Where Are Serta Mattresses Made

Where Are Serta Mattresses Made?

Serta mattresses are one of the best mattresses comprising the best quality, offering longer durability and proper comfortability & available to you at reasonable costs. You can get various sizes in them and ensure the ideal one today without getting into complexity if you want a mattress. 

They are manufactured exclusively in the United States and Canada by the Serta group of manufacturers. The company has near about 25 factories for mattresses in the USA and deals with even retail shops across the country. Along with official factories in the country, the company also has dealings with local manufacturers here, helping in great assembling.

We’ve compiled much more about where are Serta mattresses made in this article & everything is described below. All you have to do is, pay greater attention to this page. 

Serta Mattresses Manufacturing Destination 

Where Are Serta Mattresses Made?

Serta mattresses were manufactured by Serta Simmons Bedding LLC 91 years ago, which is an American company based in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. The company also owns National Bedding, Tuft & Needle, and Simmons Bedding. 

At that time, there was not so much competition between mattress companies, but by that time, companies faced higher competition and increased demand at the exact moment. This is because of quality production, modern features, and reasonable costs for their products. 

They didn’t have a higher production level at first, but gradually they started introducing production plants in different states of America & Canada. It’s clearly stated the company has no production factories worldwide. Though, it has relationships with local manufacturers from other countries to import materials sometimes. 

Let’s discuss in-depth where Serta mattresses are manufactured in the United States. 

United States 

Serta is the proud manufacturer of mattresses in the United States & confirmed that they currently have 25 factories in different states across the country. Most of the products from these factories are ordered by their premium retail partners & hotel owners, said official representatives when a research team promoted a tour there. 

The company cares about providing adorable quality mattresses in all these factories and uses the materials described below. 

  • Pure organic cotton after proper refines
  • Post-industrial steel after recycling 
  • Genuine forest wood

Their hundreds of employees working in these factories, and that’s because the government is also facilitating the company in all ways. Meanwhile, the company is paying a reasonable tax amount to the government and has special access to the latest technologies, export transportation, and much more. 

Pay attention – recently, the company has announced that two of its plants in Janesville & Beloit will now be operated at a new area facility – 500,000 square-foot. Indeed, the plant will offer the latest job opportunities, adding value to the worthy US economy. 

The best thing about all of these plants in the United States is that they follow complete instructions, adopt new technologies and introduce something new after a certain period. Meanwhile, in the beginning, the company was only making basic sizes famous at that time, but nowadays, you can get all the sizes in mattresses.

You don’t need to restrict yourself anywhere because everything is in front of you to choose from. As we are specifically talking about mattresses, but the company also makes pillows in these factories. So, you can quickly get the mattress compatible with you. 

Research on the company’s revenue has declared that it makes a huge percentage of its total revenue from its mattress product. While other products like pillows are also high-selling ones, but less than mattresses. 


The company also makes its products in Canada and owns factories in different states. All of the factories follow instructions from the headquarters in the USA and promote manufacturing accordingly. These plants make almost all the products Serta offers to customers, but it especially makes mattresses.

Nowadays, the company is thinking of expanding its production in the country because of its products’ popularity. If we talk about the production level, it’s quite higher in the country. The Canadian market is providing Serta products with great responses, and the company is making larger revenue from here.  

In fact, the government is also providing the company with premium facilities, including modern technologies and efficient labor, at reliable costs. All the engineers in Canadian plants help the company design products and introduce new facilities. 

Though the company is making products in USA or Canada: all the products are most selling only because of the quality they offer. If you want to purchase a mattress and are confused about the company’s legitimacy, check below.

We described several appreciating features and qualities of Serta mattresses below for your better navigation and understanding. Explore them to see how it would be a prioritized choice over others. 

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Serta Mattresses Appreciating Qualities & Features

Where Are Serta Mattresses Made?

Serta products always come up with distinguished features making them a good choice, especially mattresses. If we talk about the top spotted features, they include low motion transfer, layers of foams, innerspring, and cooling spaces. 

They also introduced two coil systems, wrapped and friendly adjustable with dense foam surrounding edges for proper reinforcement. That’s all increasing the durability of these mattresses. 

We observed reviews of people on forum websites like Quora & Reddit that have personal experiences with Serta. According to them, these mattresses are a good choice because they completely care for customers’ satisfaction. 

  • Serta mattresses use quality foams and make proper layers with stitching
  • The manufacturers also use pure forest wood to increase longevity
  • It is caring for proper structuring and designing along with the comfort features
  • They are available at such costs customers can easily afford without breaking the bank
  • Serta company offers free white glove delivery & mattress removal
  • Interestingly, you also get a trial period of 120 days for your favorite mattress model
  • And yes, the higher warranty of a maximum of 10 years if you properly care

Aren’t all the features making Serta mattresses a good choice over others?

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The Bottom Line

We completely discussed the manufacturing destinations of Serta mattresses in the above article. We also described several features of these mattresses, allowing you to decide whether getting them is worth.

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