Where are Kobalt Tools Made

Where are Kobalt Tools Made?

Kobalt is one of the top brands introducing high-quality mechanics and hand tools. If we talk about the core reason they are famous among industry owners, that would be the introduction of advanced tool features. Yes, the brand’s tools have made mechanical tasks easier to perform.

Upon analysis, it has been observed that Kobalt tools are manufactured mainly in Taiwan, China, Mexico, the United States and Canada. According to the resources, the company also has relations with other countries from where they are importing assembling parts.

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Who Makes Kobalt Tools?

Where are Kobalt Tools Made

In 1998, when the company was introduced to the world, it was only restricted to the United States. There were no exports to the other countries than by the company and no such higher product demands. Later, Kobalt became famous among industry fellows and mechanical engineers in the upcoming years.

And that’s all because of providing quality wise best material and tools with modern features that can make tasks effortless. That was when the company observed increased demand and popularity, which urged owners to increase manufacturing. That was when they expanded production centers outside of the United States.

According to the official statements by Kobalt, they are promoting almost complete manufacturing in Asian countries. Nowadays, the company has production plants in the below-described countries where they are designing, producing and taking care of transferring products worldwide.

Pay attention – Kobalt brand mostly outsources manufacturing to third parties in different countries. As per resources, they don’t manufacture by themselves or a significant portion of total manufacturing annually is outsourced to factories worldwide.


Most of Kobalt brand’s tools are manufactured in Taiwan because of greater facilities here. It can be seen that Taiwan always provides industries with advanced facilities. And yes, the country is often called clusters of industries because of it. Kobalt deals with Rexon industrial corporation company in the country making their miter saws.

After manufacturing, they transferred to the United States, from where they exported it to suitable markets worldwide. But sometimes, they directly transfer the products to different countries from Taiwan. Though Rexon is making products for Kobalt, the company always promotes quality checks.

After checking the product quality, working, and everything else, the in-house engineers passed and gave the tag. Kobalt follows the whole procedure to proceed with manufacturing in Taiwan. And yes, the industrial corporation in Taiwan always provides Kobalt with amazing deals and quality-wise best production.

Recent analytics and the market response of Kobalt tools in Taiwan have cleared that it may collaborate with some other companies. This is to increase production at the exact moment and to meet the customers’ demand.

United States

As we have mentioned, Kobalt first started manufacturing in the United States. This is the place where it has its manufacturing department and facilities to design new products. Since 2020, we have seen that Rexon in Taiwan manufactures miter saws, but several hand tools are still made in the USA.

Lowe’s – the Kobalt brand’s owner has cleared that they are promoting manufacturing hand tools and some cordless tools in the United States in their own space. The tools are often manufactured by their close supplies in the market. But still, as the procedure in Taiwan, the final checks are looked after by themselves.

Kobalt also has headquarters in Mooresville, North Carolina, United States. From here, they are operating designing of products, material and quality checks, and exporting worldwide considering marketing response.

Although the country is providing Kobalt with dozens of amazing facilities for production, modern technologies and much more but don’t know why it has shifted to proper manufacturing in Asia. Some internal resources explained that it might be an economic decision considering the growth rate.


It is one of the best joints in North America with unique geographical features. And yes, that is the reason why Kobalt has collaborated with manufacturing industries here. Some authorized corporations are working with the company here and designing power tools. Kobalt is dealing with the direct transferring of products from here to the related countries, which reduces transportation costs.

It has been seen that the Mexican market in recent years has provided Kobalt with excellent responses. And yes, that is why it has increased the production demands in the country.


Kobalt tools are also manufactured in Canada as in the above-mentioned countries. The only difference is the production here mostly focuses on introducing power tools compared to the hand tools. Kobalt is promoting manufacturing here and supplying to the different markets considering their response.

The Canadian market is included in the list of the top three hot markets for the Kobalt tools.


In Asia, China is the top country that can help industries enhance their production, increase growth and promote revenue. Considering everything in mind, Kobalt decided to encourage the manufacturing of the power tools here.

After Taiwan, China is the second country which is adding significant value to the overall production of Kobalt. Authorized corporations here deal with the production, designing and other concerns per the company’s instructions. Also, the company is supplying products to whole Asian countries from here.

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Is Kobalt Owned By Chevron?

Where are Kobalt Tools Made?

No, Kobalt is owned by Lowe’s – a retailer company which operates a chain of retail stores in Canada and the United States. In 1998, Lowe’s manufacturing partner J.H.Williams started manufacturing Kobalt tools. By the time when they felt an increase in demand, they signed a deal with Chevron to produce power tools for them.

Chervon is a power tool manufacturing and distributing company helping industries to produce valuable products. The company focuses on producing cordless power tools for Kobalt, which they export worldwide to suitable markets.

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Final Thoughts

In the above article, we have shared with you where Kobalt tools are made and much more about how the company deals with manufacturers. We also mentioned in detail the history of Kobalt, ownership etc.

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