Where Are Yeezys Made

Where Are Yeezys Made? (Best Selling)

Yeezy is a brand that is owned by Kanye West, and who does not know Kanye? The brand got a lot of fame because of this celebrity singer, and now, Yeezy is all the hype among the Gen-Z and millennials.

Yeezys are made in China and owned by Kanye West. Tags, and brandings of any other country on Yeezy products indicate that they are fake. So, let’s find out more about this brand and its best-selling products.

In Which Country Are Yeezy Products Made?

Where Are Yeezys Made

As already implied, Yeezy products are only made in China, but people often believe that Yeezy also has a manufacturing facility in Vietnam which is not true. Kanye himself has been seen making tours in the factories and keeping a check on the quality of his precious brand.

The Chinese manufacturing facilities of Yeezy make sure that there is no defect in the quality of these high-end goods and keep the costs low so, Kanye gets a huge profit margin in this clothing brand.

The manufacturing facility of Yeezy in China is efficient and very advanced. That is why its demand and production have been skyrocketing for the past few years. Now, Kanye is also thinking about expanding his brand.

As all of the goods are made in China, there is no difference in the quality of products. All of the Yeezy products contain the same elite quality because they are not shipped from different countries but sourced and made from one country, which certainly has an effect, as we can see.

There are multiple retailers of Yeezy in China, and Yeezy is quite famous in the local market as well, but the greatest demand for these products is in the United States, which is the place of origin of this brand as well.

Yeezy also has a headquarters which is located in Calabasas, California, in the United States. This headquarter is the mere definition of luxury because of how big and lavish it is, just like Kanye West’s lifestyle.

Kanye also said that he wants to have a lavish and gigantic manufacturing facility for Yeezy in the United States, which he is working on, and we might see an official announcement of a Yeezy factory in the US in the coming year.

Best-Selling Products Of Yeezys

This year has been great for Yeezy as it has launched many new and innovative products. Plenty of these products successfully made it to the best-selling list, and that is exactly what we are going to talk about so, let’s see what those fortunate goods that have gotten this great accomplishment are.

Yeezy Sand

Sand is a running shoe that is made of premium quality material, and when you look at it, it gives a very futuristic feel. By its looks, we can see that it is inspired by crocs, but the monochromes and design have won the race and made this pair one of its kind with 18,394 sales in just one year.

Though the original product does not cost as much and considering its quality, one can even say that it is pretty reasonable as well, but the resale value of this pair is triple the real price. But, people are still buying these Yeezy sand shoes because they are the most innovative shoes people have come across in a pretty long time, so these shoes deserve all the hype.

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Yeezy 450 Dark Slate

It is one of the coolest shoes you would have come across in a very long time because first of all, just look at it. The design of this shoe looks nothing like one, but still, it is really comfortable to wear. It is specifically designed for professional runners, so Yeezy has pretty straight priorities.

Though this pair is relatively expensive from the others, that is because of its premium clothing and rubber material. Also, the good thing about Yeezy shoes is that they don’t wear out easily, which is why this innovative piece got 11,025 sales in one year.

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Yeezy Boost 350 V2

This pair does not look as innovative and luxurious as the other ones, but it screams comfort, and that is why it has become an absolute fan-favorite this year because people just cannot get enough of it.

The pair provides enough support to your feet and help in reducing foot aches that are usually caused by uncomfortable shoes. The material used in this pair is very soft and airy, yet it lasts longer than you would expect, and the sole made from rubber is perfect for giving some extra support to your feet.

As a result of all these qualities, Yeezy has managed to sell 13,865 pairs of these amazing pairs of shoes.

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Yeezy 700 V3

Yeezy 700 V3 Kyanite looks as if some sort of aquatic theme inspires it because the first look at this pair will certainly remind you of aquatic life. The sleek and unique design is one of its kind, and it maintains the integrity that Yeezy has because of its quality shoes.

The price of this Yeezy unit is also high compared to the sand ones, but, for what you are getting, it is fair enough. This pair is also one of the best sellers of Yeezy because they sold 16,231 pairs of these shoes in just one year. Isn’t it amazing?

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Some Unknown Facts About Yeezy

Where Are Yeezys Made

Yeezy, as a brand, has been under the radar of a lot of controversies, specifically because of its owner. Still, today we are presenting you some of the most exclusive information that you certainly did not know before.

What Happened To Yeezy-Nike Deal?

Yeezy collaborated with Nike for like 5 years or so, and at the time of this collaboration, everything was going really well. For the owner of Yeezy, Nike was always his first choice but, he had to end this collaboration, and here is why:

The owner of Yeezy, Kanye West, said in an interview that even though it was hard for him to end his collaboration with Nike, it was for the best because the brand was not giving him the royalties of his shoes. Soon after breaking this deal with Nike, Yeezy signed a new deal with Adidas, which has proven to be a very promising venture for Kanye and Yeezy.

DeAndre Hopkins Tragedy In NFL

It was when Yeezy newly launched its sports shoes in collaboration with Adidas, and these were the first shoes specifically made to be worn while playing sports. DeAndre became the guinea pig of this experiment when he wore the pair in his NFL match.

DeAndre was fined for $600 because of breaking the rules that clearly said a player could not wear more than one colored pair while the Yeezy shoes had 2 colors. So basically, DeAndre got fined because of Yeezy, and it is pretty interesting.



As Yeezy has been one of the leading shoe and streetwear brands for the past few years, it plans to expand its factories because they obviously cannot always be limited to China, so let’s hope for the best.

And just FYI, the best-selling Yeezy shoes we listed above are best among the rest with their innovative nature and aesthetically pleasing design.

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