Where Are Rivian Trucks Made

Where Are Rivian Trucks Made (Know Manufacturing Detail)

In the ever-evolving electric vehicles, Rivian is a standout name. This dynamic company has a sparkling future with its vision for a greener mission. Rivian’s purpose goes beyond vehicles; it is a harmonizing cutting-edge technology with environmental consciousness to lead it toward a new era of success.

The manufacturing plant of Rivian is located in Normal, Illinois. Its other strategic facilities spread across Palo Alto, California; Carson, California; Plymouth, Michigan; Vancouver, British Columbia; Wittmann, Arizona; and Woking, England. The headquarters of Rivian Trucs is in California.

Rivian’s ambitions also include the establishment of a new factory in Georgia.

If you also want to know which is the Rivian’s Best Vehicle, then I have also made a separate section about it later in this article.

There is a lot more to explore about Rivian Trucks. So, you can walk through this post to unfold more about Rivian Trucks’ commitments, manufacturing, and history.

Where Are Rivian Trucks Manufactured?

Where Are Rivian Trucks Made

Rivian as the Mainstream Motor company in 2009 by RJ Scaringe. Later on, in 2011, the company changed its name to Rivian Automotive Incorporation. It has headquarters in Irvine, California. All vehicle manufacturing tasks, from truck stamping, body paint, propulsion, general assembly, and final production, have been carried out in its plant-based in Normal, Illinois. The Rivian company became public in 2021.

Normal, Illinois, USAMain manufacturing facility where Rivian vehicles are currently produced​​.
Georgia, USAA second U.S. plant is planned in the state of Georgia, east of Atlanta, in Morgan and Walton Counties​​. This $5-billion project is expected to start production in 2026​​.
Plymouth, Michigan, USAPart of the manufacturing and development process takes place here​

Since its beginning, the mission of Rivian has been to produce EV Trucks, commercial vehicles, Special Rivian R1T pickups, and SUVs for users. Rivian’s biggest achievement is launching an electric truck in September 2021, leaving Ford, Tesla, and EM behind.

The Rivian Normal Illinois plant was first owned by the Mitsubishi car plant. After that, Rivian showed interest in it and bought the plant in 2017. Several hard-working employees work day and night in this plant to manufacture Rivian R1T (truck), Rivian R1S (SUV), and other vehicles. Its main products (trucks and SUVs) are in high demand in the market, so buyers must wait long for delivery.

Normal Illinois: The Famous Plant Of Rivian

Before Rivian acquisition of the Normal, Illinois plant, it was home to Mitsubishi. Despite creating nearly 3000 jobs in this plant, Mitsubishi closed this facility just after four years. Later, this plant was sold to a liquidator and planned to demolish, but the plan was turned down when Rivian came into the picture.

Electric trucks and pickup-making company Rivian purchased not this whole 2.6-million-square-foot plant but also extended its area by adding another one million square feet of land. The plant has almost 5200 employees working hard to produce state-of-the-art vehicles for a large customer base.

The news comes in Dec 2021, revealing Rivian’s next production facilities in Morgan and Walton Counties, east of Atlanta. The plant construction starts in the mid of 2022, and production will start in 2024.

Rivian Truck History (Year By Year)

The history has a huge connection with the brand’s authenticity and popularity. Here is a tale explaining the Rivian Truck Timeline.


What the Company Achieved?


RJ Scaringe founded Rivian in 2009.


Rivian changed its name to Rivian Automotive Incorporation


The company opened research facilities in Bay Area and Michigan


Rivian acquired the Normal Illinois (former Mitsubishi plant) in January 2017. This plant is now Rivian’s primary North American manufacturing facility.


The company launched its first two products, namely an SUV and an Electric truck


Ford Motor Company invested in Rivian Company and planned to work jointly to produce electric vehicles.


Unfortunately, the company faced a lawsuit from Tesla, which believes Rivian stole its trade secrets and hired its formal employees.

Key Statistics on Rivian Manufacturing in 2023

  • In the first quarter of 2023, Rivian produced 9,395 vehicles and delivered 7,946 vehicles. The company considered these figures as a strong start to the year, maintaining alignment with their 50,000 annual production guidance​​​​.
  • During Q2 of 2023, Rivian produced 13,992 vehicles and delivered 12,640 vehicles, surpassing the production and delivery figures from the first quarter. This was in line with the company’s aim to complete 50,000 vehicles for the year.
  • In Q3 of 2023, Rivian produced 16,304 vehicles and delivered 15,564 vehicles at its Normal, Illinois facility. These figures aligned with the company’s expectations for the year, indicating a path to meet the 52,000 annual production guidance set earlier​​.

