Where Are Michael Kors Purses Made

Where Are Michael Kors Purses Made?

Michael Kors is one of the top-rated brands offering various accessories for fashion, especially purses. All of the purses they made exhibit the finest quality, and ensuring trending designing & features. Because they have increased demands among people and have a good customer ratio, so they always properly focus on production management.

Nowadays, they are making almost all the products in China. It’s because the brand is primarily based in the country. But still, it has import and export connections with its other manufacturing facilities in Italy. Apart from China, the company is also making products in Turkey, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Korea, Indonesia and much more.

Below, we’ve compiled much more about where are Michael Kors purses made. To get in-depth information, stay with this page and be good to go.

Michael Kors Manufacturing Factories Worldwide

Where Are Michael Kors Purses Made

Michael Kors wasn’t a top-rated name in the industries list making fashion products. But gradually, company started introducing new features and designs that has made its products popular among natives. For sure, introduction of new features has increased its awareness & demands at the exact moment.

That’s because company has focused on its production level and introduced facilities in different countries worldwide. We’ve researched and compiled a few countries where it is operating these days. It might start production in other countries too in upcoming years. But as of today, here are the countries where it has manufacturing destinations.


It’s the country where company is exclusively making its products and dealing with a huge percentage of demands. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Chinese production has made the company capable to fulfill demands. Otherwise, it wasn’t possible for the company to reach production levels they have now.

Although, the company has headquarters in New York from where it is operating everything else related to the production but why China is considered hub for its production?

Here are a few reasons shared below.

China is the country where every industry always wishes to have production factories. This is because country provides industry owners with great facilities including availability of efficient labor at reasonable costs, expert engineering and product designing services, modern technology use & implementation, exporting ease and much more.

Along with this, you also don’t need to pay government higher tax amounts. Only you would need to pay a decent tax amount in return to a number of essential services. That’s why Michael Kors is operating mainly in China and deciding to introduce more production facilities here, reports by the official company representatives.

And yes, we also observe Michael Kors purses has a strong market in China. Meanwhile, they are more selling ones over other brands only because of their features. Recent revenue analytics has declared the company is making much more from here compared to the revenues from other European and Asian countries.

South Africa

It’s the next country after China where the company is mainly focusing on manufacturing Michael Kors purses than other products. If we talk about the destination, it’s Ethiopian – the country in the horn of Africa. Although, the products manufactured here are delivered or exported worldwide but mainly found in European markets.

Moreover, the plant observed to have dealings with local manufacturers in the country from where it is getting quality raw materials, refining and using them. But still, it also imports raw materials from Hong Kong, Korea and Vietnam. If you are thinking company uses materials without any inspection then you are wrong here.

The company absolutely have some ideal parameters to check the material quality. They only use materials that exhibits all the ideal features they are looking for and exceeds the parameters they have made.


Now, it’s Italy where the company is making purses and getting a higher revenue. Italy is always considered a country where people are well-educated & respecting the ongoing fashion trends. Meanwhile, it wouldn’t be wrong to say fashion trends always adopted first here.

And yes, the company is focusing on trends and making products according to the customers’ satisfaction so that’s the reason behind why Michael purses have higher values there. Yes, you’ve heard the right – company’s purses have higher demands in the country and strong customer ratio.

The company is exporting products from here to the related countries also. Same like China, Italy has also a number of related countries around. Company is directly exporting purses from here to the surrounded countries without getting into warehousing or anything else.

United States of America

How Michael can leave production here!

Yes, the company has also manufacturing destinations for its purses in the USA. Number of verified experts and art engineers are working here. They are helping company to make eye-catchy purses, introduce trending features, update designs & much more.

The USA market is one of the biggest markets, so its really not easy to compete other higher brands in the row. But the company is still doing efforts by focusing on premium qualities, and soon will be the top-rated in USA.

Apart from the United States, the company also make products Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Turkey. The manufacturing facilities of Michael in all these countries are directly making products, and also have concerns with local manufacturers to get help in efficient assembling.

What Has Made Michael Purses A Great Choice?

Where Are Michael Kors Purses Made

There are dozens of features making Michael purses a great choice, but if we talk about the core ones, these are mentioned below. Explore all the features, understand and see whether you need to choose the brand in the future if you need a purse.

  • Michael purses never compromise on styling & designing to meet fashion trends
  • The ware materials for their manufacturing are always great and well refined
  • Company’s purse has the potential to provide you with longer durability without losing shine and a proper look
  • The purses are also available to you at costs you can reliably afford without disturbing your reliable budget
  • The purses the company provides are comfortable enough. Meanwhile, you can keep it for hours and no muscle stretch will be faced

Final Thoughts

In the above article, we described where are Michael Kors purses made in detail. Plus, the features of purses are also mentioned so you can easily decide whether that’s what you were looking for or you have to continue searching.

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