Where Are Kubota Tractors Made

Where Are Kubota Tractors Made?

Kubota manufactured its first farm equipment in 1960 and since then hundreds; in fact, thousands of state-of-the-art tractors have been launched in the market. The matchless quality of these tractors is proof of their great manufacturing. Do you know where Kubotas are made?

Kubota tractors are manufactured in Japan and much of their final assembly takes place at the Georgia manufacturing facility. Kubotas manufacturing footprints are expanding day by day. Now, Kubota also produces tractors for the Chinese market at its local subsidiary – Kubota Agricultural Machinery.

If you want to explore more about Kubota’s great farm equipment and its manufacturing facilities, this post is for you. Keep reading and keep exploring!

The Worldwide Manufacturing Facilities Of Kubota Tractor

Where Are Kubota Tractors Made

Kubota is a global tractor and other heavy equipment manufacturing company whose headquarters is in Osaka, Japan. Kubota has a history of over a century; it was established in 1890 as a foundry that produced castings. It is a well-recognized tractor-making company specializing in making other important agricultural and construction machinery and engines.

Well, Kubota manufactured its tractors mainly in Japan and the USA. Furthermore, it also owns some facilities in China, India, and Europe. Various tractors manufactured in Japan and the USA are sold to Australia, Canada, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Japan.

Since its beginning, Kubota has always added new and advanced technologies to make every piece of equipment unique, which is why today it is a market leader in agricultural machinery.

Kubota’s American Operations

Kubota achieved huge success in tractor production and sales in America. Kubota Manufacturing of America Corporation was established in 1988 in Gainesville, Georgia.

Its North American subsidiary started its operations by producing tractor equipment such as front loaders and backhoes. Today, much-unassembled equipment comes from Japan, and the final assembly occurs in Georgia.

Moreover, KMA also expanded its procurement activities in countries other than North America, which greatly helped boost Kubota sales. In 2015, it manufactured one-million tractors in the USA, which is proof of its success. In its Georgia facility, over 100,000 tractors are produced each year which is a big number without any doubt.

This famous agriculture-producing company showed its trust in North America by announcing an $85 million, 300-acre plant expansion based in Gainesville, Georgia. It is all because of the USA-made product’s top quality and excellent performance.

Although it sold millions of tractors in the USA and other markets, the story does not end here. Over time, Kubota spread its production line and started producing lawn tractors (for grass cutting), garden tractors, subcompact tractors, and advanced rough terrain vehicles (“RTVs”).

Kubota’s Japan Tractor Manufacturing Center

Kubota Corporation has its headquarters in Japan. This main facility manufactures tractors and other agricultural products, including vending machines, valves, cast metal, engines, construction machinery, water purification, pumps, sewage treatment, and major air conditioning equipment.

Not only tractors helped Kubota make its name in the world, but the construction equipment, such as wheel loaders, small track loaders, and mini excavators, are the best in the world due to reliability and performance in Japan and other countries. Of all these, Kubota mini excavators are famous for their premium quality features and comfort.

The Japan plant sends many unassembled parts to the USA where final assembly takes place and equipment is supplied to the USA and other countries.

Kubota’s China Machinery Corporation

Kubota Tractor started manufacturing tractors in 2013 in the Chinese facility. Kubota Agricultural Machinery (SUZHOU) Co., Ltd. helps increase the company’s cost competitiveness.

Additionally, this facility works and various research and development projects in different areas to meet the demands of the Chinese market quickly and efficiently.

Kubota’s India Manufacturing Corporation

Another subsidiary of Kubota Corporation is based in India. Kubota established the Agricultural Machinery India Pvt. Ltd (KAI) in 2008. India is the world’s second most populated country with a huge potential for agriculture.

That is why since its beginning, it has become a popular tractor company in the Indian market. Its tractors and other agriculture machinery help boost the development of the Indian agriculture sector.

Kubota India is busy designing and producing tractors, power tillers, combined harvest, and tools. Clients can get a suitable tractor for them through its

210 dealerships present throughout India. Due to the rising demand for Kubota tractors, the distribution network is expanding continuously.

This renowned Japanese company moves one step further, and in March 2020, Kubota invested in Indian tractor producer Escorts Limited. This investment helps Kubota to strengthen its presence in the Indian market.