Rivian’s Best Vehicles: My Picks

Where Are Rivian Trucks Made

In 2018, Rivian launched its two best products: an electric seven-seater SUV and EV five-seater pickup truck. These vehicles were previously known as A1T and A1C; after some time, the company renamed the vehicles to R1T (truck) and R1S (SUV) and showed them to the public at the Los Angeles auto show. Both extraordinary vehicles are famous for a smooth ride on rough terrains and plain roads. The details of these best vehicles are mentioned in this article below.

Rivian R1T Pickup Truck

Rivian R1T gained popularity right after its launch because of its numerous specialties. It was the first electric pickup truck introduced by Rivian. Long battery life, spacious space, seating capacity, and speed made Rivian R1T Pickup Truck matchless.

Let’s check why investing in R1T can be your best decision!

Best Truck For Adventurous Trips

Rivian R1T is undoubtedly the best truck for camping in hard-to-reach areas. Due to its brilliant features, it gives the best drive on rough and tough terrains and bumpy roads. Moreover, it also offers spacious storage space for clothes, camping essentials, and more. This great Overlander truck has a 314-400 miles range and an excellent regenerative braking system.

R1T offers great facilities for adventure freaks, such as removable racks, beds, and power outlets. If you want to take it camping, go ahead because its camping modes allow you to decide how to use its power. You can turn off climate control or switch to floodlights as per requirement.

Luxurious Truck

R1T by Rivian is a luxurious and comfortable vehicle for every user. Its awesome looks, splendid leather seats, and exterior make it unique. Surely you will feel peace of mind while driving as it also has noise-cancellation technology. Furthermore, its excellent suspension, responsive steering, large motors, and advanced driver assistance system collectively make this truck a beast.

Bunch Of High-Tech Features

R1T comes with Adventure trim, giving two battery pack options, Max and Large. The large has a 135kWh battery, and Max has a 180kWh battery. Alongside this, the Rivian truck is also equipped with numerous high-end features. These features include a Panoramic glass roof, 21-inch wheels, a manual cargo bed cover, and adjustable air suspension.

This truck is equipped with active safety systems such as forward collision warnings, cross-traffic alerts, and automatic emergency braking to keep passengers and drivers safe from accidents. These incredible features make the R1T the safest EV truck.

Amazing On-Road Drive Modes

If you need a truck that can give a smooth drive on plain and rough terrains, then R1T can be your pick. It features four adjustable on-road drive modes. The modes consist of Conserve, All-Purpose, Sport, and Tow Mode.

You can use All Purpose Mood to change the truck height per the road condition. Conserve Mode is built to save energy despite putting pressure on the front motors. In Tow mode, this truck’s all wheels receive maximum torque allowing it to tow for up to 11,000 pounds. The Sport mode enhances instantaneous acceleration.

Provide 400 Miles of Range

It is a great vehicle because of its amazing mileage; you can enjoy 390-400 miles when charged fully on this truck. It is perfect for long trips, meaning people traveling long distances (far away from charging ports) every day can choose R1T as their companion.

You must be amazed that R1T can add up to 16 miles every hour when you charge it on a 240V home outlet. The charging time will be longer than expected using the home outlet. On the other hand, it only takes 16 hours to receive 100% charging from a 48-amp charger. When you charge this truck using the level 3 DC fast charge, it gains 140 miles in just 20 minutes.

Rivian R1S SUV: The Best Rivian Vehicle

Another best vehicle introduced by Rivian is R1S; its popularity also touches sky heights, same as R1T, due to its awesome features, power, luxurious interior, ample space, and performance. We mentioned some of its unmatchable specifications.

Let’s learn the top reasons urging you to spend money on it!

Unbelievable Power

R1S SUV is faster than any other SUV as it can produce almost 835 horsepower on the Quad-Motor AWD trim level. You cannot believe it goes from zero to 60 in just three seconds.

Ample Storage Space

It is undoubtedly the best travel partner for frequent road trips. In fact, in its 104 cubic feet space (with the passenger rows flat), you can store as many things as you want.

Safety Comes First

The R1S always cares for its drivers and other passengers’ lives, so Rivian filled this vehicle with many safety features. It’s incredible Rivian Driver system has radars, ultrasonic sensors, and a set of cameras that gives a plain view of the road so you can see the hurdles. In this super duper truck, you can also find other high-end safety features in R1S, including blind-spot warning, lane keep assistance, trailer assist, collision mitigation, and more.

Drive Modes

RS1 has different driving modes to make driving creamy and smooth regardless of the terrain. The modes include an all-purpose driving mode plus all-terrain, towing, rally, drift, soft sand, rock crawl, sport, and conserve. The purpose of each mode is to give you the best possible vehicle control in different conditions.

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Rivian’s journey revolves around continents, from California to England. This production shows the global reach of Rivian Trucks. The main base of this company is in Irvine and a busy factory in Normal. However, in addition, they have spots in California, Michigan, British Columbia, Arizona, and England too. And there’s more to come – Rivian’s big plans for a factory in Georgia show they’re serious about making a difference.

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