Where Are Under Armour Shoes Made

Where Are Under Armour Shoes Made?

Under Armour is a sports equipment company promoting the manufacturing of sports shoes and supplying worldwide. Though the brand is much younger than established, Nike and Adidas still have gained much popularity worldwide, especially among sportspeople. That’s because they’ve provided greater quality shoes, ensuring comfortability, modern features, and much more.

Armour shoes are manufactured in over 150 countries worldwide, while more than 50 primary manufacturers operate in eighteen countries. Ten of eighteen countries account for 57% of the total company’s products, while countries like Malaysia, Vietnam, Jordan, and China account for 68% of the total production.

Here’s more in-depth about where are Under Armour shoes made.

Under Armour Shoes Production

Where Are Under Armour Shoes Made?

In 1996, Under Armour introduced its first sports shoe to the world. At that time, no such sale or product awareness was found. But later, after two years, the company felt the need to inaugurate more manufacturing plants because of the higher demand for products in various international markets.

That was the time when Under Armour started manufacturing in various countries. Upon analysis, it has been observed that today Armour is operating in more than 150 countries, has hired more than 17,000 employees worldwide, and is earning much revenue. As mentioned above, ten of these countries ensure 68% of total manufacturing.

Core ones even from these ten are mentioned below.


When it comes to Under Armour’s production, China always comes first. Because manufacturers here deal with all types of products and ensure quality manufacturing. The company has several production centers in different areas of China, especially in larger cities with up-to-date facilities.

It’s one of the leading Eastern countries under Armour, always prioritized because of the availability of labor here at average costs. Also, China controls designs and supplies raw materials for Armour shoes in other countries where they are manufactured.


In 2015, Under Armour introduced several more production centers in Malaysia. The reason behind, company also has higher sales in Asian countries. By promoting production here, the company can easily manufacture products in Asia and export them to other countries without bearing such costs.

Nowadays, Malaysian manufacturing centers have become the most valued ones in front of the company because they add value to higher production annually.


Vietnam is offering affordable labor even from the Chinese market, and one of those countries accounts for more than 68% of total products and accessories manufacturing of Under Armour. The company is making decisions to introduce more products in the country because of competition with Nike.

According to the financial reports of Nike in recent years, it has been observed that it increased the production of sneakers to 51% in Vietnam, which is quite challenging for Under Armour.


Introducing manufacturing centers here was such a great decision of Under Armour. Before introducing production places in Malaysia, the company was situated in South Asia; in contrast, Jordan is located in Western Asia. It means that the company is easily handling the whole of Asia and supplying.

Not finished here – several manufacturing stores, as per the resources report, are situated at crossroads so that the products can be easily exported to countries like Europe and Africa.


Regarding where Under Armour shoes are made, they are also made in Indonesia.

According to the import trade data, more than 13 manufacturers and suppliers for Under Armour shoes are present in Indonesia, a Southeast Asian country. The reason why Under Armour most prioritizes the company for manufacturing, remarkable techniques, and modern facilities for great finishing and better manufacturing of the product.


Yes, Under Armour also has manufacturing centers in the USA. Plus, the country is also operating worldwide from here, as headquarters are observed in Washington D.C. The states where manufacturers are on hype – are Mexico and Baltimore.

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Under Armour’s Quality Features

Where Are Under Armour Shoes Made?

Armour shoes are highly rated and reviewed among customers because of their quality features. Though they have dozens of features to be shared, core ones are described below for your better navigation.

These will surely help you to understand why it should be your prioritized choice over others:

Higher Durability

Armour’s shoes are durable enough, and that’s because of more than 80% use of polyester-based material. As you know that it’s one of the most adaptive fibers with distinguished features and reduces GHG emissions.

So, it means getting these shoes isn’t a wrong decision. In contrast, you are getting such an item that will be there for you for years without losing quality.

Versatile Cushioning

Talking about the versatile cushioning feature, it allows you to maintain bounce and achieve more efficiency while running. It’s designed and inserted into the shoes so that you get as much possible comfortability.

Traction Care

According to Armour, all sports shoes should provide greater traction while running to avoid any irritating situation later. Getting you know, Armour’s shoes have capabilities to serve you with higher traction to prevent any accident.

There are two main things in the sole of Armour shoes: taking care of maximum traction and durability. One is the rubber outside, while the second is the presence of carbon rubber heel pods. Both of these collectively offer much traction while running.

Flexible Support

Flexibility is directly related to structure, and that’s up to you and your feet size. In general, Armour shoes have taken high care of this, so you get maximum flexibility while wearing these shoes. Manufacturers always keep in mind the excellent ankle support while designing these shoes.

If you don’t know, experiments are also made by them, ensuring the best support and comfortability of the shoe. Here, a shoe is only introduced to the market if it passes all the exams of quality, comfortability, and more.

Compression Technology

Armor, the compression technology of Armour shoe, also called CMEW – Compression Mesh Energy Web, always promotes molding and placement of HOVR foam. It always gives back the energy you consumed first. That is how you can avoid tiring yourself and can run up for a longer time with these shoes.

And yes, that’s all an athlete or sportsman always looks for.

Easy To Afford

Armour shoes always take care of customers and fix as much as comfortable prices. Because of the higher reliability of the product, it has achieved the award of world 6th best-selling shoe brand in previous years. Almost all of the products, even new ones with modern techniques and technologies, are available at such costs that one can easily afford.

They are offering moderate prices that don’t mean they compromise on quality. All of their product items ensure higher quality and features simultaneously.

For better navigation, you can explore their famous products:

These mentioned products are top-rated ones of Under Armour which has added value to its brand awareness and popularity among people for providing excellent products. If you want to know how amazing Armour’s shoes are, you should check these out.

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Final Thoughts

Under Armour shoes are manufactured in more than 150 countries worldwide; eighteen of these are promoting 90% of production. Upon analysis, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Jordan from these eighteen accounts for 68% of total production. Isn’t it amazing?

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