Where are Bulova Watches Made

Where are Bulova Watches Made?  

Talk about Bulova watches, they were first introduced to the world in 1912. The first manufacturing plant was based in Switzerland which has ensured the successful production of a number of different models of these watches. After that, the company continued towards success, and now it is counted among the largest watchmaker companies across the world. Nowadays, debate on its manufacturing is on-trend. We know that you haven’t found a satisfactory answer, so avoid searching more because here is the answer.

Bulova watches are made in Switzerland, Japan, and Hong Kong. The information has been shared by the Bulova Headquarters in the United States. But there’s a thing you might not know: casings and movements are imported and exported between manufacturing plants of these countries. This creates a difference between Swiss-made and non-Swiss-made. Stay with the article because we’ll cover everything related to Bulova watches, manufacturing, and Swiss and non-Swiss-made differences.

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Bulova Operations Worldwide

Where are Bulova Watches Made?  

Bulova is one of the world’s largest watchmaker companies, with thousands of worldwide employees. It has introduced dozens of appreciating models with greater features that have increased its demand and value among people.

That’s when Bulova felt the need for more manufacturing plants, so it started operating from Japan and Hong Kong. Though, it firstly started production in Switzerland.

Here’s a misconception – most people think Bulova also makes watches in New York. That’s not true. The company just has headquarters in the city from operating worldwide. There are just warranty claim repairs done in the headquarters, that’s all.

Let us tell you in-depth about Bulova manufacturing plants in these countries.


Bulova has its first manufacturing plant in Biel, Switzerland. It has been observed that it was present and in working from 1912 introducing new technology watches every year to the world. Though it’s the oldest plant for manufacturing, it still has more production than all other plants in other countries.


Bulova watches are also manufactured in Japan by Citizen Watch Co – a Japanese multinational conglomerate. In 2013, the company had total revenue of 164$ million dollars which shows its worth. Resources have shown that most movements for Bulova are made in Japan, which ensures a long-lasting lifespan.

The Japanese market is one of the top places worldwide, ensuring Bulova awareness and picking up the highest revenue annually.

Hong Kong

Although Bulova has a different origin, some models are also made in Hong Kong. That’s because Japanese Conglomerate citizens have owned this since 2007, so it allows production in the country. There are movements and casings also made in the country, which are later supplied to Japan and Switzerland for higher-end model manufacturing.

History of Bulova Watches

Where are Bulova Watches Made?  

Bulova, a watchmaker company, was founded by Joseph Bulova in 1875 and reincorporated under the name of Bulova watch company in 1923. It later became part of Loews and is now owned by the Citizen Watch Co in Japan in 2007.

In 1931, Bulova claimed that it was the first manufacturer of an electric clock that began in the same year. The company has started achieving milestones one by one as time has gone – it was the first to produce the world’s first television advertisement.

Bulova has its origin headquarters in New York and promotes manufacturing worldwide, including in Switzerland, Japan, and Hong Kong.

Why Bulova is Famous Worldwide – Core Features!

Despite Bulova’s features, models, or anything else, the core reason behind its popularity worldwide is that it first introduces the industry. They have done all of the luxurious achievements first; they made a line of jeweled wristwatches for men first, then ladies, and introduced a line of diamond wristwatches first.

This is all which has made them popular from scratch to now. They have introduced various automatic watches models and much more by that time. Nowadays, they are famous because they provide varieties of products.

Like they have products for all types of communities. You purchase their expensive products or normal at the same time if you can’t afford luxuries. We have compiled a few core features of all of Bulova’s watches. You should pay a thorough look. So, you get to know why you should choose them if you need to purchase a watch anytime.

Catchy Look

Bulova watches always ensure an eye-catching look, and that is observed by checking out most of the reviews of customers about its features and looking on search engines. According to the customers buying Bulova is a money value that looks amazing.

And such reviews are not only about one model. Almost every model that Bulova introduces gets positive appreciation from customers. For reference, you can check out the Bulova Frank Lloyd Wright model and how it ensured the classy look.

Precise Movement

There’s another core feature making Bulova famous worldwide. Upon research, we learned that Bulova is using a modern technology called Precisionist movement, which is responsible for the accuracy and truly known for sweeping hand movement such as automatics.

That is the feature present in every watch that everybody spends money on purchasing.

Longer Lasting

Bulova watches are made up of strong stainless-steel material with proper care in manufacturing. It always ensures a longer-lasting lifespan, and you feel no need to change your watch for years.


These days most of the models introduced by Bulova come up with this feature. And yes, this feature has become the reason behind the digital editorial advertisement of Bulova watches. One of the best waterproof watches of Bulova includes its Precisionist Chronograph watch.


Pay attention to the most rated feature.

Bulova watches come in several varieties; expensive and affordable ones. It depends upon you what you can easily afford. But still, all of the watches introduced by them are easy to afford. You do not need to disturb your comfortable budget to access their products.

Even their watches are available for just $100 bucks, so you don’t need to worry about pricing.

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Famous Models of Bulova Watches

Let’s check out some famous models of Bulova watches.

Bulova Futuro 98C123

One of the most famous watches of Future’s collection with stainless steel case, 11.1 mm thickness and 40 mm diameter. Also, you can see a blue dial two-tone matching strap and hour, day, and date functions. The most appreciative thing about this item is that it is protected by a domed metalized crystal glass, making it a purely water-resistant watch up to 30 meters.

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Bulova Octava 98C126

It is considered one of the top attractive watches that Bulova has designed till now. You can see that the case is made up of stainless steel material with a gold tone. Measuring about 9.8 mm in thickness and 47.1 mm in diameter covered with mineral crystal making it waterproof.

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Bulova Surveyor

The simple chronograph watch with leather strap – styling with a three-piece buckle. It also introduces you to a stainless steel case, 42 mm in diameter and 12 mm in thickness, making it strong and longer-lasting. It is also a water-resistant watch providing date, day, and hours functions.

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Final Thoughts

Bulova watches are not made in only one country. They are designed in various countries, including Switzerland, Japan, and Hong Kong. In 2007, a Japanese multinational Conglomerate named Citizen Watch Co-owned the company, further improving manufacturing and supply patterns.

Besides, we have shared great features and appreciated models of Bulova so that you don’t need to search more whenever looking to purchase Bulova watches.

Contact us in case of any confusion, or leave your comments below.

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