Where Are Purple Mattresses Made

Where Are Purple Mattresses Made?

Purple mattresses are considered one of the most comfortable and durable among people. Especially, they are highly reviewed by customers in the United States and are mostly purchased here because of their strong customer base. If we talk about the secrets behind the top-rated quality, it’s the use of hyper-elastic material and steel coil foundation.

Upon analysis, it has been observed these mattresses are entirely manufactured in the United States by the company. But still, the company imports crucial components used in production and for proper assembling from related countries. There are three official plants for purple bed mattresses in different states of the USA.

We researched, compiled, and described authorized information in this article to better understand where purple mattresses are made. All you need to do is, stay with this page and pay thorough attention. 

Let’s dive into this. 

Purple Mattresses Manufacturing Facilities 

Where Are Purple Mattresses Made

Purple, an American LLC comfort technology company headquartered in Lehi, Utah. It was founded in 2015 by Tony & Terry Pearce, serving in the United States and Canada. The company makes seat cushions, pillows, bed platforms, and much more but mainly specializes in mattress production. 

It wouldn’t be wrong to say mattresses in the product that has made them famous worldwide, especially among American natives. Because of the increasing demand for this particular product, the company has focused on enhancing its production. As we described, the company is manufacturing in three different plants.

Resources explained that hundreds of employees are working in these plants, and each cover over 100,000 square feet of area. Moreover, mattresses of all sizes are manufactured in these plants. You can get an idea from this how large-scale manufacturing is continued here.

Here are the spaces where the company has its official production facilities for mattresses in the US:

Grantsville, Utah

It’s one of the old manufacturing destinations for purple mattresses, where they implement modern technologies and deal with all the concerns related to the matter. In this plant, experts are creating new designs and experiencing features to introduce in upcoming mattress types.

There’s no restriction, and the company makes almost every mattress using elastic polymers. 

Alpine, Utah

It’s the second largest production plant of purple mattresses, where they are specially making the king and queen-size mattresses. Focusing on described sizes doesn’t mean they are not making other sizes. But the thing is, they have higher demands for particular sizes mentioned in the above line. 

The official plant of the company also has dealings with local manufacturers here, helping in the efficient assembling and to produce more products at the exact moment. It has been observed the plant is dealing with higher ratios of total manufacturing percentages. 

Blacksville, Georgia 

After Utah, it’s another state where the company has recently introduced a new manufacturing plant. The factory is entirely focusing on new technologies, improving growth, and helping in reaching higher goals in the future. 

The company has decided to enhance its production and introduce unique mattress features soon. 

Features Making Purple Mattresses a Great Choice!

Where Are Purple Mattresses Made

Although, purple mattresses have several appreciating features reviewed by dozens of websites. But described only those who are personally experienced and quoted by common people. 

We are quoting features doesn’t mean the mattresses have no cons. They lack in some places, but you can compromise because a few cons in front of dozens of features are nothing. Isn’t it?

However, check out the features making purple mattresses a good choice. 

Temperature Resistant 

The mattress is really incredible for temperature regulation, and the credit goes to the gird design. However, the mattress has no advanced cooling technology but allows airflow in a mannered way because of little air pockets and layers adjustments.

To have a cool night’s sleep experience, it’s the best mattress choice. 

Motion Absorption

It’s true; you will not observe any movements on the mattress until your partner is not a serious tosser-turner. It’s because purple mattresses use hyper-elastic polymer materials in manufacturing that can absorb motions and are really bouncy. 

Longer Durability

Purple mattresses are made up of hyper-elastic polymers that can stretch up to 10 times to actual size. Meanwhile, they are flexible enough and will not lose proper structure. In fact, the durable features are experienced and confirmed by customers. 

Different Sizes Availability

Some mattresses restrict you in different sizes availability, but here the situation is quite reliable. Purple mattresses provide you with all sizes, including twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and Cal king. It means that you can easily ensure the mattress you are looking for without getting involved in any complexity. 

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Reasonable Pricing 

Last but not least, purple mattresses are available at such costs you can reliably afford without any disturbance to your comfortable budget. We mentioned the latest prices for a purple mattress with respect to the sizes below.

See which one is feasible for you.


Measurements (inches)



38×75 inches


Twin XL

38×80 inches



54×74 inches



60×80 inches



76×80 inches


Cal king

72×84 inches


So, here are the prices for each mattress, keeping the size in inches. You can choose the ideal one and ensure from any store. Even purple mattress has retail shops in almost all US states and Canada. So, you can also purchase from here and even order online from their official website within a few simple steps. 

Attention: Purple LLC gives you a 100-day free trial for their mattresses and 10 years warranty. So, you can give your body a chance to be compatible with their mattresses and see whether they are the right choice for you or not. If you don’t like it, you can return without any complexity. 

These are all features making purple mattresses a great choice over others. 

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The Final Thoughts

We shared in-depth about where are purple mattresses made in the above article. Plus, we also described appreciating the features of this particular product, making it a great choice over others. 

We’d love to hear if you already have any experience with these mattresses. Leave your kind opinions quickly in the comment box below. 

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