Through this joint venture, Kubota announced the mass production of tractors, especially the Kubota MU4501, which is a 45-horsepower tractor having two-wheel drive.

The Global Presence Of Kubota Motor

Where Are Kubota Tractors Made

Kubota is a worldwide brand that is famous due to its performance and its incredible manufacturing phenomena. Here is a table that explains about Kubota’s famous manufacturing in one column and their unique role and appreciating performance in another column. You can dig out this table to satisfy your curiosity about Kubota production.

Kubota’s Manufacturing Facilities


Kubota Research & Development (North America Corporation)

  • Development of riding mowers, utility vehicles
  • front loaders and backhoes for tractors
  • Performance evaluation for other equipment (including tractors) for the North American market.
  • The largest R&D center has

a high-speed vehicle test course, turf farm, trail course, and vehicle test site.

Kubota Water and Environment R&D Center USA (Ohio, U.S.A.)

  • Founded in 2016
  • Focused on Research and development work in Water and water environment
  • Wastewater treatment and MBR (membrane bioreactor) treatment system

Kubota Research & Development Europe SAS( Crépy-en-Valois, France)

  • Established in 2022
  • Research and development work for large tractors for the dry-field farming market and cutting-edge tractor technologies.
  • It has a huge test course that accommodates high-speed driving, state-of-the-art bench testing equipment, and test fields.

Kubota Research & Development Asia

(Pathumthani, Thailand)

  • Established in 2016
  • Focus on R & D in the development of various tractor implements, attachments for combine harvesters, rice transplanters, excavators,
  • specialized machinery for crop harvest

Kubota Agricultural Machinery (SUZHOU) Co., Ltd. (Engineering Department

Jiangsu, China)

  • Set up in 1998
  • R&D work for the verification of local suitability, tractors durability, various harvesters, and transplanters
  • Development of specialized attachments, tractor implements, and farm machinery for the Chinese market.

Global Institute of Technology

(Osaka, Japan)

  • Set up in 2022
  • Biggest development base in Japan
  • Perform R&D on the

development of agricultural and construction machinery

  • Work on advanced data processing technologies, including IoT, ICT, and AI, and technology related to carbon neutrality

Why Do People Are Keen To Buy Kubota Tractors?

Where Are Kubota Tractors Made

Kubota has a long history of making heavy-duty tractors for agricultural purposes. You can recognize the tractor of this company from a distance due to its signature orange color.

Several reasons make the Kubota tractors the best; let’s look at them!

Unique And Versatile Options

You can confidently spend your hard-earned cash on one of the Kubota tractors because of their top performance. Its tractors are available in different unique designs and options.

You can find a suitable tractor for your small farm or ten-acre land. Kubota’s best options include M7003, M6002, M6001, M5002, M5001, M4003, and others. Simply contact Kubota and find the perfect one for your land.

Long Lasting Quality

Kubota tractors’ popularity, especially in agricultural countries, is due to their durability, appealing look, and performance. All tractors are powerful enough to run smoothly on rough terrains and carry heavy loads.

For years they have been performing much better than other machinery; because of this, farmers trust them more than anyone else.

In short, spending on Kubota machinery is a safe investment due to its long life.

Comfortable To Use

The latest addition to the list of Kubota tractors gains popularity due to their simple operation. They are made to make farming easy for experienced and new farmers. The shift control, power steering, and transmission collectively make tractor handling easy.

Moreover, all the tractors are safe to use as they come to the market after thorough testing and checking from Kubota’s different facilities.

Easy To Maintain

Investing in agricultural or commercial machinery means extra costs which you have to spend on their maintenance.

When buying Kubota machinery, there is no need to worry about maintenance costs because all the equipment, including tractors, is easy to maintain, and spare parts are readily available. Even if you are busy farming, using a Kubota tractor outside Japan or the USA, assembling and disassembling is a breeze.

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Our Summary

Kubota tractors are proudly produced at many locations worldwide. However, primarily, these tractors are manufactured in Japan and the United States. A smaller portion of these tractors is also prepared in China. In addition, certain models like the MU4501 (45 HP tractor) are manufactured in India.

The manufacturing facilities of Kubota, particularly in Japan and the US play a significant role in meeting the brand’s global demand. The high-quality machines of this brand are distributed across various regions – Canada, Australia, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Japan. These manufacturing facilities make Kubota’s presence strong and signify it as a renowned tractor brand worldwide.

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