Where Are Toyotas Made

Where Are Toyotas Made? Best Selling

Toyota is one of the leading brands that make cars, and let’s be real; everyone loves them. From the last decade, Toyota has brought a lot of innovation and thought in its designs and launches, and it is also expanding its facilities to different places.

The main manufacturing facilities of Toyota are located in different regions of Japan. Other than that, Vietnam, the United States of America, and India are also famous for making the best of Toyota cars.

Today, we will mainly talk about where the world-famous Toyota cars are made and what are the best-selling cars in the world.

Countries That Make Toyota Cars

Where Are Toyotas Made

Toyota cars are made in dozens of countries, and its headquarters is located in Japan in the city of Toyota. But, there are multiple other countries as well that produce either parts of Toyota or are responsible for assembling them.

So, let’s go through all the countries with large manufacturing facilities of Toyota motors.


Though Toyota only has two factories in India, they both are gigantic and spread to a vast area. Both of these factories have a high tendency of producing and assembling multiple parts of Toyota vehicles.

These plants can produce more than 3 lac units of Toyota cars every year, but most of these units are sold in the local market of India, and some are exported. Considering the popularity of Toyota in India, the company is planning to invest more in this region. We might be seeing a few more Toyota facilities in the Indian region.


Toyota is a Japanese company, and it has 16 factories in Japan and a headquarters as well. Three of these factories are located around Toyota city, and the other factories are spread across different regions in Japan.

Most of the cars of Toyota are made in Japan, and some of the most important parts of cars are also manufactured in these 16 factories. Also, Toyota’s market in Japan has expanded by 11% since last year. Toyota is still the biggest car manufacturing company in Japan.

United States Of America

Some of Toyota’s most famous and loved cars are made in the US, and most of them are sold in the local market, but the US also exports quite a lot of Toyota cars, and these cars are famous among the people who want a reliable but affordable car.

Toyota factories are mainly located in the states of Texas, Indiana, Mississippi, and Kentucky, and these facilities made the most sought-after models of Toyota cars. The brand has a total of 10 factories in the United States, and an additional 14 factories are set up in North America.


Toyota had its first manufacturing facility in Vietnam back in 1995, and it started producing Corolla in this factory in the very beginning. Recently, Toyota opened its 36th facility center in Vietnam, and we can see how far it has come.

Multiple parts and assembly of Toyota vehicles are done in the factories of Vietnam, and the demand for Toyota is also very high in the country, which is why Toyota is expanding its operations day by day in Vietnam.

Best-Selling Toyota Cars

Where Are Toyotas Made

Though all of the Toyota cars are pretty famous, economical, and loved by all, some of them do have a quality to them which makes them loved by everyone and best-selling cars, and that is pretty much what we will be discussing below:

Toyota Corolla 2022

Corolla, by far, is one of the finest models produced by Toyota, and it is one of the best-selling cars as well. Back in 2019, the car that was sold the most was Corolla, and even when Toyota’s overall sales decreased by 8%, there was no difference in the demand for this car.

Corolla is an absolute fan-favorite mainly because of its reliability and stylish design. Also, it has a pretty strong engine, and its price is much more economical than that of its competitors, making it a must-have car. Despite the affordable rates, this car has plenty of space and does not feel congested, making it the first choice for people with big families.

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Toyota RAV4

This car became a best-seller recently. Since this announcement, all of its rivals are astonished because the sales of this car have sky-rocketed, and people are getting this car inspired by its looks, performance, and reliability.

This car is also super-save and can function as a compact SUV, making it a multi-purpose car for families that are bigger than usual cars. The comfort and smooth drive that you will experience in this car are literally unmatched, and you will love every bit of it.

The car looks very high-end and elite, but this car’s price will not cost you an arm and a leg because it is a lot less than its competitors. The low price of this compact SUV does affect its high quality and performance because some of the most premium stuff is used while making this car, so you can totally count on it.

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Toyota Highlander

The Toyota Highlander is yet another famous car for the comfort and seating it provides. Recently, 91510 units of this car were sold, making it the #7 best seller cars in the entire world.

This car can easily accommodate eight passengers, and it is even rated as the best family-friendly car this year which is quite big of achievement considering the competition. There are other perks to this car as well, like the reliability that comes with all of the Toyota cars, and do you know that these cars give you an amazing resale value? Well, now you know.

Interesting Facts About Toyota Cars

Now that you have it all figured out after knowing about the best-selling cars, let’s take a sneak peek at the interesting facts that are unknown by many people and that make Toyota such an intriguing company.

Textile Industry

Yes, before entering the world of automobiles, the owner of Toyota also ventured into the world of textiles, and he also designed looms. He achieved success in that, but then his focus drifted, and after a few years, he found himself in the world of cars and SUVs.

World’s Most Reliable Cars

We don’t emphasize it enough when we say that Toyota is the world’s most reliable car company. People think it is just ordinary reliability that we get with the other cars. But with Toyota, the reliability game is better than you can imagine.

Moreover, there are multiple cars working perfectly even after 20 years of production, and people still drive them without any complaints.

Best-Selling For 17 Years

We all know that Toyota is a best-selling car company but do you know that in Australia, Toyota surpassed all its competitors and became the best-selling car for 17 years consecutively, without any break. It shook a lot of people, and multiple competitors emerged, but nothing affected the popularity of Toyota in Australia.

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Toyota has always been an absolute fan-favorite and for all the right reasons. The locations and best-selling cars tell us a lot about the credibility of this brand and how much it pays attention to the quality of its cars.

We hope this article was helpful for you and made it easier for you to finally decide whether you are going for a Toyota or not

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