Where Are Topps Baseball Cards Made?

Where Are Topps Baseball Cards Made?

Topps is one of the leading manufacturer companies dealing especially with sports trading cards. It has gained much popularity in this regard and is even known to the world because of producing trading cards. Because of greater quality and higher brand awareness, their product demands have increased back in recent years. 

Now, they are manufacturing baseball cards in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and China. Not finished here, the company also deals with other countries to collect raw materials. Though the company has manufacturing destinations in different countries, designing decisions are always finalized at headquarters in New York.

For better satisfaction, we have compiled in-depth details about where Topps baseball cards are made worldwide. Stay with this article and explore to know everything about the topic below. Let’s get into this. 

Topps Baseball Cards Manufacturing Destinations

Where Are Topps Baseball Cards Made?

Topps Corporation first started out producing cards in the 20th century. And that was not their first product because they were already dealing with chewing gum, collectibles, and candies. Because they were already known in the industry and were famous, they quickly got customers’ attention with their trading cards. 

They are even making trading cards and supplying their trademark, but they also produce cards under Bowman and Allen & Ginter. And yes, all these things have helped them to achieve the next levels of brand awareness. So, they are now supplying cards worldwide and making new trading cards daily. 

Pay attention – they are much appreciated among industry fellows and customers that they were the only manufacturer with a manufacturing license with Major League Baseball in 2010. 

Because of the higher brand awareness, they observed increased trading card demand. And yes, they introduced several production facilities in different countries. All the production plants are helping them fulfill the product’s demand and achieve the highest levels of appreciation. 

Let’s check out the countries where the company is operating these days. 

United States

It’s the country from where the company started producing trading cards in the 1960s. That is why it is often called the homeland for Topps trading cards. In the country’s different states, the company has introduced several branches, manufacturing factories, and offices for taking care of all the procedures, exports, and others. 

The company has the largest manufacturing plant in Brooklyn, which is responsible for producing a significant ratio of products. And yes, the plant exhibits the latest technologies and can produce several products immediately. 

The company is dealing with creating designs for new trading cards from here. Apart from this, the company also has headquarters there in New York. It’s the place from where they are dealing with all the exporting decisions, claiming, designing, and assembling. 

United Kingdom

Secondly, the company has manufacturing destinations in London – the city of the United Kingdom. Upon resources, it’s the country that has a strong market for trading cards and provides Topps with a great response always. Considering it, the company decided to develop manufacturing destinations here. 

And yes, they developed branches and offices there, producing a number of baseball trading cards here and even caring for supplying. In fact, the branch here is also dealing with exporting products inside the UK and outside the related countries. So, you can say that the branch is precious for the company.

Recent analytics have revealed Topps is consistently getting higher profits from the UK market, and people are providing a great response. So, it is expected they might introduce more facilities here to increase production. They plan to make it a hub for their products for related European countries. 

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Australia is one of the countries with solid baseball trading card markets. Industries are working in these markets and getting excellent responses without any hassle. And yes, Topps in one of them started there and got such positive reactions that they will introduce several more production facilities in future here. 

Apart from this, the country also has geographical importance and allows the company to quickly transfer their products from here to the related countries. This branch is directly under the headquarters or the Brooklyn branch. Topps has also signed deals with existing manufacturing companies in Australia through Bowman. 

These companies collectively make baseball trading cards with Topps, then export them under the Topps trademark. A significant ratio of product manufacturing is done here annually. 


Topps has introduced the manufacturing plants here because of higher benefits in production, exporting, etc. Do you know that it’s called the bouquet of industries? 

Chinese technologies are so efficient and are helping industries to make their production procedures effortless. Plus, the country provides efficient and hardworking labor to the industries at reasonable costs. This way, the company can reliably get its baseball trading cards ready without trouble. 

Talking about other core reasons behind why the company has chosen this Asian country for baseball card manufacturing. Firstly, the Chinese market always provides industries with excellent responses. Secondly, it has great geographical importance because industries can easily manufacture and export products to other countries. 

If they didn’t have production plants here, they would need to transfer products from Europe to here. It will surely be expensive for the company which they have reduced by making a production plant here. Not finished here; they have their plants here along with the contracts with third parties. 

Yes, the company has its own spaces, but they still deal with existing Chinese manufacturers here because they are known for using their country’s best techniques and technologies. They are helping Topps to fulfill the production demand annually and are also helping to achieve the next levels. So, you can say that being in China was a good decision. 

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Final Thoughts

We have shared with you the manufacturing destinations of the Topps baseball cards. The ownership concerns include dealing with other countries, exporting, etc. You can check out everything explained in the above article. 

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