Where Are Hey Dude Shoes Made

Where Are Hey Dude Shoes Made? Best-One to Buy

Emerged in 2008, the Italy-based shoe brand “Hey Dude”, owned by Danielle Guidi offers a wide variety of extremely stylish and the most comfortable shoes including both lace-up shoes and a slip-on.

Though Hey Dude is an Italy-based shoe brand, in a very less time, it has been loved worldwide. The major features behind global success are comfort and affordability. The Hey Dude shoes are manufactured in Indonesia and China. From there they are transferred to the brand’s retail outlets in Italy and other parts of the world.

The Hey dude shoes are perfect for an active daily lifestyle offering shoes for Men, Women, and kids.

What’s So Special About Hey Dude Shoes?

Where Are Hey Dude Shoes Made?

The brand offers a variety of designs that are perfectly suited to everyday life and multiple occasions. Whether a customer is looking for a traditional style shoe or a shoe that matches the more contemporary fashion image, it has the right shoe for a customer’s fashion choice.

Hey Dude offers a variety of colors, styles, and patterns, and almost anyone of any age group and income level can find something for them. Besides, the shoes are made from flexible, comfortable, and breathable fabrics that are extremely suitable for all types of feet even worn for long hours.

Hey Dude markets itself as an eco-friendly brand

Besides offering high-quality shoes and making profits, the company is also concerned about the preservation of the environment. This brand is as eco-friendly as possible.

The Hey Dude shoes are sold in biodegradable packaging that can be recycled and keep the environment clean. Plus the insole of the Hey Dude shoe is made of cork, organic cotton, and other recycled materials. There are also vegan Hey Dude shoes like Mistral. There are Hey Dudes made of leather and suede, but there are also parts made from recycled materials.

Best Hey Dude Shoe To Buy

Where Are Hey Dude Shoes Made?

The Italian shoe manufacturing company focuses on bringing shoes to the market that are both stable and stylish. This means the customer is not left in confusion and doesn’t have to make a painful decision between the two. However, each pair of the Hey Dude is designed with so much excellence that the decision-making process becomes difficult for most of the clients.

Below is the comparison of the two most selling Hey Dude shoes, and the best one is recommended, however, personal preferences are always there.

Hey Dude Shoes Wendy Canvas Sparkling (women) VS Hey Dude Shoes Britt L Linen ( women)

Hey Dude Shoes Wendy Canvas Sparkling

This pair of women Hey Dude not only brings comfort but also makes your presence in the limelight. The shoes feature a rose gold shimmer across the tongue, and the sneaker will bounce off a light when exposed to the sunlight.

It is designed with Flex & Fold technology, which lets the user wear it all day long without any discomfort, and the women can strut it for work and explore the city without any pain. The shoe comes in a wide fit, which makes it best for wide feet and big toes too. It also consists of an integrated memory foam insole for added comfort.

Available colors

Other available colors are blue and white with the same shimmer.


It is comfortable to wear even for a whole day long.

It is designed with glitter that makes you be in the limelight.

It is light in weight.

It is designed with Flex & Fled technology to give maximum comfort.

It comes in many colors.


It cannot be delivered internationally.

It is expensive.

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Hey Dude Shoes Britt L Linen

This pair of women’s Hey Dude shoes Britt L Linen is best for changing seasons. A perfect pair of the shoe when you cannot pull on your boots and it is too chilly for flip-flops or slippers. It gives you enough warmth from cold air i-e from the end of September till the start of November.

The upper of the shoe is made with a cotton canvas and a lace-up front. Complemented with fold-over cuffs and a speckled outsole for comfort and design makes it a perfect pickup for everyday work.

Available colors

It is available in many colors like hound’s-tooth gray, slate, and burgundy.


A perfect pair of shoes for transitional weather conditions.

It keeps the feet warm in case of a cold breeze.

It provides maximum comfort to the feet.

It is light in weight with transparent laces.

It comes in many colors.

It is a bit cheap.


It is limited to one season only- from the end of September till the start of November.

It cannot be delivered internationally.

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Our recommendation

If you are a fashionista and want to be in the center of attraction, you shall pick Hey Dude Shoes Wendy Canvas Sparkling with shimmery gold that sparkles in the sunlight. It comes with excellent comfort and breathability.

But if you want something neutral and that could stop the cold air from reaching your feet when the winters are approaching, the Hey Dude Shoes Britt L Linen is the best choice for you. Though this pair of shoes will not shine when outside, it will give you maximum protection from the cold breeze.

A perfect pickup for everyday chores, from jogging to doing groceries and even office work. The Hey Dude Shoes Britt L Linen cares about every occasion of a smart lady. The Britt L Linen is also cheap, so if you are short on the budget and looking for a comfortable pair of shoes that would last for long, it is the best option from the Hey Dude brand.

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Hey, Dude is a famous shoe brand emerging from Italy. It has shoes for every occasion and every person. If seeking the best Hey Dude shoe, Hey Dude Shoes Britt L Linen is one of the best shoes for transitional weather available at an affordable price.