Where Are Clarks Shoes Made

Where Are Clarks Shoes Made?

Clarks is one of the top-most and popular footwear brands worldwide, especially in England. It mainly manufactures school and work shoes and highly focuses on introducing new designs and styles in them from time to time. Upon analysis, they observed most selling ones, and that’s the reason behind their higher production.

Yes, you’ve heard the right. If we talk about where Clarks shoes are made, they are manufactured in China, Vietnam, Mexico, Portugal, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Romania, Cambodia, Albania, and Bangladesh. It’s a British brand that stopped manufacturing in England in 2006. 

Most of the manufacturing is continued in Asia, Central America, and Europe. Check out more about where Clarks shoes are made below.

Clarks Shoes Manufacturing Destinations Worldwide

Where Are Clarks Shoes Made?

It was 1825 when the company was first introduced to the world as a shoe retailer and manufacturer in Somerset, England. At this time, there was no such demand for modern shoes. They were making simple but quality-wise the best shoes, as per resources. And that’s what has made them famous among natives of England. 

They started expanding manufacturing and introducing new shops with the name “Clarks” in different villages and states of England. By then, they were one of the top-rated shoe brands in the country. In 1950, they introduced Desert Boot – the reason behind its popularity worldwide. 

According to the analysis, it has been observed that the company was known in other countries only because of Desert Boot. And yes, they felt an increase in demand, and they started increasing manufacturing factories in the whole of England. Later they were also involved in exporting shoes to related countries and spreading their brand awareness in Europe. 

Pay attention – because of the great production and introduction of modern shoes, they are now included in the list of the top 31 private companies/businesses in the UK and have more than 400 outlets worldwide. 

Nowadays, the brand is making shoes in different countries worldwide because of increased production and demand. Below, we have collected the countries where the company is making its products and chosen for its manufacturing factories. 

Let’s check them out. 

Where Are Clarks Shoes Made?


Firstly, the company introduced its manufacturing plants in China when it stopped making products in England in 2006. According to the company’s official statements, they introduced plants in China only because of the greater facilities and modern technology used here. 

China is a country that is known as a bouquet of industries because there are many facilities for industries to promote efficient manufacturing. Because of the modern technology used here, the company is eligible to make more products at the moment. As per resources, the company is making much of its products and adding value to its overall production. 

Interestingly, the government here also facilitates the industries and provides them with hardworking labor at reasonable costs. Moreover, the production factories here also train new employees and staff on behalf of the company. 

Resources have explained that the company will soon introduce more production facilities in the country because the demand for Clarks is increasing day by day. 


It’s the most famous South Asian country and has excellent geographical importance allowing the company to easily manufacture and deliver the products directly to the surrounding countries. As per company statements, they appreciate manufacturing engineers in the country helping make quality products. 

Along with its official production facilities, the company has also collaborated with local manufacturers here. They are helping to increase the production ratio and to assemble more shoes of different types at the exact moment. It has been observed that most school shoes by Clarks are made here. 

Because of the efficient production facilities provided to the company here, it will soon introduce more production factories here. And yes, it may hire specific labor to manufacture new types of shoes. 

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Yes, you’ve heard the right. Resources declared Clarks is using new designs and implementing modern features introduced mainly by the experts working here. Romania is one of the places where the company makes essential decisions.  

Apart from this, if we talk about another core reason why the company has chosen the country for producing its products, it would be the strong marketing & brand awareness. Romanian people have responded great to the Clarks shoes compared to the all-other brands in the row. 

Similar to the production system in Thailand, the company collaborates with local manufacturing facilities here. They are helping Clarks to assemble products in less time. In fact, the company products are found to be the most selling here, which is why we can see several production factories here. 


India is one of the countries known as a hub of manufacturing and marketing for Clarks. It’s a country with a higher population, so any brand can quickly get attention from a higher customer ratio. In 2010, the company started trading different types of shoes, especially working ones.

The company now has 25 shoe stores in the country with its official mark. All the stores are supplied with products through the official production facilities of the company in India. As the company is still getting a positive response and higher revenue among customers here, it will surely introduce more production facilities in the country. 

It’s near China, and also known as the heart of the Asian countries, so the company is exporting products from here to the related countries. Plus, the government here is also efficiently cooperating with the company and providing fantastic facilities helping it to assemble more products at the exact moment. 

Not finished here, along with the countries described above, the company is also dealing with manufacturing concerns in Mexico, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Albania, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Portugal. These countries provide Clarks with excellent facilities, efficient marketing response, and much more. That’s the reason behind it has chosen them!

Recent analytics has declared Clark is 84% owned by the Clark family, while 16% is held by the employees worldwide. However, the ongoing growth shows that it will be the strongest shoe brand in a few years. 

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We shared in detail where Clarks shoes are made in the above article. You can explore the whole content to get in-depth and authorized knowledge regarding the query. 

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