Where are Ryobi Tools Made

Where are Ryobi Tools Made?

Ryobi Limited is a Japanese brand specializing in making pro-featured power tools with excellent efficiency. Japanese businessmen introduced the brand in 1943, and at that time, it only dealt with automobiles, telecommunication and electronic industries. Later, it started dealing with machinery tools in 1968.

Ryobi tools are mainly manufactured in Hong Kong, China and Indiana, United States. The company also has relations with manufacturers in other countries where they produce power, cordless, and hand tools. But you should know that Ryobi purely tackles manufacturing in China and the United States in their own space.

Below, we have compiled a lot more about where Ryobi tools are made. Stay with the article and know everything!

Ryobi Tools Manufacturing Plants Worldwide

Where are Ryobi Tools Made?

It was 1968, and Ryobi started manufacturing and supplying tools worldwide. They decided to complete authorized power tools manufacturers at that time because the industry was considered the most profitable. And yes, it was profitable.

As Ryobi was already an authorized brand supplying electronics and telecommunication components, it immediately introduced itself. According to the resources, it gained much appreciation within no time and became successful. The core reason behind its quick success was the production at higher quality scales.

The company uses the best materials, modern technologies and advanced tool features, making the mechanical tasks effortless. According to the official statements by Ryobi, they are promoting manufacturing facilities for tools in six countries worldwide. Though, they have relations with other countries in terms of importing assembling components.

For better navigation, we have compiled the countries below where they are mainly dealing with manufacturing.


The Techtronic industries in China make Ryobi tools under the license of Ryobi limited. A few years back, when the company observed an increase in product demand, they signed a deal with Techtronic industries and provided them with their license. Nowadays, they are making several tools under the name of Ryobi in China. Plus, they have headquarters in Hong Kong.

Ryobi has provided some instructions keeping in mind their authorization and quality at the time of giving license to Techtronic and signing the deal. And yes, the company has the authority to check the quality of products, and they do. Every product under Ryobi’s name is first checked by their engineers and then introduced to the market.

Apart from producing the products for Ryobi, Techtronic is also helping the company market the product in the whole Chinese market. And yes, the company’s products always achieve greater response among markets.

Do you know why Ryobi has chosen China for their products manufacturing?

This is because China is one of the top Asian countries with amazing industrial facilities for enhanced production. It is often called the bouquet of industries where they are operating, designing, manufacturing, and exporting to countries worldwide. And yes, that is what Ryobi is doing.

They are designing and manufacturing products keeping in mind the demands and then delivering them to the related Asian countries. It saves both time and money.

United States

Almost every authorized power tools manufacturing company has production plants in the United States. That’s because of the stable economic structure and number of production facilities. Plus, for the sake of a made-in-USA tag which promotes higher authorization.

In 1985, Ryobi felt the same and came here to the United States to compete with other powerful brands like Makita and Snap-on. It introduced facilities in the city of Indiana, USA and started designing new products.

Ryobi created its finance team, suitable space, and a complete department to tackle production and supplying affairs in the USA. As it is the only production center of the company in the United States, it is handling all the concerns related to the company here.

It deals with the whole production here and supplies responses and production ratio decisions to the suitable market. In fact, the branch has relationships with other manufacturers here, helping them to assemble products, but they are controlling final quality checks. After checking the products from every possible aspect, they promote tagging and delivery worldwide.


In 1991, the company launched a production plant in Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland, which focuses on promoting power tools manufacturing. The plant has significantly increased overall production value in recent years, which has made the company supply in these areas.

The production plant is following the instructions of Ryobi and also delivering the products to the related areas. It has been observed that it has relationships with other companies helping to assemble products and such concerns. But the company is purely dealing with all Ryobi’s concerns and designing products accordingly.

That was about where Ryobi tools are made. Here is a look at some famous tool products introduced by the company which have improved the demand and growth of the company.

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Famous Ryobi Tools

Where are Ryobi Tools Made?

Ryobi has provided the industry with hand, power, and automotive tools. If we talk about the famous products in these categories, these would be:

  • Laser Cube: the tool is used to promote accurate leveling with bubble vials, vertical and horizontal.
  • Stud Detector: This tool promotes auto deep scan technology which helps to reveal the stud behind the wall. Meanwhile, you can quickly analyze the AC wires, wiring and woods behind to avoid difficulties during work.
  • P340 Cordless Multi-tool: This tool comes up with hex rubber in functioning, which helps you connect several tools with it at the same moment and promote work. Meanwhile, you can quickly switch heads off different tools and be good to go.
  • Pressure Digital Inflator 18V One+: This tool is mostly used to repair your car’s deflated tyres because it comes up with two high-pressure nozzles and one sports equipment needle.

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The Bottom Line

Ryobi tools were introduced to the world in 1968 and are now manufactured in six countries with more than 12 production facilities by the company. We have mentioned everything in the above article regarding this for your better navigation. In case of any confusion, you can contact us and we will surely provide you with guidance.

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