Where Are Milwaukee Tools Made

Where Are Milwaukee Tools Made? Facts

Milwaukee is just another name of reliable and durable tools. You must have heard about this world-famous tool company that makes some of the finest quality tools. But, have you ever wondered where these tools are made?

Well, most of Milwaukee‘s famous and used items are made in China, but Europe also has a lot of manufacturing facilities in Milwaukee. While the US only has around three factories that produce tools for this company.

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The Locations Of Facilities Where Milwaukee Tools Are Made

Where Are Milwaukee Tools Made? Facts

Though Milwaukee is a company that is based in the US, and it got all the hype from the US as well, but all of its products are made in different regions according to their type, which is what makes these tools so reliable and different from others.

This company has been expanding its operations in America as well and is trying to bring more job opportunities for the local people there. But for now, let’s find out how many facilities of Milwaukee are in different regions.

American Facilities

Though this US-based company is still on its way to expanding its facilities but for now, it is only at three places.

  • Brookfield
  • Mississippi
  • Wisconsin

Brookfield and Wisconsin both have one facility each. Still, in Mississippi, three different factories are located in its three cities where the Milwaukee tools are made that are highly famous and best selling in America.

Greenwood, Olive branch, and Jackson are the cities of Mississippi that play a key role in the production of Milwaukee tools in the US. Interestingly, the headquarters of this company is also located in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

Facilities In China

China is one of the leading producers of tools for the Milwaukee company because of its technological advancement and rapid workforce. Also, some of the most famous tools from Milwaukee are made in China.

Though the company has different facilities in China and hasn’t specified the locations of those factories, most of their China-made tools come from Zhejiang and Jiangsu. Also, Shanghai is yet another main province where the Milwaukee tools are made.

European Facilities

The Milwaukee factories are also located in different European countries. Still, we will talk about the most prominent of them all, which are just two of the European countries because they produce a lot of mainstream tools and maintain quality in each one of them.

Germany is one of those countries that make a lot of Milwaukee tools, and the second one is in Switzerland. Both these countries are famous for contributing to making more reliable and durable Milwaukee tools.

Best Selling Milwaukee Tools

Where Are Milwaukee Tools Made? Facts

The absolute fan-favorite tool from Milwaukee has to be the M18 fuel framing nailer. It is famous for its great performance and reliability and how strong it is, and how quickly it gets all the work done.

The M18 Cut-off saw is also a great tool from the Milwaukee collection because of its power and efficiency. It is also really convenient to use and is nothing like the traditional saws, which is exactly what Milwaukee tools are famous for doing.

The power of these tools is unmatched, and as compared to other tools of this type, they are really ahead in the game of tool-making. Some of Milwaukee’s most reliable and best-selling tools are made in China using the best of materials.

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Why Are Milwaukee Tools Famous?

Milwaukee tools are really famous not only in America but also worldwide, and most people at least have one of these tools in their house. There are several reasons for this fame and popularity, and we are going to dissect some of those reasons:


The element of innovation can clearly be seen in all of their tools, and they are constantly trying to make new advancements in their tools which makes them stand out among the competitors and which makes their tools best.

Though it is just a company that makes tools, in reality, they intricately design each of their tools so that they are easy to use and modern at the same time. The products made by Milwaukee are the perfect blend of innovation, modernism, and technology.


Milwaukee is best known for being a really reliable company, and all of its tools will last you for a lifetime. They make their tools in such a way that they can be in mint condition for several years.

Some of these tools also last for several decades because of their make and design. Also, the material used in making these tools makes them a lot more reliable and stronger.

Powerful Batteries

If you have a Milwaukee tool at your place, you know how great the batteries are, right? These tools are famous for their powerful batteries that perform great no matter the condition and place.

Also, the battery power does not fade away quickly, which is a very common case with other tools. This tool’s battery power and strength last for longer than you would expect and give you a smooth user experience every single time.

Efficient Tools

The tools of Milwaukee indeed are efficient, and they also perform really great. Most of the tools are cordless and strong that can be used professionally and for domestic purposes, and provide equal efficiency in both.

And no, we are not just talking about just one tool here but all of the Milwaukee tools because they all are designed on the principle of quality, reliability, and performance.

Interesting Facts About The Milwaukee Industry

First of all, Milwaukee is a place in the US, and the company is named after that place because of the fact that this company was founded in Milwaukee and is the breeding ground of one of the most heavy-duty tools.

As we already told you that Milwaukee is expanding their business in the US, they are taking things really seriously, and they have even invested around $47 million in developing their manufacturing factories in the US, and this amount is invested only in the last five years.

Another really important and interesting fact is that though Milwaukee is a company based in the US, it is owned by another company that controls it. Techtronic is a subsidiary of Milwaukee, and this company is based in Hong Kong.

So, basically, Milwaukee is not controlled by the American headquarters but by the office in Hong Kong, which is interesting because not many people know that an American company does not completely own Milwaukee.



So, Milwaukee tools are great and all but, at last, we would advise you to buy them only if you need them regularly. These tools actually are pretty expensive and high-end, and if you don’t use them regularly or don’t have any professional work, then there are a lot of other reasonable options available in the market that you can go for.

These tools are best among the rest, and we hope to see more of Milwaukee’s facilities in the US because of the company’s great initiative to give jobs to local people.

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