Where Are Kia Made

Where Are KIA Made – Best Selling Models?

If you haven’t heard about the world-famous car brand KIA, then what are you even doing? You have to check out their cars if you are planning to buy one or even if you don’t want to; some window shopping does not harm anyone, right?

KIAs are made in South Korea, Slovakia, and the United States. The headquarter of KIA cars is in South Korea, and most of the materials used in the cars are also from the same place. So, let’s find out all the locations where KIA cars are made, and at the end, we will also talk about the best-selling KIA cars, so stay tuned.

Locations of KIA around the world

Where Are KIA Made - Best Selling Models?

KIA has its manufacturing facilities in different countries, but some of the countries manufacture the majority of the cars in KIA, and we will discuss those countries. The main locations of KIA facilities are in the United States of America, Slovakia, and South Korea, and all three of these countries have large factories to manufacture KIA cars and their parts.

Let’s find out the locations of KIA in all three of these countries:

1. South Korea

South Korea is considered the hub of KIA cars, and one of the biggest manufacturing facilities of this brand is located in South Korea. The brand even started in South Korea, and for a long time, the Korean market was its main target.

The headquarters of KIA is in Seoul, but it is not the only facility in South Korea as the Sohari plant from the Woojeong-Myeon, Gyeonggi province, is also very famous for manufacturing different parts of vehicles.

All the important manufacturing tasks are completed mainly in the headquarters, and the other factories are merely used for making different parts of the vehicles.

2. Slovakia

The manufacturing plant in Slovakia is also a very important one, and the vehicles made from this plant are among the finest ones because the material is used from the world in the making of these automobiles.

The location of this plant is Zilina in Slovakia, and though it is not as big and advanced as the South Korean one, it still produces the finest of KIA vehicles so, even if you are getting your vehicle from this plant, it will be among the best, rest assured.

3. United States

The most crucial facility of KIA in the United States is located in Georgia. Though there are multiple other facilities, they are mainly for producing different parts of the vehicles, and all the magic happens in this factory in Georgia.

West point is the exact location of the KIA factory in Georgia, and it is a very important landmark in the area as well. Everything is manufactured in this factory, from parts of KIA cars and engines to assembling the car, and it has some of the most competent engineers and workers.

KIA Models Manufactured In the USA

As the car brand has a wide range of cars, every facility cannot excel in manufacturing every car so, the facility located in Georgia only manufactures three models of KIA cars. Though it might sound like three is such a small number for a whole functioning plant but all the parts and bits of these models are also designed in the same factory, so 3 is not that less.

This model-based distribution among different factories helps maintain quality because keeping a check on the quality of three models of vehicles is easy compared to 30 models, so KIA is playing all its cards right so far.

The three models that are manufactured in the KIA facility in Georgia are Sorento CUV, Telluride CUV, and K5 Midsize Sedan. These vehicles have a high demand in the United States because of their reliability and built, all thanks to our plant in Georgia.

Best Selling Kia Cars This Year

Where Are KIA Made?

Kia has become an absolute fan-favorite for the past few years after the minimalistic and reliable lifestyle kicked in. The sales of KIA are certainly increasing day by day, and so is the demand for its best-selling cars, which are reliable and powerful, and super-comfortable with a smooth drive.

This year, the Forte was everyone’s favorite because it is simple, powerful, and serves its purpose. Though by its looks, the car does not look overly glamorous or funky one, it certainly offers a premium driving experience to everyone.

Another car that sold like crazy this year was Sportage by KIA, and this is a relatively bigger and bulkier car that could fit your whole family in. The engines of this car are really impressive along with the overall look and affordable price as it does not cost you an arm and a leg.

K5 is yet another car that was high in demand this year, but this is more on the advanced and modern side, and it even looks like a high-end and luxurious car by its design and color.

The performance and safety in K5 are unmatched, while the interior is also beautifully designed to give you all the aesthetic vibes that you need. It is also considered a very fast model of KIA with a speed of 60 mph in 5.2 seconds. Also, like other KIA models, this one is not over the top expensive either.

The sales of KIA increased by 35% with these amazing cars in 2021, which is a lot, of course. Also, in the month of July alone, 70,099 cars were sold by KIA, which is a great achievement considering the condition of the automobile industry these days.

Are KIA Cars Worth Buying?

Yes, KIA cars are worth buying because they are highly reliable, and they contain options for all types of people, no matter whether you are low on budget or want a luxurious car. Affordability is a staple to this brand, and you get more than what you pay for.

KIA is one of those brands you go for whenever you need reliability and affordability. Though it checks all the blocks of a perfectly decent brand, it still is not as mainstream as the other brands.

Among the top 32 car brands, the ranking of KIA is on the third, which is great considering that it is relatively new in the world market though it was operating in South Korea for years. Also, a problem that car users usually face is the maintenance of their cars.

Luxury cars are the hardest to maintain, while all the cars from KIA are low-maintenance, and even if they need maintenance once in a while, it does not cost you a lot, so it again is a win-win situation for you and your pocket.

If you buy one of the latest models of KIA, it will last you for several decades, and because of its strong engine and smooth drive, it is considered a bang for the buck always.


Lastly, KIA is one of those brands that offer high-end services at very affordable rates. Their facilities are also very grand and spread across different locations, and this brand certainly is growing with every passing day.

There will be a time when we will be able to see KIA among the top car tycoons, and it will happen soon because of the increasing popularity of KIA in India and China.


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