Where Are Triumph Motorcycles Made

Where Are Triumph Motorcycles Made?

Triumph is the most authorized and oldest motorcycle manufacturing brand in the world. It was first introduced to the world in 1902, but it became famous later in the 1950s and 1960s when awareness of motorcycling was enhanced. Nowadays, they have several manufacturing factories in different countries because of the higher demand. 

According to the official statements of Triumph corporation, it has been observed that it has six manufacturing factories for motorcycles around the world. Plus, the countries include the United Kingdom, Brazil, and Thailand. Moreover, two of the factories are in the UK, two are in Thailand, and one is in Brazil. 

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Triumph Motorcycles Factories Worldwide

Where Are Triumph Motorcycles Made?

Triumph is a pure UK-owned company and even started manufacturing and selling motorcycles when nobody knew of its name. But later, they became famous in England when they adopted new technologies and introduced unique motorcycle features.

And yes, that was the reason behind the increased vehicle demand among natives. According to the reviews and ratings, it has been observed that people love Triumph bikes only because of the distinguished look. It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that structural look and design were the core reason behind its increasing popularity in other countries. 

Considering the increasing demand, the company felt the need to introduce more manufacturing plants where they could make components and promote higher assembling. So, they can quickly achieve the demands for motorcycles. Below, we shared the countries where Triumph made factories when they observed higher demands.  

United Kingdom

It’s the country from where Triumph started manufacturing motorcycles. As mentioned above, the company has two production plants in Hinckley, England. In fact, the company also has headquarters where they deal with all the concerns related to updating features, introducing new designs, claiming, and everything else. 

Not finished here, it has also been said that most of the assembling also takes place here. The production factories here have connections with other manufacturers providing them with different essential components they assemble. And yes, the company has a great customer base in the country and making much revenue from here.

Resources have explained that the company might introduce new production facilities in the country to promote higher manufacturing at the same time. 


It has been observed that the Brazilian market is providing the Triumph company with great response, and they are making much more revenue from here. The decision to introduce a production plant in Brazil wasn’t wrong. Although, it was a fantastic decision that made it possible for the company to reach sky-high success within a short period. 

Brazil is a country that has modern technologies, efficient labor for industrial corporations, and much more that has the potential to help businesses make a strong base. The company has only one official production plant in Manaus, Brazil, but it will introduce new ones soon. 

Still, the production plant here has dealings with other motorcycle manufacturers in the country, helping in the efficient assembling and fitting of components. It is because the company is making many more products at the same time. 


Thailand is the country where Triumph has introduced more production plants than any other country. Resources have stated that it is because of the number of manufacturing facilities in the country, including modern technology use, cost-effective manufacturing, hard-working labor, and much more. 

All three factories in Chonburi here are adding greater value to the overall production annually. Only because of the fast production here is the company eligible to reach the higher demands. According to the company, they have no worries even if they get more demand for motorcycles than existing because of the plants in Thailand.  

Along with the manufacturing facilities, the country is also providing great response on product selling which has helped Triumph to reach maximum revenue. Plus, the company also has excellent geographical importance, making it easier to deliver products to other related countries without bearing higher expenses. 

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Triumph Famous Motorcycle Models

Where Are Triumph Motorcycles Made?

Do you know why the company has achieved a higher reputation worldwide? It’s because of introducing these motorcycle models that are described below. Pay thorough attention and check the features to understand why these models became famous.  

Street Triple

Triumph’s Street Triple offers a comfortable ride and a fantastic riding experience. It has a 765-cc engine with three cylinders for efficient performance and can be used as a power plant source for Moto2. You can get an idea from this how powerful the bike’s engine is. 

According to the in-depth structural and component analysis, Street Triple is found to be a middleweight & naked motorcycle, ensuring a fun and great riding at the exact moment. It produces 58-pound feet of torque exhibiting ABS and traction control system with different riding modes and TFT display. 

Trident 660 cc

Trident became famous worldwide because of its dynamite look and distinguished features. If we talk about the most appreciating feature of the bike, it would surely be the torque-producing capabilities. Its 660-cc engine makes 81 hp & 47 lb-ft of torque for better traction and control on the road. It means that you can ensure the best ride experience with this bike.

Moreover, the bike is also available at such costs that can be easily afforded without disturbing reliable budgets. 

Speed Triple 1200

Speed Triple is a lightweight but ironic solid motorcycle with a 1,160-cc engine producing 177 hp & 92 lb-ft torque on the road. The bike offers excellent traction and control on the road at higher speeds. Apart from the internal functioning features, the motorcycle also ensures an eye-catchy structural look, making it different from previous Triumph bike models. 

It is slightly expensive compared to other Triumph models and available in two models; RR & RS. 

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Final Thoughts

We shared detailed information about where triumph motorcycles are made worldwide in the above article. Along with this, you can also check the famous models introduced by the company that has added value to its awareness among people. 

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