam that play a very important role in the manufacturing of Samsung phones.

Today, we will talk about all the locations where Samsung phones are made and some of the really interesting facts about Samsung that you never knew before so, let’s get right into it.

Top Manufacturing Facilities Of Samsung Phones

Where Are Samsung Phones Made? Interesting Facts

Once we get the gist about all of the locations where Samsung phones are made, we can understand all the reasons why their material is so great and why people consider them one of the most reliable android phones.

So, let’s talk about the Samsung manufacturing facilities in different countries:

1. South Korea

Samsung is a South Korean company, so it does not come as a shock that its biggest facility is located in South Korea, and its headquarters is also in Seoul. Though different smartphones are made in the South Korean facility of Samsung, it is not all.

Despite the fact that Samsung has a gigantic headquarters in South Korea, it still does not produce most of its smartphones there, and as a matter of fact, only 10% of the smartphones of Samsung are made in South Korea.

Also, the intriguing thing is that most of the phones made in South Korea are specifically made for the local consumers and are sold in the local market, so the majority of these phones don’t really make it to the international market because Samsung has other facilities.

2. Indonesia

The manufacturing facility of Samsung is comparatively new in Indonesia, and it is mainly a trial to see how things go. As a matter of fact, things are going pretty well so far. This facility produces around 800,000 Samsung phones every year.

These phones are not exported a lot because they are mainly used to fulfill local demands of Samsung phones and are sold in the local markets. The facility in Indonesia started its operations back in 2015, and seeing its progress; we can say that Samsung might think about expanding its operations in Indonesia further.

3. India

This manufacturing facility is the biggest and largest one in the region, and every year, this factory produces around 100 million smartphones, which is a lot if we compare it to the Indonesian facility.

This factory is the world’s largest mobile factory so far, and it is located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Most of the phones made in this factory are sold locally to fulfill the demand of Samsung in India, but some phones are also exported to other countries.

The countries that import Samsung phones from India are Africa, America, and a few other Asian countries. Still, India is a great potential market for Samsung, and the company has also announced to invest $600 in the smartphone market in India. We will see much more growth in their manufacturing facility in India.

4. Vietnam

The Bac Ninh province of Vietnam is the biggest factory of Samsung that produces almost 50% of its smartphones, so if you are using a Samsung phone right now, it may be made from Vietnam.

Samsung is seeing great potential in this Vietnamese manufacturing facility and has even announced to invest $3 billion in increasing the production of Samsung phones in Vietnam. This investment’s main reason is to cope with the rising competition.

And interestingly, there are 2 Samsung phone facilities in Vietnam, and both produce 120 million smartphones combined every year.

5. Brazil

Brazil is also a big contributor to Samsung phone manufacturing, and we can find many Samsung phones or parts of the Samsung phones that are manufactured in Brazil.

6. Taiwan

Samsung has also been manufacturing its phones in Taiwan since 1994. The production rate in Taiwan is already high and it is likely to increase in the future.

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The Most Interesting Facts About Samsung Phones

Now that we know where the famous Android phones are made, we can get into some interesting facts that will surprise you.

Best-selling Samsung Phone

Now you might have thought that the best-selling Samsung smartphone is the Galaxy A52s because of its advanced features, but interestingly, the best-selling phone Samsung is the Galaxy s4. Yes, you heard it right.

This super-basic phone was all the hype at its time, and it still it’s the Samsung phone with maximum sales because of its reliability, quality, and rates. Who thought that one such basic phone could surpass all of the records?

Samsung Made The First SmartWatch

It will come as a shock and surprise to you that Samsung introduced a watch phone long before people even had the idea of making a smartwatch. This watch phone was launched in 1999 and worked as both phone and watch.

It was the first and finest of its kind and a really ahead of its time move from the Samsung company. The Samsung watch phone enabled you to make phone calls, and it was a lot smaller than the phones of that time. So, Samsung is basically the pioneer of this whole smartwatch idea, right?

Samsung And South Korea

Samsung is one of the most significant companies in South Korea, and it also plays a key role in stabilizing the economy of this country. Interestingly, more than 15% of South Korean GDP is based on Samsung alone.

Also, the value of the stock market of South Korea is highly based on the Samsung group of companies. And it is really intriguing how one company can have such a great and long-lasting impact on a whole country’s GDP and growth.

The Ad Budget

Samsung has one of the greatest ad budgets. When it comes to marketing, it surpasses all with its $5 billion marketing budget, and rightly so because this budget has evidently increased the sales of their newly launched smartphones.

Also, an additional budget of $4 billion is allotted mainly to the ads, so Samsung is quite generous when it comes to marketing its products, and some of the companies cannot even think about putting this much money into advertising. Still, it is Samsung that we are talking about here.

Why Are Samsung Smartphones So Famous?

Where Are Samsung Phones Made? Interesting Facts

Samsung is one of those companies with a smartphone for every type of person. Also, the smartphones of this company come in different sizes, designs, and price ranges, unlike Apple which launches one or two models every year.

Also, the reliability and battery life of Samsung phones is a factor that makes it a great competitor to iPhones because the battery life of these phones is better than other Android and Apple phones, and the company is still working on advancing it further.

Samsung is also popular because of its clever marketing, and as it knows where and when to advertise a certain product, it gets all the right clout and attention. Also, the cheaper rates of some Samsung phones are the main reason they became so popular in third-world countries.



Finally, we have seen how big of a company Samsung is and where its manufacturing facilities are located. Samsung is expanding its operations with every passing day, and its popularity is also consistently increasing.

The time is near when smartphones will also get the same attention and respect just like iPhones, and it will mainly be because of Samsung. So, we hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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