Where Are GE Appliances Made?

Where Are GE Appliances Made?

General Electric/GE is one of the most successful corporations in the annals of American business. They go back about one hundred and thirty years, to the time of Thomas Edison. The prestige of the brand spoke on its own, and the firm is responsible for important inventions such as the self-cleaning oven and the over-the-range microwave. Although the American-founded corporation is incredibly successful, many customers are curious about where GE presently makes its appliances.

The great majority of GE’s appliances are manufactured in the United States, although a few are also manufactured in Mexico and China. Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and South Carolina are home to more than 13,600 GE employees. GE employs more than 13,600 workers in five states and manufactures more than 250 appliances in the United States.

History Of GE Appliances

Where Are GE Appliances Made

Edison received financial support from Drexel, Morgan, and Company in the year 1889; as a result, Edison General Electric Company was finally established. The corporation as we know it today was established in 1892 as a consequence of a merger with The Thomson-Houston Company, which was Edison’s most significant rival at the time.

An economic powerhouse, General Electric soon climbed the corporate ladder. Within a short period of time, the business expanded to employ more than 10,000 people and reached an astounding annual sales volume of $20 million. Shares of General Electric were traded on the New York Stock Exchange for the first time in 1896. Today, General Electric is the only firm still operating that was originally included in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Throughout the entirety of the 20th century, they never ceased coming up with new improvements. In the early 20s, they invented the first airtight refrigerator, in addition to the technology that would later lead to the development of the microwave oven. In the late 1930s and early 1940s, General Electric came up with a number of innovations, including fluorescent lighting, a trans-oceanic radio that was extremely useful during World War II, and a whole array of technology for airplanes, such as autopilot and a turboprop engine.

GE is at the forefront of innovation in the home appliance industry and has revolutionized the way people live and cook in their homes with products such as ovens, stoves, and other kitchen equipment. For instance, General Electric was the first company to manufacture a self-cleaning oven and an over-the-range microwave. 


GE Appliances is best known for its home appliances and products. They’re not only reliable, but they’re also some of the most innovative around.

There are a lot of different GE appliances to choose from, with a wide range of prices that are sure to fit any budget.

Here are the best appliances offered by GE Appliances:

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These refrigerators come in a variety of styles and sizes to fit your needs. Whether you want a side-by-side or top freezer refrigerator, GE has you covered. Most models have water dispensers and ice makers built right in, so you don’t have to worry about installing separate ones yourself! Plus, most models include extra features like LED lighting and crisper drawers for keeping fruits and vegetables fresh longer than ever before!


GE dishwashers come in a variety of styles as well including built-in models that can be installed under your sink for easy access when doing dishes after cooking meals for your family on busy days (or nights). The dishwasher will clean off all excess food particles left behind on dishes after washing them by hand, saving you time and effort in the process!

Here are the best refrigerators and dishwashers offered by GE Appliances:

GE GFD28GSLSS (Refrigerator) French-Door Refrigerator, Door In Door Style

GE The addition of French doors to your kitchen can help it to appear more elegant. The GE GFD28GSLSS offers all of this and much more. Because it is designed with a “door-in-door” configuration, you will have easy access to common products like beverages and snacks.

The icemaker of the refrigerator is located in the door, where it also features integrated bins that provide additional storage space. When you want a consistent supply of ice, you may make use of the freezer’s supplementary icemaker, which is located in the freezer and is available as an add-on feature.

The GFD28GSLSS contains a cutting-edge water purification technology that eliminates 98% of pharmaceutical residues from both the water and the ice through the utilization of a replacement filter known as the RPWFE. The model also comes with TwinChill evaporators, which ensure that the fresh food section and the freezer always have their own distinct climates at all times.

The fact that the GFD28GSLSS is equipped with additional amenities like Wi-Fi connectivity, an alarm for the door, an ice dispenser, and an electronic temperature display is a definite benefit.


  • Large capacity with 4.2 cubic feet of space in the freezer and 16.0 cubic feet of space in the refrigerator drawer.
  • Features an adjustable spill guard shelf that helps contain food and liquids when you open the door, as well as an interior water dispenser that gives you easy access to filtered water on demand.


  • The French door design can make it difficult to get taller items into the refrigerator drawer without removing them from their packaging first
  • A more costly option than comparable refrigerators
  • There are no panel-ready choices available.


GE Profile™ 24” Stainless Steel Built-In Dishwasher (PDT715SYNFS)

With the GE Profile 24 stainless steel dishwasher, you’ll get the cleanest dishes you’ve ever experienced. Plates will be 99 percent bacteria-free after using the Steam + Sani cycle that removes 99 percent of all germs from your dishes thanks to fingerprint-resistant stainless steel. To get rid of any leftover food, use the bottle jets and deep clean silverware jets to thoroughly clean the dishes. To top it all off, the Dry Boost with Fan Assist mode in this dishwasher makes use of cutting-edge drying technology to dry plastic containers up to three times faster than with regular heating modes.


  • Wi-Fi connect
  • Energy Star qualified
  • Advanced wash system


  • halting the washing process in the middle of it
  • water leaks
  • difficulties related to drying out and drainage are among the most common.

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Appliances manufactured in the United States by General Electric (GE)

  • Modern kitchens benefit greatly from the purchase of a Profile Series refrigerator. The warranty on this product is restricted to one year for the full appliance and five years for the parts of the refrigeration system. The labor guarantee covers the complete appliance for a maximum of one year and the sealed refrigeration system for a maximum of five years. The French door design is ideal for households with several members or for people who need to store a considerable quantity of food for a lengthy period of time.
  • An energy-efficient, multipurpose appliance, the top-freezer refrigerator is simple to use. It’s great for those who don’t require a lot of bells and whistles. It’s built to last a long time and is built to last.
  • A wide range of free-standing oven ranges is available in the Profile Series.
  • GE provides a wide variety of built-in wall ovens if you’re looking for a separate oven from your cooktop.
  • Both plastic and stainless steel interior choices are available on the Profile Series Dishwashers manufactured in the United States.
  • Since we last looked, GE has nine American-made washing machines on its roster.


Do You Need GE Profile Dishwashers?

Not sure about GE Profile dishwashers? These superbly designed household appliances include breakthrough technology that cleans dishes and cutlery like never before. These premium companies offer a premium budget luxury line of dishwashing technology ranging from $899–1457. Thus GE Profile dishwashers are best suited to:

  • Homeowners who are conscious of the environment
  • Durable appliance shoppers
  • Dishwasher fans seeking more features

Are GE Dishwashers American Made?

Currently, GE spends 73% of its expenditures on dishwashers in the US. The US makes some dishwashers, but not all. A growing number of GE’s goods are being built in the United States.


GE appliances have been around for over 125 years, and they have changed the way people live by inventing new technologies that make life easier and more enjoyable.

GE is committed to helping people live better through their appliances, which is why they are always working on new models that offer better technology. They also make sure they are environmentally friendly so they don’t contribute to climate change or pollution in any way.

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