Where Are Maga Hats Made

Where Are Maga Hats Made?

During Donald Trump’s symbolic campaigns from 2016 to 2020, the red-colored “ Make America Great Again” hats gained worldwide popularity.

The Maga hats sold during the campaigns of Donald Trump are made in China irrespective of the fact that Trump throughout his presidency paid a lot of criticism on China and maintained a tough public stance on the country. His criticism was ignited with the sudden outbreak of the global pandemic COVID-19 that originated in Wuhan.

Are Maga hats made in the US?

The Maga Hats are baseball-style hats with the slogan written on the front, “Make America Great Again”. These hats are combined stitched in Los Angeles at a small factory. However, when a little small of hate was examined by the Associated Press and an outside expert, the hats did not use the specific type of U.S- made fabric that the US manufacturers always use for stitching hats.

The exact source of the fabric used in the Maga hats remains a mystery. There is no clue received if the fabric used is made in the USA or exported from some other country. It reveals how complex it could be can be to prove if something is really “Made in the USA.”

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Considering the microscopic analysis conducted by The Associated Press

Considering the facts collected by the Associate Press, Mr. President warns that any kind of false reports would be unacceptable. There are some more words that he said  “ a good price is made for the Maga hats . If it is proofed that the hats are not made in the USA , the government will bring a lawsuit”.

The reviews conducted by the Associate Press are based on a microscopic analysis of a few hats purchased from the President’s campaign website. This detailed analysis of the hats proofed that the fabric in one of the Maga hats was of a different kind than that made by the supplier.

Reviews of Brian Kennedy

The manufacturer is responsible to provide the fabric used in the Maga hats. Besides, according to the two employees of the manufacturers, the Maga hats fabric, bills and stiffeners are received from foreign”. However, according to the owner of the factory, named Brian Kennedy of Cali-Fame of Los Angeles Inc, the employees shared a piece of false information.

But he did not touch on the topic of the origin of the fabric used. According to Federal law, an item that is labeled, “Made in the USA”, shall be made from materials that are made in the country.

Brian Kennedy further tells the Associate Press, “I’m not using foreign materials. We are playing by the rules.” In a broader perspective, the story of Donald Trump’s Maga hats challenges the use of US products in the manufacturing of the products that claim to be made in the US. Most of the US products import cheap products from the competition overseas.

The story of the fabric leads to a complicated tale. The Associate Press was provided a copy of a certificate dated March 24, 2016, by the owner of the factory. This certificate shows the buying fabric named Saxtwill, a red-colored polyester -cotton blended fabric, of 1,488 yards of U.S.-origin, from Carr Textile Corp. of Fenton, Missouri.

There are more copies of other certificates that were shared. Those included the certificate dated September 2015 from Carr Textile, It shows that the factory received black and white hats of U.S. origin.

The owner of the factory refused to further comment after the Associate Press argued that the microscopic analysis of the fabric used in the Maga hats has shown a different kind of fabric used. These hats were purchased from the President’s campaign website, and the fabric did not match the original red Saxtwill fabric that was directly received by the Associate Press from Carr Textile.

The conversation was brought to an end by the statement of Brain Kennedy that revealing further details would expose the proprietary information.

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The famous Trump hats, Maga hats are a part of every President’s campaign. The fabric used in the base-ball-styled hat is a mystery. The sample of the fabric used in the Maga hat ordered from the President’s campaign website shows a different fabric used in comparison to the original Saxtwill fabric manufactured in the USA.