Where are Makita Tools Made

Where are Makita Tools Made?

Makita is a power tools manufacturing company that stepped up in the industry in 1915. The company has introduced more than 70 tools to the world-famous for greater use and strong material. The company is now delivering tools all over the globe in several countries.

The Makita tools are made in Japan, China, Brazil, Romania, Mexico, United States, Germany, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and Thailand. In contrast, Makita tools have headquarters in Japan and the United States from where they are operating.

The company has several factories in different cities where tools have been manufactured in the mentioned countries. Talking about the reason why the company has headquarters in two different countries, that’s because of higher production and demand worldwide.

Here is much more about where Makita tools are made!

Makita Tools Manufacturing Destination

Where are Makita Tools Made?

In 1915, Makita tools were only restricted to Japan, and that was because of low resources and community. They started by repairing lightning equipment, such as motors and transformers, and then selling. But later, in 1958, they introduced a portable electric planer where they officially started out selling power tools.

With time, they felt an increased demand and popularity in the industry. That was the moment when they started expanding production plants and supplying around the globe. Now, the Makita tools have been manufactured in several countries. We compiled a few countries which took a great portion in manufacturing.

Pay attention – Under resources have cleared that Makita may be dealing with other countries. The company will also start introducing manufacturing plants in other authorized countries in Asia soon.

And here these are.

United States

Since the start, Makita has been producing power tools in the USA, and that’s because of the higher facilities here. The production factories here are present outside Atlanta in Buford, Georgia. Interestingly, the faculty here has given factories the name – MCA (Makita Corporation America).

That’s the place where Makita is manufacturing, as well as assembling the tools, and even delivering worldwide. According to the analysis, Makita has recently introduced nearly 1 million square feet of distribution and training center in Texas for further growth and development. Also, the center has been observed to provide manufacturing engineers with new and modern facilities. And yes, MCA is also counted in the global manufacturing network of Makita tools because of its higher facilities and significant roles in a major production.


It’s the place from where Makita has started manufacturing, supplying, and expanding production. However, the company has also started manufacturing in other countries but still has production plants in Anjo, Japan. The factory here is adding a significant portion to the overall manufacturing annually.

In contrast, the plant is now mostly used to assemble and deliver products worldwide. Also, they are taking care of claims and other concerns related to the products. Resources have shown that every new design for the product is always passed from here and then delivered to factories worldwide.

United Kingdom

Makita has a manufacturing plant in Telford, England, responsible for full production facilities and running construction of top-line cordless power tools. The plant is considered one of the major plants because of its greater production facilities and engineered labor here.

Annually, this plant is highly adding value to the overall production and promotes the headquarters’ roles. Several tools associated with the company are designed here, approved, and then delivered to Makita’s manufacturing engineers worldwide.


The country is also top on the list where Makita is promoting its tools manufacturing. According to the resources, the core reason why Makita has factories in China is the greater facilities here. Efficient labor is available at reasonable costs here to the company, and they can operate within Asia efficiently.

China is considered the hub of Asia, so the company manufactures tools and also delivers tools to other Asian countries. You can say that China has a greater role in promoting the growth of Makita’s revenue.


As you know, Brazil is one of the largest countries in South America with advanced features and technology use. So, that is the reason behind Makita started manufacturing here. The company has manufacturing factories in Sao Bernardo – a city in Brazil.

Apart from the countries described above, Makita is also operating from here:

  • Romania
  • Mexico
  • Germany
  • UAE
  • Thailand

The company has plants in different cities and countries where thousands of employees are working together and trying to maximize the overall production ratio annually. And yes, it’s true that most of the country’s factories have significantly increased production. That is why Makita is considering expanding production factories in Germany and Romania.

Does Milwaukee own Makita Tools?

Where are Makita Tools Made?

No, Makita tools are not owned by Milwaukee. There is a misconception among people regarding the company. Let you know that Makita and Milwaukee are two different power tools companies. One is from Japan, while the second is from America, respectively.

Resources have shown that Masahiko Goto is handling Makita as chairman, while Shiho Hori is president in Japan. Japanese businessmen purely own the company, and there is no other owner of Makita.

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Makita tools can be used for many home purposes, such as using for washroom doors, and other home-related stuff.

Makita – Quick History Overview

Paying attention to a quick overview of Makita tools, it was founded in March 1915 by Mosaburo Makita. In the beginning, the company was only dealing with light equipment, repairing and selling at a lower scale. By then, they introduced themselves as larger sellers in the Japanese market and started production at a higher level.

Because of greater features and the introduction of advanced products, they became famous among people and industry fellows. That was when they started dealing with other countries and expanding their production factories in countries like China, Brazil, the United States, and England.

According to the analytics, it has been observed that Makita is now dealing with the manufacturing of more than 70 power tools.

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The Bottom Line

Makita is one of the top power tools manufacturing companies worldwide and is based in Japan. The company is famous for introducing tools with advanced features. We also mentioned the manufacturing destinations of Makita in the above article.

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