Where Are Sealy Mattresses Made

Where Are Sealy Mattresses Made?

It wouldn’t be wrong to say Sealy is one of the oldest companies making mattresses since from 1881. They always adopt new things, and ongoing fashion trends with the implementation of modern technologies to make their mattresses a best fit to your night’s sleep. Because of the great quality, they have larger demands in the market.

And yes, because of the higher demands they felt need to expand production and nowadays they are making mattresses in Australia, China, USA, Thailand, Mexico & South Africa. In fact, the company is also importing crucial components including springs & wool from other countries for manufacturing mattresses.

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Sealy Mattresses Manufacturing Facilities Worldwide

Where Are Sealy Mattresses Made?

Sealy mattresses started at the time when there was no such competition between different companies in the niche. In fact, there were not so much companies making mattresses that time. Daniel Haynes, the founder of Sealy first started making cotton filled mattresses and then he invented something new which became popular in 1889.

Yes, he patented an invention which became popular with the term “mattress from Sealy.” But later in 1906 it was Earl Edwards. He decided the name “Sealy” for his new company, started manufacturing after getting instructions from Haynes and expanded the supply & production of the mattresses to national market.

That was the time when Sealy mattresses was introduced to all the states in USA along with Texas (the state from where Sealy started). From that day to now, company is still increasing its production because of higher demands. It has not even introduced manufacturing plants in states of USA but also introduced production factories in other countries.

The company is now supplying mattresses in Asian & African countries along with the European. Below we described the countries where Sealy mattresses is now promoting production.


It’s the country which is often called the homeland for Sealy mattresses. In fact, majority of mattresses by the company are manufactured here. The company has the oldest, and larger from all plant in Texas city where hundreds of employees are working at the same time.

All of the major concerns, manufacturing techniques, new designs & features, and everything else to be introduced soon in mattresses is decisioned from here. The expert engineers’ tests, and experience every feature & its reliability. After it, they decide and confirm decisions.

Every manufacturing plant in states has concerns, and dealings with other local manufacturers around. They are helping in great assembling, adjustments and final completion. That’s the reason behind why all the production facilities in USA scoring major portion of demands annually.

The USA is continuously providing company’s mattresses with great response and they have become top selling. Recent researches on the industry have shown the company is generating competitive revenue from all other mattresses companies in USA. The reason which is observed for such higher revenue is company’s export.

Sealy is making enough mattresses to fulfill demands of USA customers and even exporting to the related countries. Because of great product features, other countries warmly welcome Sealy mattresses in their markets.


Sealy mattress has five factories in Australia where more than 700 employees are working. All of them are expert, engineers and others adding values to the overall production. The production plants here totally care for high quality material manufacturing, professionalism, and modern technologies.

Excitingly, all the five plants of Sealy across the country are interconnected to each other and deals with import and export of components for proper manufacturing. They don’t even get a single coil from outside which is why products made here are tagged “100% Australian Made.”

Apart from manufacturing destinations here, we also observed Australian market is providing Sealy mattresses with great responses day by day. Meanwhile, it’s the first country exact after USA where Sealy is making much more revenue. In upcoming years, the company will surely introduce more production facilities here.

The reasons behind this explained by the official company representatives are Australian marketing is providing Sealy with appreciating response. Plus, customers are also prioritizing their mattresses over others.


Every company wishes to promote production in China these days because it is the hub of industries. Every factory of any industry is provided with great responses, features and facilities among government. In fact, every factory in the country has access to use modern technology and efficient implementation to promote increased production.

The labor is also available to the company at reasonable prices helps to avoid higher expenses. Moreover, if we talk about the market response, it’s absolutely great. Sealy products are quite famous in Chinese market. The company is even exporting products from here to the related Asian countries like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

The company will soon introduce more production plants here, and yes – it will surely promote employee training centers to help them understand handcraft and everything else.

Apart from all the countries mentioned above, the company is also operating manufacturing in Thailand, Mexico and South Africa. There are number of factories for mattresses production are introduced by the company in different states of these countries, respectively.

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What is Making Sealy Mattresses a Good Choice?

Where Are Sealy Mattresses Made?

Sealy mattresses are made with proper quality materials, and they exhibit a number of features making them a good choice over others. Explore the features and see!

  • Sealy mattresses always offer longer durability without losing shine, and decreasing in functionality if properly cared.
  • Sealy is using surface guard technology due to which Sealy’s mattresses avoid germs and bacteria to be attached with the bed.
  • Because of smooth cotton layers, or other materials you feel comfortability during sleep.
  • All of the mattresses by the company are available to you at costs you can reliably afford without any trouble.
  • The mattresses are available in all different sizes, so you can get exactly the size you are looking for without any trouble.

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The Bottom Line

Explore the above article with complete attention to properly understand where Sealy mattresses are made. We also described the features making Sealy mattresses are prioritized choice over others.

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